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Everything I want, Nothing I'll ever have (Liam Payne fan fic)

The first Date


(Nat's pov)

I was getting ready for my first date with Liam and I was really nervous, the girls were over here with me putting final touches on my make-up.

I decided to wear the dress the girls had fell in love with it looked like this:http://www.forever21.com/images/main_productpg/74628272-02.jpg. It was really pretty.

I just hoped Liam liked it.

"So girls what do you think?" I asked, nervously,

"You look gorgeous, Liam is going to love you." They said, truthfully.

"Thanks." I said, happily.

"So where is he taking you?" Hayleigh asked.

"He is taking me to the new restaurant that just opened up it's called La Barge." I replied.

"Oh yeah , I heard of them, that place is expensive, Liam must really love you." Sammie joked, playfully, I gave her a shove.

Liam had texted me saying: Babe, I'm on my way, be there in a few XXOO-Liam

I smiled at his text and listen for a horn." What are you smiling about?" Sammie asked.

"Nothing, Liam sent me a text and he sent hugs and kisses, I feel like I'm dreaming." I said.

"Well your not, I hope I can tell Harry how I feel one day." She said, frustrated.

"I'm sure you will, you have great confidence." I complimented.

"Thanks." She replied.

"I know I want Niall to know how I feel." Hayleigh said.

"He will, when you tell him, I know they feel the same way about you. I catch them staring at you all the time." I said, and they blushed.

I heard a car horn , which meant Liam was here.

"By girls see you later." I said, and went out the door.

I saw Liam standing my the passenger side door waiting for me.

"Wow Nat, you look beautiful." He said, mouth half open.

"Thanks, but close your mouth before you catch flies" I said, and he blushed a shade of red.

He opened the door for me and climbed in the car and we were on our way to the restaurant. When we pulled up and went in the place was packed.

"May I help you sir?" The guy asked.

"Yes there is a reservation under Liam Payne." He replied.

"Ah yes Mr. Payne please follow me." He said, and we did as we were told.

We got seated and a waiter came over. "Hi my name is Jake and I will be your waiter for this evening, here are two menu's I will be over in a few to take your order." He said.

We said thank you and looked over our menu's. The food looked great but it was pricey.

"Liam, are you sure you want to pay this much for food." I said, worried.

"Natalie, it's fine, your worth it." He said, taking my hand.

"Awe, your so sweet." I said, smiling back.

We finished looking over the menu's and I decided on Steak, potatoes with the Garden salad. Liam decided on the Chicken Parmesan, A Biscuit with a Chef Salad. We picked sparkling Apple Cider for the drink because I wasn't old enough to drink unless I lived in England.

The waiter came over. "Are you ready to order?" He asked, pen and paper ready.

"Yes, I 'll have the Steak, Potatoes and a Garden salad, with sparkling apple cider." I replied, and he wrote it down.

"Now you sir?" He asked, nicely.

"I'll have the Chicken with a biscuit and a Chef salad with Apple Cider please." Liam said, politely.

"Okay your food will be ready shortly." He said, and left.

"Wow, it might take a while, there really busy." I said.

"I know, they just opened up the other night." Liam replied.

"So what are we doing after this?" I asked.

"Well the boys were talking and we all came up with a movie night, and Niall and Harry wanted to talk to Hayleigh and Sammie." Niall said, coyly.

"Really? About What?" I ask nosily.

"They really like the girls and they want to get the secret out." He said, and I smiled.

"That's great the girls are crazy about them to." I said, and Liam didn't look shock.

"I figure that." He said, chuckling.

Our conversation was interrupted because the waiter came over with our food.

"Enjoy." Jake said and left.

We dug into our food like it was going out of style. I was really hungry.

"Good food, Huh?" He asked.

"Yes it is." I agreed.

I was halfway done with my food and I was getting food, I was ready for dessert. It looked Liam was done to.

"Well that food was delicious, do you want to stop for ice-cream?" He asked.

"Sure, lets pay for the bill." I said.

Liam paid for the bill after we argued for 5 minutes about me not paying, Liam left a good tip and we left and went to Mong's down the street to get a cone. We arrived momentarily.

"Hi may I help you?" The woman asked.

"Yes, we both would like a chocolate cone with sprinkles." Liam said.

As Liam and I were walking a few paparazzi followed us.

Is this your girlfriend Liam?" The one photographer said.

"Yes she is." Liam said, nicely.

"How did you to meet?" Another one asked.

"We met in school and reconnected at a concert." He responded.

They left us alone after a few more questions but Liam was spotted by a couple of girls.

"Liam can we please have a picture with you and your autograph." A shy fan asked.

"Sure." He said, he loved his fans.

After Liam was done that we finally reached the house and everyone was sitting on the couch watching 'The Notebook'.

"Hey you guys are watching my favorite movie without me." I said, pouting.

"Well we didn't know how long you two were going to be." Hayleigh said.

"Well I'm going to change into something more comfortable." I said, going upstairs. Liam tried to follow.

"I don't think so buster." I said, and the lads left.

I went upstairs and put on this:http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=94135083. I threw my hair up into a messy bun and went into my bathroom to take this make-up off. I went back downstairs after I was done..

"Took you long enough." Hayleigh said, playfully.

"Alright lets watch the new movie Olympus has Fallen." Liam offered.

"Cool , I been wanting to see that."I said, excitedly.

I went to the One Demand menu and ordered the movie which cost me 5.99. It was starting.

I leaned on the sofa but Liam pulled me on his lap and wrapped an arm around me, I just smiled.

Sammie was really quiet , I knew something was bothering her. She just went into the kitchen, Harry followed behind her.

(Sammie's pov)

The thought of Harry sitting next to me had my heart beating, the feeling was getting to me so I went into the kitchen ,of course Harry followed behind me.

"Sammie are you okay?" Harry asked, concerned.

"Nothing, just don't worry about it." I said, and he looked hurt.

"Harry I'm sorry, the truth is I have a major crush on you and its driving me crazy because my heart pounds a mile a minute when I'm near you." I said out of breath.

He just stood there stunned and it had me worried. Before I knew it harry had crashed his lips on mine it took me a second to respond. He was a good kisser. He pulled away a minute later.

"Does this mean you feel the same way?" I asked, hopefully.

"Duh!" He said, and gave me a kiss once again.

We walked into the living room holding hands everyone was looking at us. We all were finally paired up.

(Back to Mia's pov)

"Well it's about damn time." I expressed, happily.

She just smiled at me. Niall and Hayleigh were finally together to, I guess that happened when I was gone. The movie was almost over and I was getting sleepy. Liam was almost asleep.

"Liam , you ready for bed?" I asked.

"Yeah, lets go to bed." He said, yawning.

We went straight to my bedroom and Liam stripped down to his boxers and climbed under the covers with me, we fell right to sleep with me laying on his chest.



Hoped you like this chapter. Please comment, vote, subscribe!!! and pass it along to your friends. Chapter four will be up soon. Oh btw the girls share a three bedroom apartment and the boys mostly stay over. Bye for Now. Thanks for the support


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Yea I understand. I just made a one-shot called How Could You. You should check it out if you want. :)
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