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Little Things.

Can't Let It Go.

The whole ride to the arena was in silence. I couldn’t even talk to her about how I was feeling. She had never had to endure something like this. The heartbreak of the guy you thought you’d be with forever, dump you and never look back. Have no morals for what he done to you. I sigh heavily as I see the limo driver pull the door open. Katie climbs out first as I follow her in suit pushing my skirt down.

I walk behind her as she walks into the arena and I follow heading backstage. Once we’re backstage she squeals running off to Harry as I take a deep breath seeing Zayn and Louis playing around as Niall’s eyes land upon mine. I smile weakly as he runs over and grabs a hold of me. I giggle holding onto him as he rocks me back and forth, “I didn’t think you’d show.” He whispers as we pull apart.

“You have Katie to thank.” I smile at him.

He nods his head and hugs up to me. Seeing Louis for the first time in two years was absolutely tearing me apart. Niall and I began walking as we stopped at Liam and Harry. Harry had a sheepish smile upon his face, “My secret lover, from my lover!” He exclaims running over to me.

Harry grabs me up and tosses me around a little as I squeal a little. He chuckles dropping me to the ground and smiling, “Good to have you back, young Horan.” He smiles.

I roll my eyes and shove him a little. I smile hugging Liam as he returns to his seat. I take a deep breath as Niall and I walk over to Louis and Zayn. Louis immediately freezes up as he turns around and begins walking away. I could feel all the anger that had built up in me for two years. I scream out at his back, “Is that the way you’re going to treat me, huh?”

Louis stops knowing who I was screaming at. He slowly turns as anger flashes in his eyes. I return the same look as I storm over to him ignoring Niall pulling on my arm. I pop Louis in the face glaring, “You’re nothing more than a man-whore. And ever who has you now, I wish her well.” I sneer to him.

I turn around and walk over to Zayn giving him a hug and a peck on the cheek. I exit the backstage area and soon the arena. I stand outside as I cross my arms over my chest. I take a calming breath as I smile at myself. I had finally managed to stand up for myself. It felt damn good. I smirk even more, knowing that I was going to make Louis pay dearly for hurting me. Even if it wasn’t at this exact moment. He’d pay for hurting me two years ago. That was something I couldn’t let slip away.


UPDATE !!!! This is amazing! Great job.
AlexisSmurph AlexisSmurph