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When I Wake Up Next To You


"Alright, first question..." I said rubbing my hands together and peering at the screen, "Hows life on tour, how's having Niall as a boyriend and is he romantic? Hmm." I thought for a moment, "Well, I've only been on tour now for about a day or two but it's already been a ton of fun! The boys are all in full dork-mode so we've been having quite a few laughs. As for being Niall's girlfriend and if he's a romantic."

I couldn't help but blush slightly at the question to be honest, truthfully even if I didn't remember anything, Niall was possibly the best boyfriend in existence. Putting up with my bizarre memory loss, the worried glances when we had to make our way through the fans, and of course his words the night before - [i]we can create new memories, but I can't create a new you.[/i].

"Niall is honestly the most wonderful boyfriend..." I said shyly, "I've really never had anyone like him, and I'm really lucky to be his girlfriend. As for being a romantic - definitely!" I finished with a wink.

I scanned the tweets for more questions, "Could you tell us a bit about yourself? Sure! I'm 18, I'll be 19 on June 24th! I'm from Chicago, uhh I live with my sister, Jenny. The rest of my family lives in the city too - my sis and I go to our parents allll the time to get some home made food all the time. I want to be an actress and I've performed in some plays around the city." I paused, "Oh! And my favorite color is pink~" I laughed, "I hope that's enough background info. Ahh I don't like talking about myself that much, I think I'm kinda boring! Hold on a sec, I need to get something to drink."

I walked over to the table set up with a variety of snacks and drinks. Niall had told me that I could have whatever I wanted, (he himself had grabbed two bags of chips before being dragged off to go rehearse by Liam.) I chose a bag of chips and grabbed a bottle of water and made my way back over the computer.

"Got a bit hungry too." I said with a laugh holding up my chips, "Um...have you...ever seen...Harry naked?"

[i]A hand suddenly went over my eyes shielding them from the TV screen in front of us.

"Niall... this is Disney, I don't think I need my eyes covered for any scene in a disney mov-"

"Have you guys seen my hairbrush?" Harry's voice suddenly said.

"...Harry's naked isn't he." I mumbled.

"Yup." Niall said through a mouthful of chips.

"Carry on then." I said with a laugh.[/i]

I blinked, surprised by the sudden memory. I let out a giggle though, and shook my head, recovering quickly.

"Nope! We were once watching a movie though, and Harry came into the room naked but Niall was quick to save my poor eyes!" I said mimicking Niall covering my eyes, "Sorry girls! I dunno what it's like down there!"

Suddenly a question stuck out far more then the others had.

"Is Niall good in bed?" I read out slowly, and I blurted out with a tiny giggle, "I'm not telling!"

But the question began to light up questions of my own. Even if I [i]had[/i] wanted to tell, how could I? I had no idea if Niall and I had just fooled around, or gone all the way or nothing at all. We were clearly close enough to sleep together in next to nothing as evident by Niall's choice in sleeping attire. Had I slept with Niall? I was panicking slightly, not that it would've been a bad thing to have slept with him - I mean I could tell Niall was very much in love with me, and even without my memories I was still very much in love with him. But if we had... that meant I didn't remember our first time and the thought broke my heart a bit.

I must've looked a bit odd, spacing out for a few moments with probably a panicked look on my face because when I checked the tweets again there were a few asking me "if I was okay."

"Yup! Sorry guys, I spaced out there for a few moments - [i]no,[/i] I wasn't thinking any dirty thoughts!" I said with a giggle. Behind me there was some noise and a moment later Niall's voice rang throughout the room.


"Look who's here guys!" I said excitedly turning the laptop to face the door as the boys filed in.

"Oooooh! You're doin a twitcam?" Louis said excitedly, running over and peering into the camera closely, "Hello everyone! Have you been nice to our darling little A.J?" he asked ruffling my hair much to my displeasure.

"They've been absolutely wonderful," I said and then glared at him, "You messed up my hair Tomlinson."

He shrugged, "Whatcha gonna do about it?" he said before making his way over to the food being laid out for lunch.

Niall laughed as he came over to sit down next to me, two plates piled high with food, "She'll mess [i]you[/i] up, mate." he said.

"Right, what he said," I pointed at one of the plates, "Are both of these for you?" I asked with a giggle.

"Of course they are." Liam said with a smirk.

"No!" Niall defended himself before pushing a plate over to me, "I'm a good boyfriend and I got a plate for Alice." He said with a pout.

"Thanks sweetie," I said giving him a kiss on the cheek and accepting my plate.

"Thanks sweetie~" Louis and Harry mocked me, coming up beside us.

"Shut up you two." I said sticking my tongue out before taking a bite out of my food.

"Oh here's a good question, Alice, what's your favorite thing about each of the boys?"

Suddenly all five boys turned to look at me and I laughed nervously, "Geez, alright give me a sec. Um... I love how nice and fatherly Liam is towards all the boys. If it weren't for him, I don't think anybody would get anything done. I love that Zayn is super confident and doesn't care what people think about him. As for Niall well, I love everything about him," I stole a glance at Harry and Louis who were eyeing me expectantly, "As for Louis and Harry - they're both dumb and I don't like them!" I finished with a smile and a laugh.

"Lou, you know that means." Harry said solemnly.

Louis nodded, "It means we may have to start a tickle fight."

I looked at them horrified, then glanced at Niall, "You'll protect me right?"

"Babe... I laugh at pretty much everything, I'm not sure how good of a protecter I'll be against tickling." he said before eating another chip, nonetheless his arms reached around me to pull me in closer.

"Alright alright!" I said, holding my hands up as the two approached, "I love how Louis and Harry treat me like I'm their sister or something! It can be a bit frustrating sometimes, like when they wake Niall and I up in the morning by jumping up and down on our bed, but we have a ton of fun together so it's worth it!"

"Hmph, I suppose that's an acceptable answer." Louis said before sitting down to eat.

I rolled my eyes, "Okay Queen Louis." I said with a laugh.

We spent the rest out their lunch break eating and answering questions. Eventually lunch ended up becoming a semi-food fight with chips being thrown across the room at one another, much to the delight of the fans on twitter (who ended up trending #1DFoodFight for the rest of the day.) When we finished up, we all said goodbye and I decided I'd go with them to finish watching them rehearse and then it would be time to get ready for the show tonight.


Okay. so I know that you finished this story a while ago, but I just read it and I loved it! You are a great writer and I just wanted to tell you that I loved this story and you are awesome! Keep it up! :)

P.S. I don't want to sound like one of those people but if you would read my story I would appreciate it, if you don't want to that's cool, honestly :) But I really just want to tell you that I loved this story and thought it was amazing!! :)
MidnightMemory MidnightMemory
This story made me cry on several occasions, sooo good!!!
Hazzah-Sara Hazzah-Sara
Is there more I hope so
Harrysgirl Harrysgirl
To Charlene: Dingdong the bitch is dead. BYEEEEE. Have fun in popstar hell >:l I hate you.
msindietomlinson msindietomlinson
aww : ] they are back!!! Bye bye Charlene! So thankful they are back together.
I really like this story, and I hope you update soon because it is really good.