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Beauty and The Geek

Chapter One - Avery's POV


"I hate you Cody! If you didn't do things like this to people then I might, I might, consider you dateable. But no! If you go beating up my best friend, then I will never ever ever consider dating you! I hate you!" I scream. Cody's eyes widen with shock and regret.

"A-Avery..." Marcel stutters as more blood drips down his perfect lips.

Cody looks over at me before bolting off.


. Chapter One .

. Camera On .

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"Hey hey Geeks! If you didn't know by my latest Twitter update then, I've got new neighbors And I have one of them with me right now. I'd like to introduce you to... drum roll please ..." I start faking a drum roll on the table "Marcel Styles."

"H-hi." He stutters.

"Or as I've known him as, MarcelStyles11. Yay! I love meeting fans. LOL." I push a lock of my hair behind my ear and then say, "Well, xoxo guys! I gotta go. Fun with school."

. Camera Off .

I lean against my locker as I talk with my younger brother, Ryan. He frowns as he watches his secret crush, Ashlee Howel, is tripped up by the school's main bitch, Alice Jone. The thing is, Alice is this super pretty, athletic rich girl that could have everything. But she'd rather be a asshole.

"I'll be back."

"Okay, tell Ash I say hey."

"Will do." I wave him off and watch him help Ashlee from the ground. Ashlee should be very popular. But they can't see past flaws. Her parents where killed when she was three. She was forced to watch and to stop her screaming for help, the killer put duct-tape over her mouth. Her therapist diagnosed her with PTSD. That was years ago. She hasn't spoken since.

"Marcel! Ed! Harry! Over here!" I spot the Styles brother's from across the hall. Ed and Harry run over to me and Marcel heads in the other direction.

What? Harry grins at me and says, "Hey beautiful."

"Hey Hazzah."

"What'up Aves?"

"The A+ I got on my Bio quiz." I laugh.


"I gotta go. What's your Home Room?"

"3RM." Ed grins, "Same as Hannah's."

"6GR." Harry says, "What's yours?"

"10MS." I respond, "Hey, do you know what Marcel's is?"

"Uh, 10MS. Hey! That's yours."

"Cool, I gotta run. See ya later." I turn around and quickly start to run to my class. It's in the Math block, which, lucky for me is about 2 minutes from my locker.

Pushing open the door, I notice that class has started. My teacher, Miss. Marge Stone is looking at me. "I'm sorry Miss. Stone."

"Why where you late, Miss. Avery Small?"

"I was helping Mr. Harry Styles and Mr. Edward Styles find there Home Rooms."

"Since this is your first late ever, I will allow this to side. But never be late again."

"Yes Miss. Stone." I calmly walk to my seat (which is at the front of the class). I look around. Alice Jone is in my class. I'm pretty sure that she is smart but she acts like she has no brain. Ha, it's probably a small fluffy pink one. I ignore the death glare that she's shooting me and get to work on last nights homework. It's due in, in at the end of the week. Not overly complicated, I'm considering asking for some harder work. But whatever. Work done fast = more time for my web-show.

Marcel's meant to be in this class. Where is he?

4.23 pm - After 7th Period - F Wing Locker-way

I'm just putting my books back in my locker when I spot Marcel coming out of English, "Hey Marcie!"

He looks over at me and smiles, "H-hi Avery." I slam my locker shut and pick up my bag from the floor. "You skipped Home-Room?"

"N-no, I was s-sitting in t-the b-back. You m-must have not s-s-seen me." Marcel stutters. I smile and then I hears the voice of - shit. Cody Damins and Alice Jone. "Uh, Marice. Can we talk somewhere else?"

"Hey FREAK!" Alice calls out. "Shit." I mutter under my breath.

"W-whats wrong?" He asks.

"It's Alice, her gang and Cody. They hate me."

Alice, Glaze, Naomi and Karrie walk up behind me. "Aww. Has Freak found herself a nerd?" Karrie says. Karrie is a pretty blonde girl that doesn't have a brain at all. But her dad has the kind of money to buy her a brain. Her's even richer then Alice's. Namoi is the night to Karrie's day. Her mom is a pyschologist and her dad is a pathologist. She's paler then me and has long black hair that curls at her waist. Glaze is Alice's right hand bitch. She's got dyed cherry hair and bright green eyes. Her skin is flawless and she's really thin.

Alice is ... a typical slut. She's a large breasts, shoulder length black hair and large blue eyes. Cody has really nice abs, dark brown hair and grey eyes. He's the captain of the football team, and could have any girl he wants.

But he seems to want to have me. But I'm a awkwardly nerdy girl and everyone bullies me, so dating the school's biggest bully wouldn't be a great idea.

"Back off Alice. And take your little gang of bitches with you." I growl.

Her hands slam into my chest and I stumble back. Marcel grabs my arm and helps me up. Cody laughs and I pull the finger at him. "Oh! Little blogger can't take a punch. Wonder if your boyfriend can?"

Cody's fist collides with Marcel's face. Blood drips from his nose and then another punch lands to his face. I scream and lung forward, but Glaze has grabbed my arms. "Marcel! Someone! HELP!" A fist lands itself into my stomach, effectively cutting off my cries for help. I cough and start to scream again. My voice is breaking as another punch comes at me and a hand over my face stops me.

My elbows slams into Glaze's stomach and I bite whoever's hand is over my face. I race over to Marcel, who's face is covered in blood.

I rip at Cody's arm and scream, "Stop CODY!"

He looks over at me, "I'll stop when you agree to go out with me."

"I hate you Cody! If you didn't do things like this to people then I might, I might, consider you dateable. But no! If you go beating up my best friend, then I will never ever ever consider dating you! I hate you!" I scream. Cody's eyes widen with shock and regret.

"A-Avery..." Marcel stutters as more blood drips down his perfect lips.

Cody looks over at me before bolting off. Alice and the Sluts dash off after him. I grab Marcel's hand and whisper, "I'm so sorry. This is all my fault."

He gives me a weak smile, "Can you call Harry or Ed?"

"Marcel, your face is covered in blood. I'm calling 911."

I pull my iPhone from my bag and tap in 911.

"Hello 911 what's your emergency?"

"My friend has been beaten up. His face is covered in blood."

"Where is your location."

"I'm at Saint James High School."

"Inside or outside?"

"I can try to get him outside."

"A amblunce is on route." I press end call and look over at Marcel who is fighting to stay awake. His green eyes have fluttered shut, glasses smeared with blood. His sweater vest has spatters of the red liquid.

"C'mon Marcie." I help lift him up. He limps to the door as I support him to the front door. His bloodied finger prints inprint the door and I carefully help him sit down on the stairs. I touch his bloody cheek and say, "Marcie. I can't tell you how sorry I am. I can't believe that they would do this to you. It will be okay, I promise."

"A-Avery. It's o-okay. It's not y-you f-fault," He whispers as even more blood drips down his face and onto his neck, "Just p-promise y-you won't l-leave me. I-I hate h-hospitals." Tears run down my lightly blood splattered cheeks.

"I promise Marcel."

I hear the wailing sound of sirens and Marcel's eyes flutter shut. A young woman in white comes rushing out followed by two men with a stretcher.

They get Marcel on the stretcher, and the woman asks if I'd like to come with her, "Yes. I promised him."

"What's your name Sweetie?"

"I'm Avery Small."

"Wait, like the real Avery Small?"


"What's his name?"

"Marcel Styles."

"Is he your boyfriend?"

"No, he's my best friend."


This chapter is dedicated to WhatMakesNiallBeautiful & secret-directioner154

Bold - Video on Avery's YouTube

Italics - Whoever's POV's thoughts.


Np keep up the good work!
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