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One Direction, page 2

One Shots for...

One Shots for...

R Romance Tragedy Teen

I'm writing one shots for the following as of this moment: One Direction, The Wanted, Union J, Jack and Finn Harries, Allstar Weekend, Hot Chelle Rae...(more when i think of it) I'm not taking requests but if there is a certain song you want me to do for one then u can comment and i will try to pos


8.7 5 Votes
Try To Scream

Try To Scream

PG-13 Romance Adventure Thriller

3 months on tour with One Direction sounds amazing, right? What if things started going horribly wrong?


10.0 16 Votes
She Will Be Loved

She Will Be Loved

PG-13 Romance Comedy Drama

Being on tour with One Direction? Easy... or is it?


9.3 6 Votes
Never What You Think [Halloween Special]

Never What You Think [Halloween Special]

PG-13 Action Mystery Crime

This is a murder mystery starring the boys of One Direction


- 1 Vote
You Never Know

You Never Know

R Comedy Teen

what happens when you put one direction with 5 different girls guess you're just going to have to read and find out


10.0 3 Votes
Its Gotta Be You

Its Gotta Be You

R Romance Comedy Teen

Allison goes to a One Direction concert with her sister to only have the fate of bathroom door opening in her face help her and her sister meet the band


9.5 18 Votes
Always Had Been

Always Had Been

NC-17 Romance Drama Teen

Layla Hartin's life turns upside down when five exchange students come to her school - One Direction Highschool FanFic


10.0 12 Votes
Only Time Will Tell

Only Time Will Tell

R Romance Drama Action

Tonya is your average girl....Or so it seems. Will Niall Horan of One Direction find out her secrets? If so will he be able to help her before it's to late?


10.0 4 Votes
The Happiest Place On Earth

The Happiest Place On Earth

PG-13 Romance Drama Teen

Saving One Direction from a mob of fans at Disneyland was purely luck. Having Harry Styles teach Kaylani what it means to fall in love again was fate.


9.9 89 Votes
When you Smile

When you Smile

R Romance Comedy Drama

A One Direction Fiction


8.1 9 Votes