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When I Wake Up Next To You

A Breath of Fresh Air

After briefly celebrating after the show, we were all piled onto the sleek tour bus. Our things had already been packed and put on the bus that morning before we had left. The boys had a show the very next day in East Rutherford and we were going to be spending the rest of the night traveling to get there.

"Your bunk is here." Louis said gesturing to a bunk on the bottom row, "Bunk a la A.J!"

"Where's-" I started to say before Niall came up behind me, grabbing me in a hug.

"Right there," he said pointing the bunk right across from mine, "So you can come in and cuddle any time you want."

I smiled gratefully, truth be told, I planned to do exactly that. The thought of laying alone in a bunk by myself seemed a bit lonely.

"Good," I said, "I plan to do just that."

"It's really more of a formality," Louis said, "We like to give the girls a bunk of their own just in case they ever get sick of us."

"I can understand why someone would get sick of you, Lou," I said teasingly, "But I could never get sick of Niall." I hugged Niall close to me, who smirked at Louis.

"Wait until he farts in the bunk with you," Louis said rolling his eyes as he walked away, "Then we'll see."

I wrinkled my nose and looked at Niall, "Can't say I would enjoy that, I'll be honest." I said with a laugh, "But I'll deal with it, I don't want to be alone."

Niall nuzzled his face into my neck, "Still nothing solid?" he asked.

"No not really," I said with a sigh, "Some fuzzy memories here and there... but nothing huge." I frowned, once again worrying how long Niall would put up with this. As if he knew what I was thinking, his fingers laced with mine and squeezed my hands comfortingly.

"Let's get our pjs on and watch a movie before bed." He said pulling away from me and giving me a kiss on the cheek, "You've got to be tired, so let's just relax, okay?"

He was right of course, and the thought of curling up with a movie sounded amazing after the long day we had had.

By morning we had reached East Rutherford and after breakfast we headed to the Izod Center for the show. After watching the boys for a while I decided to take a break to get some fresh air and wandered outside.


I blinked, startled by the sudden scream. I hadn't really thought that fans would be camped outside, but sure enough they were. With a quick glance around, I spotted the few fans that were camped in a line and with a smile and wave I made my way over.

"Hi guys." I said, feeling a bit shy all of a sudden.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's really you!" one of the girls said, visibly shaking, "What are you doing out here?!"

I laughed, "I started to feel a bit cooped up inside, so I wanted to get some fresh air, you know?"

"Your [url=http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=54514534]dress[/url] is so pretty!" Another one said, "I bet Niall couldn't keep his hands off you." she added with a giggle.

As we talked more, I started to relax just as much as they did. I'm sure the security guards would be having a fit if they knew I was by myself with the fans but at the time I could've cared less.. All the girls waiting outside were sweet and it was nice to talk to them.

"Oh! A.J... what do you think of Charlene?" the girl named Dani asked, "She was saying some stuff about Niall in an interview."

I looked at her a bit confused, Charlene was a popular pop singer in the states, but I had no idea what Dani was talking about.

"What sort of stuff?" I asked curiously.

Dani waved her hand and rolled her eyes, "She was saying how Niall was her favorite and that she totally was gonna try to get his number if she ever saw him at an awards show or something," she scoffed "She said he was like her "perfect guy". It's ridiculous really, she's not even cute! As if Niall would ever give up you for her."

"Right! Nice for life!" The other girl, Tanya said with a grin.

"Um...Nice?" I asked with a laugh.

"Your ship name of course! Niall plus Alice! Isn't it cute how it ends up being "Nice"?" the girls shared a giggle and I smiled back, amused myself.

The subject of Charlene however was a bit more... interesting to me. Of course I had never met her, and as far as I knew neither had Niall. It was possible of course as well, that she was simply saying those things for the press. But it reminded me that I was very much a normal girl and that Niall honesty had his choice of far better girls.

I bit my lip, lost in thought before a text brought me out of it.

[i]where are you?!?![/i]

I quickly typed out a reply before looking back at the girls.

"Sorry girls, I've gotta go." I said apologetically, "Niall's wondering where I'm at! But t was so nice talking to you guys! I know you'll have an amazing time tonight."

Before I left, we took pictures and I promised to follow all of them on twitter. With a wave I made my way back into the center and made my way backstage where Niall was sitting in the dressing room munching on a snack.

"There you are! I was worried." he said jumping up and grabbing my hand, "Where'd you go?"

"Outside for a bit, I wanted to get some air." I brushed my hair back and smiled, "I met some fans so I stopped to talk to them."

Niall frowned, "They were okay, right? No problems?"

I nodded, "Yup, of course! They were all super sweet," I giggled, "Did you know they call us "Nice"? We're the "Nice" couple, isn't that awesome?"

"Yeah! It's the best, innit? I love it, way better then the other boys' ship names." Niall said with a smirk, "Here want some chips?" he added as we sat down.

I nodded and grabbed a chip, thinking for a moment.

"Hey...you've heard of Charlene, right?" I asked.

"Yeah, she's that singer from the States right?" he asked, "What about her?"

I considered it a moment, wondering if I should mention her comments... then decided against it.

"Just wondering what you thought of her singing, that's all I said." I murmered.

Niall shrugged, "She's pretty good." he said simply before shoving more chips into his face. I smiled, comforted by his uncaring attitude. I wiped the crumbs that had gathered at the corner of his mouth and gave him a kiss.

He looked at me confused for a minute before shrugging and kissing me back with a smile. I didn't need to worry.

For now, things were good.


Okay. so I know that you finished this story a while ago, but I just read it and I loved it! You are a great writer and I just wanted to tell you that I loved this story and you are awesome! Keep it up! :)

P.S. I don't want to sound like one of those people but if you would read my story I would appreciate it, if you don't want to that's cool, honestly :) But I really just want to tell you that I loved this story and thought it was amazing!! :)
MidnightMemory MidnightMemory
This story made me cry on several occasions, sooo good!!!
Hazzah-Sara Hazzah-Sara
Is there more I hope so
Harrysgirl Harrysgirl
To Charlene: Dingdong the bitch is dead. BYEEEEE. Have fun in popstar hell >:l I hate you.
msindietomlinson msindietomlinson
aww : ] they are back!!! Bye bye Charlene! So thankful they are back together.
I really like this story, and I hope you update soon because it is really good.