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Like Crazy (Harry Styles & Niall Horan AU)


Everyone thinks Julia Parker is perfect, but she is nothing close.
She is soon to be facing an arranged Marriage to her dad's close friends son, Harry Styles, though Julia wants nothing to do with him.
But, through Harry she meets Niall who she falls head over heals in love with.
They begin doing things behind Harry's back, and when he finds out, they devise a plan.
But with the wedding coming up, Julia is worried there won't be a way out.
But she can't marry Harry.
Because of Niall.
She needs him, she wants him, she loves him, Like Crazy.


Connor and Emily Parker

Connor and Emily Parker

Julia's parents. Very rich and rather strict. Arrange for Julia to marry Harry.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

The son of Julia's dads close friend. Tries to get Julia to fall in love with him, is a gentleman.

Julia Parker

Julia Parker

Happy and optimistic girl. Does what she is told. Acts like the perfect girl, but she hides her feelings from everyone

Lilly-Anne Rosen

Lilly-Anne Rosen

Julia's best friend since birth. Her parents are also very close with Julia's and Harry's.

Makenzie Branson

Makenzie Branson

Harry's girlfriend

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Sweet, kind and caring. Understands Julia. Starts to fall for her, but doesn't show it because he is close with Harry.


  1. Chapter One

    "We've met.."

  2. Chapter Two

    "Is this how we're going to keep meeting?"

  3. Chapter Three

    "It's kind of an arranged thing"

  4. Chapter Four


  5. Chapter Five

    "What the hell are you doing in my closet?"

  6. Chapter Six

    "I just don't think she likes me back,"

  7. Chapter Seven

    "I can't keep being your second choice.. Not when you're my first"

  8. Chapter Eight

    "Not a bad idea, Styles"

  9. Chapter Nine


  10. Chapter Ten

    "I'm not mad-"

  11. Chapter Eleven

    "You forgot something,"

  12. Chapter Twelve

    "Do you know that waitress?"

  13. Chapter Thirteen

    "Really? Mines a unicorn,"

  14. Chapter Fourteen

    "Isn't she seeing that Garry?"

  15. Chapter Fifteen

    "I'm sorry, but I need to go,"

  16. Chapter Sixteen

    "Do you... Love Harry?"

  17. Chapter Seventeen

    Plz read authors note

  18. Chapter Eighteen

    "Do you hate me now?"

  19. Chapter Nineteen

    "Niall....I'm getting married

  20. Chapter Twenty

    "I'll miss you,"

  21. Chapter Twenty-One

    "Being friends?"

  22. Chapter Twenty-Two


  23. Chapter Twenty-Three


  24. Chapter Twenty-Four

    "Marriage doesn't excite you?"

  25. Chapter Twenty-five

    'I can I assure you I'll never come back'

  26. Chapter Twenty-Six

    "Your mothers idea.."

  27. Chapter Twenty-Seven

    "I just dont see that with you and Harry.."

  28. Chapter Twenty-Eight

    "Nothing else has been worth thinking about,"

  29. Chapter Twenty-Nine


  30. Chapter Thirty

    "Sorry I couldnt be good enough for you,"

  31. Chapter Thirty-One

    "I'm done."

  32. Chapter Thirty-Two

    "Niall is leaving?"

  33. Chapter Thirty-Three


  34. Chapter Thirty-Four

    Dear Niall

  35. Chapter Thirty-Five

    Damn it felt good to smile

  36. Chapter Thirty-six

    Three days

  37. Chapter thirty-seven

    "Have you told your mom yet?"

  38. Chapter thirty eight


What ever you do I'm sure it will be amazing

This has been a great story. I know you'll make the right decision. Good luck!

This.Epilogue.Will.Be.Epic. **virtural hug** good luvk! I feel the same way about my story, and mines literally going no where. Dont stress:) Your story has come such a long way, its ok to end it ;)