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That was then, This is now

New Plans

"I swear she's getting bigger and bigger everyday!" I stated bouncing Lexi on my legs and
pulling faces at her.

"She already knows how to stand..." Danielle shook her head preparing her baby's bottle.
"If you thought smelly poop and sleepless nights were bad imagine when she'll be able to walk." Els commented amused.

"Can you not?" Dani grimaced. "Oh Liam just texted! The boys are five minutes away and he
just said in advance Niall's hungry."

"When isn't he?" Sophia rolled her eyes at her boyfriend's appetite.

"You're right, she really is growing fast!" Mummy D took Lexi from my arms to feed her.
"Remember when she was born? Seems like yesterday!"

"It's been a year already.."


"She's so cute!" I squealed opening the door to climb out of the car.

"She is." Harry laughed taking my hand.

We just came from Dani and Liam's house to check on baby Lexi who's growing more and more everyday. She even has brown locks like Danielle now! Absolutely adorable.

"Now let's stop talking about their family and start talking about ours." My fiance suggested opening the door to the flat that will only be ours for a few more weeks before we move to the new house after the wedding.

Everything's already there, furniture and all except me and Harry obviously because we're only moving in after the wedding in three weeks but we go there nearly everyday to check it and add some stuff. Even some of our clothes are already there in our ridiculously big closet, probably bigger than the room we sleep in at the flat and our new room is even bigger.

To me, the house is too big for us but obviously we need a lot of bedrooms always considering
the rest of the boys. All houses have at least five rooms, something the boys agreed between
themselves so we can all crash at each others' house from time to time if necessary.

Our house specifically has seven, two living rooms, one big dinning room, a gym, an office, a music room, a playroom for eventual kids, a pool, a small golf court for Harry and another small house in the back just in case of guests - or luxury as some people would call it.

I told Harry it's too much and I'd die cleaning the whole house to which he obviously rolled his eyes and said we'd have a housekeeper.
I have to admit the house is amazingly beautiful though, very modern and dreamy type. Plus, it's the perfect location because all the other four boys live in the same neighborhood so we're all only a few blocks from each other.

"Excited about the wedding?" I tilted my head amused watching him strip of his clothes to bed.

"Very!" I beamed.

"Me too." He admitted.

Showing me his most dazzling smile, Harry climbed into the bed on top of me to connect our
I smiled into the kiss bending my knees slightly so Harry could lay more comfortably in between them. My hands locked in his curls while his roamed along my body pushing my singlet up but I quickly stopped him.

"No." I shock my head.

"Why?" He frowned trying to lift it again.

I shook my head sternly.

"What's wrong?" He propped himself on his elbows to look at me properly.

"We're getting married in three weeks."

"So?" He frowned obviously not getting the question.

"So we're not having sex until then." I explained.

"What? Why the bloody hell not?" He's annoyed...

"Because if we do it then what's the point of the wedding night? The waiting and all... We won't appreciate it the same if we keep having sex till then."

"What? Of course we will, I'll always appreciate you naked!" His pink lips formed the perfect pout.


"You can't be serious.." He shook his head with extremely wided eyes. I rolled my eyes.

"I want to wait so unless you get off by yourself you'll have to wait too." I concluded sternly so he understands I'm not backing off on this.

"But Mia..." He whined burying his face on the crook of my neck. I giggled but pushed his head up in case he has other ideas. "So no sex?"

"No sex." I shook my head.

"For three weeks?" He almost cringed.

"Three long weeks..." I smiled sweetly at him.

"Ugh!" He groaned flopping on the bed next to me obviously frustrated. I giggled again placing a kiss to his cheek. His hands grabbed my waist pushing me to him to give me a proper kiss.
However, when he started licking my lower lip, I pulled back resting my head on his chest.

"You're killing me." He groaned again.

"I wanna hear you say that on the wedding night.." I stated amused. This will clearly be fun.

Even funnier when we'll get to finally do it as married.


Hii! New Chapt! I'm loving this phase of the fic.. Thanks for the support!

Keep commenting and voting, we're closer and closer to the end!!

Love you,



It's amazing how you know my writing and that I don't do happily ever after which is true but I don't think I've ever mentioned that (?)
And yes, I'm replying 6 months later, sorry.
I do envision the next step after that last chapter ended but that, of course, is gonna stay in my head. :)


thank you, thank you, thank you :)
Yes, I'm working on something else indeed nut no more Harry and Mia :( I'll be in touch soon about new stuff, if you're still around


Ahah, that's the FINAL end.. (As you've probably realized after 6 months.) sorry for the waiting but thank you so much for reading it!!


That is awesome that you know it word for word!! I'd kiss you right now if I could :) thank you x100

I cried the whole way through, you evil evil woman! I loved it there is no doubt in my mind she takes his hand and they work things out. But of course this is the kind of thing you'd do. I am curious though what do you think happens? I know you dont really write happily ever after, but do see it in your head? I loved this chapter, i had so much fun reading both this stories! You are a great writer and it has been a privelege seeing how you have grown and improved! Congrats on ending this huge project!