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surviving the bite

chapter 19

Niall’s p.o.v
Liam was really worrying about Zayn, well I was as well but we are going to have to make our way to the arena, I stood there watching Liam and my eyes couldn’t keep away from his neck and I could feel my throat burning and my mind is telling me to drink from him.
“um Liam, I think we have a problem.” I said.
“what do you mean Niall? Ooh what seriously do you have to drink now?” Liam aid looking at me
“I kind of can’t help it Liam, I need a drink.” I said I smelt around and I focused my senses.
“what are you doing?” Liam asked.
“finding someone or something to drink stay here I will be back in 5.” I said running off, I found myself a rabbit and drank it dry, I was still thirsty so I smelt around again and I found myself a squirrel and did the same and made my way back to Liam.
“oh my god!” Liam shouted.
“what?” I said.
“Niall your covered in blood.” Liam said. I wiped my mouth and got rid of all the blood.
“better.” I said.
“much, now we need to go to the arena.” He said.
“hop on.” I said and he jumped on my back and we sped to the arena where everyone else was standing around nervous.
“did you find him?” Harry said.
“yeah of course we did that’s why he’s standing next to me.” I said sarcastically.
“me, Alley and Emma will look for him during the show ok, we will find him.” Rachel said.
“so are we going to do the show without him?” Louis asked.
“it looks like it, I mean we can’t not do the show otherwise management will go ballistic with us, we will have to make up an excuse that it’s a family emergency.” Liam said.
“who’s going to sing his solos?” I asked.
“just let the crowd.” Louis said.
“or we take turns in each song.” Liam said.
“ now let me do your hair and make- up.” Rachel said Rachel did all of our hair and our makeup when it got to me I sat in the chair which was facing the mirror and I sighed realizing I had no reflection.
“don’t worry Niall in 12 months you will have your reflection back, just make sure in public your not near any mirrors ok.” Rachel said.
“I know it’s kind of annoying though, wait Lou come here.” I said Louis walked over to us but was standing behind Rachel.
“what Niall?” he said.
“I thought you were a full vampire now because you got your ability.” I said.
“nope I just got it early I guess my ability developed early, I will be a full vampire in December I think.” He said.
“i just realised something.” I said.
“what?” Rachel and Louis asked.
“um, what happens if my family come to visit I mean it’s been months since I have seen them and I think they will soon be coming up.” I said.
“I’ll help you don’t worry.” Rachel said.
“it’s easy Niall me and Harry have both managed to do it and we were only into our 2nd or 3rd months of being a vampire you kind of don’t think about the cravings when your with family and I’m pretty sure my family didn’t notice a thing about me ok they noticed one thing which was I was really pale but I used the excuse that it was winter and that I was feeling a bit sick.” Louis said.
“just make sure you tell me when your family are coming if they do so I can help you and we can hunt so you’re not thirsty “ Rachel said Rachel finished doing all of our hair and makeup and she gave us our clothes to put on and once we did that we all sat around and for once everyone was very nervous,.
“boy’s where’s Zayn?” Paul asked.
“he had a family emergency.” Liam said.
“management isn’t going to be happy boy’s.” Paul said.
“we know, but it’s really affected him.” Harry said.
“what’s happened?” Paul asked.
“his mum is in the hospital, Zayn isn’t getting flown out, but it’s really worried him, he promises to do the show tomorrow, it’s just shocked him.” Liam said.
“ok I understand, I will talk to management about it hopefully, they will understand.” Paul said and walked off.
“Niall have you had any blood?” Rachel asked.
“well before I had a squirrel and a rabbit.” I said.
“wait Niall’s drinking animal blood?” Louis said.
“well I had no other choice I would have killed Liam if I didn’t drink animal blood.” I said.
“and that time in the woods, he drank a deer, because he was very thirsty but it won’t last him
“Louis, Harry have you got any blood with you.” Rachel asked.
“no we don’t need I, we both can hold off on blood for a day so we don’t carry it.” Harry said.
“Niall will you be fine without blood.” Rachel said, but everyone was kind of looking at me which was creepy.
“I think so I mean I did have some animal blood, which should hold me off for now.” I said.
“are you sure because your eyes are glowing red now.” She said.
“wait they are!” I said shocked.
“just calm down, and focus on the show not on the people ok.” She said I shut my eyes and focused on singing and I controlled my breathing even though I didn’t need it but it did make me look human and feel human, I re opened my eyes.
“there you go Niall you can control it.” Louis said putting his arm around me.
“don’t worry you will be fine you managed last night’s show.” Liam said.
“boy’s you’re on” a crew member said I gave Rachel a quick kiss and we started the show I looked out into the crowd to see lots of confused faces I guess they are wondering where Zayn is, I wonder where he is and I hope he’s ok.
Zayn’s p.o.v
I was sitting on the floor in the room I was in and I didn’t seem to be getting any of my strength back, it’s weird, I hate this feeling, feeling weak and defenceless I need to get out of here and it has to be before the full moon the full moon is in 4 weeks how am I meant to stay in here for that long I mean I’m meant to be on stage now I wonder what the boys have done I heard footsteps coming closer to my door and I looked at the door.
“you know Zayn you aren’t going to win, you should just agree to join our pack.” Rose said.
“well that’s not going to happen I’m sticking with my vampire/ human pack.” I said.
“you do know if you don’t join Issac is going to kill your pack, he doesn’t give a shit that they are famous and that if they are killed there will be chaos but Issac always wins, but he will make you watch your friends death and he might even force you to kill them.” Rose said.
“wait kill them I’m not killing anyone!” I shouted.
“you won’t have a choice, Issac is an alpha he is much stronger than you and he wont let anything stop him he can force you to take your wolf form and if that happens you won’t have control and you will want to kill your friends Zayn just join our pack you will save your friends that way.” Rose said.
“wait if I join will I still have to be like this I mean locked up.” I said.
“no you won’t but you will have people watching you 24/7” Rose said well there goes my chance to get out of here.
“why am I still weak?” I asked.
“your oblivious there’s wolfs bane being pumped into this room it’s not enough to kill you but it’s enough to keep you down.” Rose said.
“why does he want me?” I asked.
“because Issac knows that there’s something about you, that’s useful and it’s all to do with your family from the past.” Rose said.
“my family?” I asked confused.
“yes the Malik family it’s not your current family though it’s from your family who were alive in the 1900’s, but that’s all I’m saying.” Rose said walking off.
“my family what has my family from the 1900’s got to do with any of this?”


it's a bit of a longer chapter than usual so enjoy :)
~Emmaaaa :)


@Harry's kitty kat
Thats what i have named it and i have posted the first chapter i would update but im at school unfortantly haha

I think immortal life sounds really good!! <3

@Harry's kitty kat
aw i'm happy i'm making another one it's fun writing i've always had a passion for writing i suspose and aw i'm glad it is your favourite fanfic i literally looked back at the begining of the first story and i can tell that it's improved like my writing was shit at the beginning haha i still don't know what to call the next one i have an idea and it's immortal life but i'm not sure any ideas? <3

Ahahaha I'm so glad you're making another story and yes, your really good!!! This is my favourite fanfic <3