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The Right Road to Love


Can meeting a certain boyband break a sisterlike friendship?

Can someone change who they are completely?

Can love be so strong it can shatter a hearts emotions?

Alyssa was the overprotective, proud like, person. Never had a second thought about herself, had always listened to her parents words, and has always been there for Jenna when she was down. She was very unsuccessful in love, experiencing many heartbreaks, and cheating. A fabulous designer, and complete fashion addict. Will Alyssa be able to find the person she'll love forever? Will she finally take away her virgin image? Will she experience heartbreak?

Jenna was the fierce, party animal. Always had deep thoughts about everything, blames herself for most occasions, always stayed original and kept being original. Was there for Alyssa when she was the most upset. Alyssas' the main person in her life right now, that is. Attracts many men, not lasting that long but still time worthy. A gamer, and a text messager. Will Jenna experience heart break instead? Will she always be deep in her thoughts and be insecure? Will Jenna build up her wall, so that no one can knock it down?

One will change her entire personality..
One will not care about her best friend.
One will start getting tattoos more often.
One will always be that kid she always was.
And finally, one will move away.. so that her best friend won't be able to see her anymore.

All because of one boyband.

Or maybe it's just MORE than a boyband.

** Stealing the story? I'll find you, or one of my readers and I'll kill you. No, I'm not that mean, but still.. **


1. Alyssa Carder

1. Alyssa Carder

Hey! My best friend in the whole world is Jenna! I turned 18 a couple months ago (yay!) I love music and I used to be a dancer. I am kind of quiet, but can be weird and crazy at times. Read the story and enjoy! Bai Bai! xx

1. Jenna Sanders

1. Jenna Sanders

Hello! So I love being friends with Alyssa, who is my bestest, BESTEST friend ever! I just turned 19 and that is sick! I love clothing and a huge fan of Pokemon ;) I'm the crazy out of us but I'm also very quiet when I get annoyed/upset. So read our story and bye!! xx

2. Harry Styles

2. Harry Styles

Dat Boy.

2. Zayn Malik.

2. Zayn Malik.

Dat Boy #2.

3. One Direction

3. One Direction

3/5 of the rest. :) GTFO IF YOU DON'T KNOW THEM.

4. Lindsay Jackson

4. Lindsay Jackson

Appears to be a slut | Bullies/Abuses Jenna and Alyssa.


  1. Chapter 1

    This Is Us.

  2. Chapter 2

    Meeting the Lads.

  3. Chapter 3

    Nobody Compares.

  4. Chapter 4

    A Night Alone.

  5. Chapter 5

    Hating the Job.

  6. Chapter 6

    Beautify Ourselves.

  7. Chapter 7

    Special In Us.

  8. Chapter 8

    Fun and Drinks.

  9. Chapter 9

    First Time. [Sexual]

  10. Chapter 10

    Harry and I.

  11. Chapter 11

    I Did That.

  12. Chapter 12

    Tough Conversations.

  13. Chapter 13

    Our New Beginning.

  14. Chapter 14

    Learning Buddies.

  15. Chapter 15

    Take a Break.

  16. Chapter 16

    We're Here.

  17. Chapter 17

    A Quick Date.

  18. Chapter 18

    Thinking About Love.

  19. Chapter 19

    Alarry and Jayn.

  20. Chapter 20

    Our First Fan.

  21. Chapter 21

    Getting New Clothing.

  22. Chapter 22

    Old Memories.

  23. Chapter 23

    Kind Of Jealous.

  24. Chapter 24

    Give Her A Chance.

  25. Chapter 25


  26. Chapter 26

    Bullied and Abused.

  27. Chapter 27

    Night Club.

  28. Chapter 28

    Painful Injuries.

  29. Chapter 29


  30. Chapter 30


  31. Chapter 31

    Being Afraid.

  32. Chapter 32

    Finally Admitting.

  33. Chapter 33

    It's Not Right.

  34. Chapter 34

    Very Sweet.

  35. Chapter 35

    So Sorry.

  36. Chapter 36

    Steamy Dares

  37. Chapter 37

    Liam and Jenna. [Sexual]

  38. Chapter 38

    Zayn and Alyssa [sexual]

  39. Chapter 39

    Tough Argument.

  40. Chapter 40


  41. Chapter 41

    Amusement Park

  42. Chapter 42

    Amusement Park Pt II

  43. Chapter 43

    Two weeks.

  44. Chapter 44


  45. Chapter 45

    Found Her.

  46. Chapter 46

    Feeling Bad

  47. Chapter 47


  48. Chapter 48

    The Upcoming Funeral.

  49. Chapter 49

    I'm Coming

  50. Chapter 50

    Let Go.

  51. Chapter 51

    Feeling Different

  52. Chapter 52

    Liam and Harry.

  53. Chapter 53


  54. Chapter 54

    Can't Trust.

  55. Chapter 55

    Almost 3/5

  56. Schools' Coming :/


  57. Chapter 56


  58. Chapter 57

    She Doesn't Care

  59. Chapter 58

    Ink Contact.

  60. Chapter 59

    Jenna's Changed

  61. Chapter 60

    Together for Once.

  62. Chapter 61

    No I'm Fine

  63. Chapter 62


  64. Chapter 63

    Why Did She Quit?

  65. Chapter 64

    Another Date With Him

  66. Chapter 65

    Shit Got Real.

  67. Chapter 66

    It's Going DownHill

  68. Chapter 67

    He already knows.

  69. Chapter 68

    The details.

  70. Chapter 69

    More Ink

  71. Chapter 70

    The call.

  72. Chapter 71

    Your Dad Wants You

  73. Chapter 72

    Incidents Can Happen.

  74. Chapter 73

    Another Hit

  75. Chapter 74

    Christmas Plans.

  76. Some News That You'll Probably Won't Read.

    the title you know.

  77. Chapter 75


  78. Chapter 76

    We've got 3 hours

  79. Chapter 77



Update please
oh yeah thanks jenna. that comment was from days ago and I haven't asked for an update for almost a week now! total..you know what im not gonna say anything else.
you know i was about to do it.. but now let's keep the suspense shall we since you said that
Yeah, I will put it that way. You don't feel the need to make the next chapter cause you just wrote a filler!