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Olivia's POV

A shot was fired into our direction. I dropped to my knees immediately and covered my ears. Making eye contact with Zayn who gave me a brief smile. Fixing his sleeve, seeing it had come undone.

"That's my cue, it was a pleasure to meet you Olivia. Harry. I will see you two very soon.."

Just like that he turned around and walked away leaving us there. I stood up instantly and made me way to him.

"Olivia! Don't!" yelled Harry

Ignoring Harry I continued following him. I needed to know what he meant by that.

He stopped his tracks and slowly turned around. Amusement evident in his features. But then covered it up instantly.

"My.. You are quite a determined young lady.."

"Just tell me why" I said desperately my voice cracking a little.

I needed to know why was he doing this. Zayn just looked at me with admiration. Clearly wasn't expecting me to do this. Neither did I. I just felt the sudden courage to do so. He brought his hand to my cheek to caress it softly. He stared intently in my eyes, as if trying to find a answer himself.

"Malik don't touch her." snapped Harry

"My Olivia. I can't tell you. It's too soon. But don't trust anybody.." spoke Zayn softly.

With that he then turned around and walked away. Leaving me with a lot of burning questions. That needed to be answered. Arms wrapped around my shoulders pulling me out of my trance.

"That was the most idiotic thing you've ever done Olivia! Why would you put yourself in harms way! He could of killed you! What don't you understand!"

I looked up at Harry with dazed look. I couldn't bring myself to argue back. All I could think of was the way Zayn caressed my face and those three words on repeat in my mind.

Don't trust anybody.

Don't trust anybody.

Don't trust anybody.

Don't trust anybody

I just couldn't shake off those words. Harry still hasn't looked at my face, which I'm glad. He was more focused on taking me out of this place and into a safe house. Slowly we came to a stop. I snapped out of my thoughts to see we were now in a alleyway very away from the public eye.

My eyes slowly landed on Harry. He was currently pacing back and forth mumbling a lot of things that I could barely understand. I let out a sigh, which caught Harry's attention. In a blink of eye he stood in front of me. Examining my face for what I think was for a bruise.

"I'm fine." I squeaked out shrugging off his hands on my face.

"You aren't fine. You literally went after a sociopath Olivia!" exclaimed Harry

"Harry. Nothing happened! I'm alive, an well I'm talking to you" I snapped growing annoyed

"Olivia this isn't a fucking joke! He could of hurt you or..." pausing for a bit "worse.." he whispered it seemed like it pained him thinking about that.

"Harry. You don't need to worry.." I responded looking at the floor once again. Harry's grasped my face making me look at him. He looked intently into my eyes.

"It's my fucking job to worry about you! What don't you fucking understand!"

I stayed silent, still looking at him. His face softened slowly as he looked at my eyes more. I closed my eyes and sniffled feeling a wave of emotions hit me. I looked away once again not enjoying my burst of emotions. Harry got a hold of my chin and made me turn to him.

"Olivia..Please don't cry.." he said softly

I let out a little laugh, and wiped the tears escaping my eyes.
"I'm sorry.." I whispered my own voice betraying me. I leaned my head against the cement wall and looked up.

"I'm 19 years old! I haven't even experienced the world. Instead of worrying about me graduating, I'm worried for my life Harry! My life! This is too much for me."

Harry stayed silent still watching me closely. Letting me vent all my emotions.

"I spend one night at my parents house expecting nothing out of the ordinary! But I'm greeted with you having to be by my side 24/7. Then going on the run because someone wants to kill me!"
I was now yelling. Harry didn't say anything. He stayed still and silently observed me.

"Why you may ask? That's the best part we don't even know why! Both my mom and dad don't know why! You don't either! I'm not stupid. You keeping me away from them because that's what my fathers orders are..." I paused closing my eyes.

"He know's that they are coming after me. Not him. Not my mother. Me. He rather have me die then him. I.. I just want this to end Harry." I said lightly. Slowly I slid down the wall and sat on the floor.

Breaking down crying right there. It hurt me. It really did. No one would ever think that their own father would do this to them. My father was a very cruel man. He would rather have his daughter die then him loosing his empire.

Harry dropped to my side instantly and wrapped his arm around me. He rubbed my back softly to calm me down. I just broke down even more. I was afraid. No scratch that. I was terrified.

"Olivia you know that's not true.. Your father loves you."

"Harry! Forget the fact he is your boss. Christian Romano, my father wants me dead. He put you as my bodyguard in a way to act like he wants me alive. But demands that you keep me away from them."

"Olivia.. why would he not want you to be alive..?"

"I don't know! But one thing I am certain of is that Zayn. He has the answers to my questions." I spoke confidently looking up at him. Harry began to shake his head instantly not liking what I had suggested.

"That's out of the question Olivia. He can't be trusted."

"Please Harry."

"No Olivia." he said even more sternly. Shooting me a look that would scare a lot of people. But not me. He then stood up began walking away. This was his way of saying this was the end of the conversation. I shot up quickly and pushed him against a wall. I grabbed his jaw softly and made him turn and look at me. Our faces closer then ever.

"Harry. Please. You can't say you aren't curious in any sort."

"Olivia. I don't act on pure curiosity."

"Why are you fighting me! Everything I explained to you makes sense."

"It's a coincidence! Mostly I don't trust Zayn!"

"But you trust me right?"

I looked up in his eyes and tried to find a answer. Harry let out a sigh as he shook his head. I smiled brightly feeling my heart beat way faster then before.

"I trust you. Please Harry" I begged as I looked at him directly in his eyes. Trying to get him to say yes.



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