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When I Wake Up Next To You

I'll Stay

The moment Jenny's Skype name popped up, I sent her a request to video chat. When her face popped up, I let out a wail of happiness.

"You have NO idea how happy I am to see your face!" I said grasping the sides of my laptop.

Jenny laughed and waved, "Good to see you too. Is it really that bad? I mean I don't find them attractive but being on tour with the hottest boyband out there isn't exactly the worst sounding idea, especially if you were dating one. Or do you just love me that much?"

I let out a groan, "It's not like that, I mean, I do miss you, but. Okay... we're sisters right?"

"Um. Yes. Obviously. Come on, I know you're spacey and clueless but..."

"And sisters believe each other no matter what...right?" I continued, ignoring her comment.

"Uh, yeah of course, A.J what's going on - oh my god is Niall hurting you or something? Sis, I'll kick his ass-"

"No...no! Dammit," I sighed in frustration, "It has nothing to do with Niall, Niall is a saint because it has everything to do with me." I took a deep breath, Jenny had put up with a lot of my weirdness in the past, but I wasn't sure she was going to believe me about the wish.

"You remember that night back in January, when Lucy came over? And we had that movie night? When we were cleaning up, Lucy told us to make a wish on 11:11."

"Oh god, you guys are like five sometimes I swear." Jenny muttered rolling her eyes, "Yeah I remember, point?"

"Jenny... I woke up this morning with no idea how I got here. The last thing I remember is making my stupid wish and then going to bed, no! listen-" I started to panic as Jenny tried to say something, "My wish was to wake up next to Niall and Jenny, I did, I woke up next to him and I don't know what to do because I don't remember next to nothing of the past five months. It's killing me, and more importantly it's killing Niall for his own girlfriend not to remember anything." I let out a shaky breath, "I'm sure it would absolutely shatter him to know the past five months are the result of stupid wish."

Jenny was silent, staring at me intently through her screen, and I fidgeted nervously until she finally spoke.

'You... are absolutely insane. No, wait let me finish. I believe you, because it's exactly the sort of bizarre thing you'd get yourself into." She sighed, "But I'm not sure what to tell you,"

I slumped in my seat, "I'm not sure what I want to hear to be honest. Wait, no, you can tell me something."


"These things always come with some sort of catch, right? Like in 13 going on 30. She was a huge mega bitch and lost her best friend or whatever? So what's the catch here?"

Jenny shrugged, "Um, well. You're the same as you were, actually a bit happier. You won that contest to go to London for two weeks, you were so excited said you were gonna go and see some "real british theater". You're such a little hipster I swear. anyway, when you came back you were dating Niall and your happiness was enough to blind anybody who got near enough to you."

That explained how I had managed to be in London in the first place, I knew I didn't have the money to do it on my own, and I remembered, now that Jenny had mentioned it, entering some contest to win a trip to the U.K.

"Maaaybe, the catch is that you lost your memory?" Jenny suggested.

"That...that might be it, I guess. Could be worse, so I'm not gonna dwell on it." I shrugged, if lost memory was the cost of this wish, I could work with that. It was definitely going to be hard, but seeing the pictures of Niall and I together, our tweets, the supportive fans.... and Niall himself. The way he talked about how we met, the way he grabbed my hand to give it a supportive squeeze every time I felt out of place. I may not have had the specific memories of being together with him, but the emotions were still there and despite my hesitation towards Niall, a part of me longed for him, for the way we used to be.

"So what're you gonna do then? Stay on tour and hope for the best?" Jenny asked, and I nodded firmly in response.

"Of course, why the hell would I leave? Maybe this is only temporary, and I'm sure that being around the boys will eventually trigger something. Besides..." I blushed, "I...I wouldn't wanna leave Niall, I am his girlfriend. He was really looking forward to having me on tour with him and I was excited too, judging from my twitter."

"Ugh, don't get me started on your twitters." Jenny stuck her tongue out in disgust, "I nearly unfollowed you, you two were so ridiculous."

I laughed, "Sorry sis."

Jenny and I talked for a while, although she didn't have much to tell me about Niall and I, but it was nice to talk to a familiar face. We had just said our goodbyes and logged off when the door behind me opened and Niall came back into the hotel room, holding up to white paper bags triumphantly.

"Brought dinner!" he said happily, collapsing on the bed and immediately opening the bags, allowing the delicious smell to waft through the room.

"Yum!" I quickly flopped onto the bed next to him, and grabbed the fries he handed me.

"So didja like the interview?" he asked through a mouthful of food. Any other guy would be disgusting for talking with their mouth full, but with Niall it was endearing and cute.

"Yup, of course I did. Oh!" I held up a finger, remembering the faint memories that had popped up, "I sort of remembered how we met, when you told the story about how we met.

"Really?!" Niall jerked up, ignoring the fries he spilled in his excitement.

"Mm, yeah. It wasn't anything...solid, they were really hazy, but I remembered bits and pieces." Niall's happiness at even the slightest sign of my recovering memory made my heart swell.

"Love, that's amazing!" He reached over and pulled in for hug, kissing the top of my head repeatedly. I laughed and wrapped my arms around him and craned my head to give him a shy kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah...yeah it is." I said softly. We stayed like that for a few moments, with him holding him closely before the sound of his stomach grumbling broke the silence. I giggled and pulled away.

"Come on, let's finish eating." I said, popping a fry into my mouth happily.

"We've got to get to bed a bit early," Niall said after we finished eating, "Tomorrows a concert day , so I've gotta be up early. You can come with us, if you want, or you can wait till the actual show time."

"Oh um, I'll come with you guys in the morning," I said from where I was grabbing my [url=http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=53884119]pajamas[/url] "I'd be pretty bored just hanging around the hotel by myself and besides, the whole point of me coming on tour was to be with you, so..."

Niall smiled happily at my response, and began to change into his own pajamas. Which... was just his boxers.

[i]How did I not notice he was shirtless this morning?[/i] I thought, turning away to hide my blush. Granted, I was in shock this morning, but still. I looked down at my own pajamas, before looking back over at Niall who was looking for his toothbrush now.

[i]You're his girlfriend, Alice. You've probably changed in front of him a million times before, just stop being a baby![/i]

Right, it was stupid to be so embarrassed. I was his girlfriend for crying out loud! With that thought in my mind, I changed, and when I caught Niall trying hard to hide his smile, I stuck my tongue out and smiled back.

"Does this mean we can sleep in the bed together?" He asked, "I mean, I can sleep on the floor. I don't... I don't wanna pressure you. You've had enough shocks today I think."

Niall Horan, would he ever stop being a selfless gentleman?

I climbed into bed and went underneath the covers, and patted the empty space beside me, "No...you're not gonna sleep on the floor." I said with a laugh as Niall climbed in next to me. He reached over and shut the lamp off.

It was quiet for a moment before I whispered, "Niall?"

"Mm, what is it love? Everything okay?"

"I'm really sorry..." I murmered, "I know you're really upset... even though you won't say anything. I promise, I'll do whatever it takes to remember, I want to remember so badl-"

He cut me off by turning over and enveloping me in his arms, "Alice... it's not your fault. Stop blaming yourself, please? Even if you never get you're memory back, it's not like you'll have changed as a person completely. You're still the same girl I met and fell in love with." In the darkness he kissed my forehead, "And I'll stay by your side. We can create new memories together, but I could never create another you."

My arms wrapped around him and with his reassurance, I fell asleep quickly, unsure of what the next morning would bring.


Okay. so I know that you finished this story a while ago, but I just read it and I loved it! You are a great writer and I just wanted to tell you that I loved this story and you are awesome! Keep it up! :)

P.S. I don't want to sound like one of those people but if you would read my story I would appreciate it, if you don't want to that's cool, honestly :) But I really just want to tell you that I loved this story and thought it was amazing!! :)
MidnightMemory MidnightMemory
This story made me cry on several occasions, sooo good!!!
Hazzah-Sara Hazzah-Sara
Is there more I hope so
Harrysgirl Harrysgirl
To Charlene: Dingdong the bitch is dead. BYEEEEE. Have fun in popstar hell >:l I hate you.
msindietomlinson msindietomlinson
aww : ] they are back!!! Bye bye Charlene! So thankful they are back together.
I really like this story, and I hope you update soon because it is really good.