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Saving Talia

1. First Email

Dear Zayn Malik,

I’m writing this email, knowing you most likely won’t see it, and in all honesty, that is fine by me. I just need to vent to someone, really. Someone who is less likely to reply, and not publicly like on a blog or something. I can’t keep a journal, you’ll understand why soon.

Okay, so hi! I’m Natalia, but people at work call me Talia. I’m almost 19. I work at Wal-Mart somewhere in Crapsville, Maine.

Here’s the part that will get you. I get punished a lot. My dad tends to hit me. Nightly, usually. Unless he passes out and wakes up nearly late for work, then I get it later for not waking him. I deserve it, I’m a horrible person, my mother left us because of me. Not long after I was born, she died. Some kinds of complications with the birthing process. Yeah, but I do my best to please my father, but he never wants me to leave the house. If I do, it’s for work or appointments. Mostly work, I can’t afford appointments. Wow, I’m rambling on about the sad stuff.

Honestly, I tend to find myself online a lot…if not online then I am reading. I love books, they take you to a whole new world, as do movies, but I prefer books.

Okay, I am still rambling, I love your band, you are one of my favorites. Just your way about life, you know? I’m not a super fan, but I am a fan. Out of everything I am a fan of, I can admit, One Direction happens to be my biggest like….errr, that sounds weird. I like you guys over everything else. Why didn’t I say that first? Why didn’t I just delete my rambles? Gosh, I am just lazy when it comes to writing emails, I guess. It’s like a conversation, you can’t take back what you already said. I guess that’s how I feel about emails.

Okay, shutting up now. :) Goodbye, Zayn Malik. I will be writing again tomorrow.

Signed Sincerely,



just looking through my subscriptions and thought i would reread the story still in love with it update your on a beautiful/graceful start :)

Aww this is so sad but so good. Hope you update soon :) I love your stories.
Update soon so good
Harrysgirl Harrysgirl