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When I Wake Up Next To You

Robot or Auton?

Robot or Auton?

"Um." I brought my knees up to my chest, and looked at them innocently, "What...about exactly?" I tried to appear as collected as possible, but to be honest I was a bit worried about what they wanted to talk about.

"Harry here and I, have come to the conclusion, that you are not yourself. Harry thinks you're a robot while I-"

"He thinks you're a clone."

"No, I think she's an Auton. DIFFERENT." Louis said slapping Harry's cheek good naturedly, "They're plastic. She'd be like a real life Barbie doll! Just more alien." He glanced at me, "No offense, love."

I smiled weakly, "None taken, but I'm not either of those. Robot or Auton."

"Well, somethings different." Harry sat down next to me on the bed, "I mean, normally you and Niall are the most cuddly couple ever. It's disgusting."

"It's true," Larry added, "Normally you're like two little cuddly bunnies, this morning you two were like... a bunny and a scared... uh..."


"That makes no sense, Harry." Louis said rolling his eyes.

"Well you couldn't come up with anything." Harry said smacking him.

"A N Y W A Y." Louis said putting a hand up to ignore Harry, "The point is, you're not yourself. It's like you've been replaced. By an Auton."



"GUYS." I stretched my legs out and put my hands out to push the two slightly away, "I'm...not, I'm not either of those." I sighed, "It's a bit complicated, and I don't know how to explain it without sounding completely crazy. I mean Niall believes me..."

"Niall would believe anything that comes out of your mouth though," Harry pointed out, "I mean he's nuts about you."

"Thanks, I know." I said, exasperated, "That's why I don't wanna tell you guys, cause you, quite honestly won't believe it."

"Oh come off it," Louis said gently pushing my head, "We may not be your bloody boyfriend, but the three of us have gotten pretty close!"

"Yeah, remember what the fans call us?" Harry said, "The Terrible Triplets!"

Louis snorted, "Yah, even though I wouldn't call us terrible, terrific maybe."

I laughed, I had no idea where the nickname came about, but I figured it was probably well-deserved. I could see the three of us being idiots enough together to earn it.
Well, if they said we were that close...

I took a deep breath, "Promise you won't laugh." I said.


"This morning... I woke up with absolutely no memory of the past five months. Zero, nada, zip. I remember going to sleep in Chicago in January and when I woke up I was with Niall with no idea how the hell I got there."

I looked back and forth between the two, waiting nervously for a reply. Harry looked at me solemnly and raised his hand.

"Um, yes Harry?"

"Permission to laugh?"

"What? No!"

Louis raised his hand.

"Permission to laugh, please." He looked at Harry with a smug expression, as though the please was going to grant him laughing privileges.

"No, you guys promised." I whined, smacking them both with a pillow, "I'm being serious, I really have no idea how I got here, or even how Niall and I got together."

Louis let out a low whistle, "That explains why Niall looked a bit like a kicked puppy today."

"So you believe me?" I asked, "Really?"

"Well..." Harry looked over at Louis, "To be fair, we did seriously consider you to be a robot or an auton - amnesia sounds a bit more convincing."

Right, "amnesia" - of course it was "wish-induced amnesia" but they didn't need to know that.

"Thanks, it's just... so frustrating. Niall knows everything there is to know about me, and our relationship and I know squat. I don't even know how we met!"

Louis laughed, "Oh man, the way Niall talks about how you two met, he swears it was like right out of a movie."

"Ya, but to be honest it just sounds a bit weird. If it were me, I would've thought you were a bit off." Harry said. I pouted and smacked him with a pillow at the "off" comment.

"Oi, what are you two doing in here?"

The three of us turned to see a towel-clad Niall standing in the bathroom doorway. I let out a squeak and shoved the pillow into my blushing face, much to the amusement of Harry and Louis.

"Get out you idiots!"

"Ta, love!" Louis said patting me on the back.

"Yeah, have fun you two~ We'll talk later alright A.J?" Harry said and I could almost feel the wink and the smirk I knew he gave me. When the door slammed shut, I peeked over the pillow to see Niall standing infront of me, smiling slightly.

"Am I that ugly?" he asked.

I shook my head, "No it's just um, it'll take a bit to get used too. Sorry." I felt the bed dip down as Niall sat next to me, and felt him lean over as he gave me a kiss on the head.

"It's alright, take your time," he smiled at me and I felt my stomach flutter, "I know this isn't easy for you either, don't feel pressured cause of me, sweets." I nodded, letting my head rest against his shoulder gently. We sat there for a few moments before he jumped up.

"Shit, I've got to get dressed and get down to the van!" He began to frantically grab his clothes and pull them on, and the sight of his bum (while cute) sent me straight back into the pillow.

"Alright, I've got to go," he leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, "But check out the interview, yeah? It'll be streaming live on the website." He said writing down said website on a sheet of paper. He jogged over to the door, ready to leave.

"Wait! Niall..."

"Hm?" he paused, halfway out the door.

"Um...good luck." I mumbled, "I'll miss you."

He smiled brightly at that, that big Niall Horan smile that made the fans melt, "I'll be back before you know it. Love ya."

Then he was gone, and I sat on the bed in complete silence for a while. The emotions were there, I felt absolute love every time he looked at me and smiled. I just wished I could remember the reasons why.


Okay. so I know that you finished this story a while ago, but I just read it and I loved it! You are a great writer and I just wanted to tell you that I loved this story and you are awesome! Keep it up! :)

P.S. I don't want to sound like one of those people but if you would read my story I would appreciate it, if you don't want to that's cool, honestly :) But I really just want to tell you that I loved this story and thought it was amazing!! :)
MidnightMemory MidnightMemory
This story made me cry on several occasions, sooo good!!!
Hazzah-Sara Hazzah-Sara
Is there more I hope so
Harrysgirl Harrysgirl
To Charlene: Dingdong the bitch is dead. BYEEEEE. Have fun in popstar hell >:l I hate you.
msindietomlinson msindietomlinson
aww : ] they are back!!! Bye bye Charlene! So thankful they are back together.
I really like this story, and I hope you update soon because it is really good.