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Yeah Yeah Yeah! The DJ’s speakers screamed Usher’s Yeah as I jumped up and down surrounded by bodies pressing in on me. I laughed and moved closer to the speaker feeling the music pulse through my energetic body. I looked around for a light brown haired boy with dark brown eyes and a girl with brown curly hair, they were sitting over at a bar which said ‘Private VIP birthday invite only’ I chuckled and somehow managed to climb out of the swarming mass of bodies “Liam! Danielle!” I called as I re adjusted my neon coloured New York mid drift and pulled my dark blue high wasted jeans up so you couldn’t see any of my skin, they waved, smiling as I walked over to them in my black wedges making a soft clumping noise which couldn’t be heard over the music. “Hey Lish, how are you finding it?” Danielle said jumping up and wrapping her arms around me, her tight maroon dress moving higher up her fit and toned legs slightly, “I love it wow thank you guys so much!” I said a huge grin plastered all over my face “Good sweetheart” Liam said standing up and switching places with Danielle, I grinned and wrapped my arms around his strong torso “Thanks Li, I love it” “I knew you would” he said with a deep chuckle “Now go get the girls its almost time for cake” I nodded and laughed practically skipping back over to the swarming mass of bodies. The bass thudded through me as I danced around with and without people looking around for a small group of girls, “Dammit where are you?” I mumbled staring around just then a white hot spot light shone down onto the dance floor and the music stopped, there was complaining from the crowd “HOLD UP LADIES AND GENTS”the DJ called over his microphone “WE HAVE YES YOU ASKED FOR IT THE DANCE OFF OF THE NIGHT!” as he was speaking two black platforms were being bought over to either side of the decks, I stood slightly back from the front watching wondering what the hell was going on just as the DJ called out “MISS TRELOAR UP TO THE STAGE PLEASE” I shrunk back staring trying to look for a way out “THERE SHE IS” I heard a familiar voice call our ‘I’m going to kill you Mahala!’ I said in my head turning to look over at a small group of girls one with long blonde hair down to her boobs, shinning bright blue eyes a short lacy black dress with black flats, the other girls were all standing with her smirking, my eyes trailed up to Ayla who had long red brown hair and who was wearing a short emerald green dress with maroon heels which just boosted her height up, Kelsey with a cute short blue dress and nude pumps to match her short, thin blonde hair was curlyfor once. I gave them a look before turning back and walking slowly up to the stage “HERE SHE IS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN A ROUND OF APPLUASE PLEASE”the was clapping and cheering, I felt my cheeks burning bright red I groaned. “WHO WOULD LIKE TO CHALLENGE THE BIRTHDAY GIRL TO A DANCE OFF?” the DJ yelled a blonde girl was already making her way to the stage “I will!” she called “OKAY ready ladies and gents here we have our two competitors they will have three rounds and at the end of each dance whoever had the loudest cheer wins!” the crowd whooped and cheered I looked over at the skinny blonde girl who was wearing little what left to the imagination and kills which looked like you could hide a knife in the heel, she smiled at me “Good luck babe!” she called I smiled and giggled “You too gorgeous!” I called as ‘The Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha’ started playing. I let the music wash over me and I started to move my arms and legs “WHOOO these girls are good but who wins round.1? is it Alisha?” The DJ pointed over to me and there was a small cheer “Or is it Jesse?” he said pointing at the blonde girl, the crowd erupted in cheers “JESSE Wins’ round 1 sorry Alisha dance harder!” the music started back up and I danced harder than ever my hips swaying and shaking to the beat, round 2 was a draw. “Ladies and gentlemen seeing as it’s the last round we thought we’d throw in something special for these lovely ladies” he smirked “Here we have the pole dancing round!” my face went bright red, redder than it already was “What?” I mumbled as two ‘officers’ came up to each stage and put in shiny silver pole. “I I I do-“ I was cut off by the DJ turning the music up with cheers from the crowd, I looked over at Jesse who was laughing holding onto the pole. I looked back at my own pole and held onto it, “LETS GET READY TO PARTY” the DJ turned the music up and I started to spin around the pole, I looked over at Jesse who was making very sexual moves onto the pole, sliding up and down it, wrapping her long heeled legs around it. I heard Boo’s as I spun around then I heard the DJ say “C’MON GIRL GIVE IT SOME OMMFPH, WORK THAT POLE” I gritted my teeth, ‘work it fine I’ll work it’ I started grinding up onto the pole before sliding up and down to cheers “WOOOOOO GO ALISHA” “I’M RECORDING THIS” “YOU’RE SO DIRTY” I looked down and saw Mahala, Ayla and Kelsey at the front laughing and recording, Liam and Danielle were there too chanting “Alisha!” suddenly the chant grew louder and louder until it was the whole club “AND ALISHA WINS!” the DJ yelled laughing as the music stopped then he changed set, I gladly jumped off the stage as I looked around for Jesse who had walked away I looked after her she was walking towards a group of darker looking guys, without a second thought I said to the girls “I’ll be back go get some cake” and hurried off.As I came up behind Jesse I noticed she was sitting on a dark looking guys lap surrounded by his possie, he had black hair, lip piercing, beanie, ripped shirt and jeans. “Um” I croaked “Well Well” said one of the boys, he had blonde hair and blue eyes “Wanna give me a dance like that babe?” he said with a snigger, I backed up “Shut up I’m here to see Jesse” I snapped at him as I moved over to her “I just wanted to say thank you” I said smiling at her, She smiled back “Thanks gorgeous and don’t mind him” she pointed to the blonde hair blue eyed boy “He’s just pissed” I chuckled. The man who she was sitting on suddenly spoke “You were very impressive up there birthday girl” he smirked “Um thanks” I said going red “I hate doing stuff like that” “Oh really why? You’re great” “I just feel weird” I mumbled looking at my feet I looked back up in time to see a tall dark hooded figure join the gang, I couldn’t see his face. “I’m on my way bye” I said as I turned and wriggled off around a corner. I stopped and listened as ‘whispering’ voices sounded from where I had just come from “We need to keep an eye on her” it was the guy who Jesse was sitting on “I’ll do it” a dark husky voice I hadn’t heard before, the music blasted as I quickly moved from my corner back into the throng of people.I kept looking around for my follower but could see no one the whole group had seemed to disappear. I shuddered and moved on suddenly a pair of large hands grabbed my hips and a deep husky voice whispered “Hello gorgeous” in my ear. Stunned and frightened I turned around to face whoever this was. He was tall, tanned, abs clearly shown through his tight white shirt and pulled over his biceps, a few tattoos were printed down his arms and chest, he had bright green eyes, curly ish brown hair and full pink lips. He smirked looking down at me “Let me go” I said trying to move away “No” he said smirking even more “I wanna dance” “I don’t dance” I said shortly, he laughed




Harry Styles

Harry Styles



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