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Property of One Direction

Chapter 6

Carter's P.O.V
I sighed and waited for someone to break the awkward Silence we had created. Of course I knew nobody would, So I had to do it myself.
"So what are we supposed to do?" I asked making everyone look at me.
"I was thinking we all could have a day with you, without the other boys talking to you and such." Liam said smiling at everyone.
"That's not a bad Idea." Harry said looking at the other four boys.
"But who gets her today?" Niall asked smiling.
"It should be whoever she picks." Zayn said before people could start fighting. Everyone looked at me.
"Who do you want to hang out with today?" Louis said grabbing a pillow and smacking Harry on the side of the head with it. I looked at them all and thought hard. I already knew a bit about Harry so maybe he could be the last one I would hang out with, Zayn seemed really sweet, Louis seemed really funny, Liam seemed really...Uh...Polite in a way and Niall just seemed like...I don't know...I needed to know so I finally chose.
"Can I hang out with Niall today?" I asked making him smile. The others looked at me until finally Zayn said something.
"Yeah sure, I guess we'll leave you two alone..." He said getting up like the other boys and walking to the door. Before Louis shut the door I heard him scream.
"HAVE FUN! BUT NOT TO MUCH FUN!" I laughed and looked at Niall.
"So what are we gonna do?" I asked making him smile.
"Well There is a Carnival in town." He said Smiling at me. I smiled back and got up.
"That sounds amazing!" he got up and laughed.
"Okay then we'll go to the Carnival!" He said still smiling at me.
"Fine! But first you have to get out." I said making him give me a confused look.
"I have to freshen up a bit." He laughed and before he left he went to the closet.
"I don't think anyone said anything about this to you yet." He said opening the door and walking in.
"Damn they are Rich..." I mumbled following him in. I looked in and saw the giant walk through closet filled with clothes.
"These are yours."
Yay! I updated! Sorry I haven't really had time but here you go! Next chapter should be super fun!! and this time its going to come out in 1 Day! Yay! I'm not going to be lazy! Remember to Vote Comment and Maybe even subscribe to the story!!


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