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Olivia’s POV

I sat in the car in silence as the driver drove. Soft music playing in the background. I pressed my head against the window as I fiddled with my fingers. My finger tips grazing at the ring I had on my pointer finger that was given to me by father for my 17th birthday.

I sighed as I looked up from my fingers. I return my attention to the window to see the scenery had completely changed. No sign of houses or any type of civilization from here. Nothing but big trees surrounding the endless road. What can I say..? My parents love their privacy.

Especially with my fathers line of work, that was you can say "not so legal". While I despised it my mother loved it. Well she loved all the money he earned, as I saw it as dirty money my mother saw it as “a blessing”. You can say my mother and I rarely agreed on things..

The car slowly came to a stop for a couple seconds, then resumed to move. I reached for the button in front of me. Pressing it brought down the screen that separated the driver and I. I scooted away from the window seat and over to the middle.

“Michael do you know what my father wants to talk to me about..?”

Michael looked at me through the rear view mirror, then back at the road.

“No Miss.Romano actually have no clue.. I was just told to bring you and tell you your father wished to speak with you..”

“Michael I’ve told you before.... no need to call me Miss.Romano, you can call me Olivia or Liv..”

I hated being called that. Made me feel like a way I can’t really explain. But it wasn’t a feeling I liked at all.

“Sorry Mis- I mean Olivia..”

“Much better..How is Marcy?” I asked as I smiled.

Marcy was Michael's wife of 13 years. Their relationship was beautiful, Michael has told me the story of how they met multiple times. Even after being with her for so long he still become a vulnerable state. Every time one would mention Marcy, Michael was a smiling mess.

I wish to have something like they do. I can tell they are madly love with one another.

A girl can dream..

“She’s great, she isn’t here at the moment. She’s down in Mexico visiting her mother..”

“That’s sweet.. how long has she been down there?” I asked leaning forward.

“She went down there Saturday night.. Already missing her..” he replied making me smile.

“How long is she going to be down there...?”

“A week Miss...”

I nodded silently and began thinking. I’ve met Marcy couple times and you can say she is a very sweet woman. She was in her mid 30’s same age as Michael.

Michael's voice interrupting my thoughts bringing me back to reality.

“We have arrived Miss..”

The car came to a stop, my door was opened for me I reached for my backpack and stood up.

“Thank you Michael..” I said before stepping out once again. I smiled at the guard politely and walked into the enormous mansion I called home.

The guard walking behind me, as I walked up the steps carefully. The door was opened for me by another guard who nodded at me.

As I stepped inside, in each corner there were security guards in all black suits, with a ear piece. My father wanted everyone that work for him to dress professionally. Especially ready for anything.

Making my way to the stairs, that lead up to my room going to try an avoid my mother. I deeply love my mother but she really can be a hassle.

“No, no, no! Olivia what on earth are you wearing!”

I slowly closed my eyes and took a deep breath in and letting it out. I began hearing her heels clicking on the marble floor fast. I turned to face my mother ready to hear her yelling for my outfit.

Most mothers would appreciate that if their daughters wore cloths that didn’t show too much skin or no skin. Right?

Well my mother is the exact opposite. She would love for me to dress like she does. Which was wearing tight dresses that show cased my legs, cleavage. Wear makeup, do my hair a proper way that she approved.

I on the other hand was the exact opposite. I rather wearing high top converse, boy shorts, long shirts, jumpsuits, beanies, having my grey hair down covering my every feature of my face, little to no makeup.

Hey I just love being comfortable.
My mother reached and grabbed a hold of my arm making me face her. Giving me a better look at my mother.

“Olivia answer me. Why on earth are you wearing that disgusting jump suit! You are not a prisoner”

I looked up at her with such boredom. Which angered her even more. I don’t do it on purpose but I have a ‘bitch face’ as many claim.

My mom had dark brown hair going up to her mid back but at the moment it was pinned up with two strands of hair left loosely. Her complexion was the exact opposite of my pale skin. She had a tan making her look slightly darker than I. Big brown eyes, complementing her outfit. She wore a purple dress which was tight with some black heels making her appear taller.

“You are to take that off IMMEDIATELY!? You left your dorm looking like that! Do you have no shame!”

“Mom, please not today, I’m really not in a mood” I said yanking my arm from her grip. I turn around beginning to drag my feet towards the stairs.

“I don’t think so.” She grabbed a hold of my wrist once again and pulling me back so I was facing her.

“You are to listen to me nina maleducada!” my mom exclaimed (rude girl)

"Aye por dios sueltame!" I responded an tugged on my arm
(For god's sake let me go!)

“Che cosa è tutto il trambusto!”
(What is all the commotion!)

Instantly my mother stopped yelling. We both looked up to see my father looking rather angry. As he began dissenting downstairs I pulled my arm from my mothers grip and held my wrist.

“Honey. Look at the way you’re daughter is dressed! That is in no way for a lady to dress!” My mother exclaimed as she looked at my father and back at me with anger.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

“You are honestly so childish! You are overreacting as always!” I said

“Basta! You both need to stop bickering. Everyone in the house can hear you. Olivia can dress as she pleases hon. We already talked about this..”

“Christian bu-”

“But nothing, Olivia can dress what ever she pleases when going to school.” He said

My mother huffed and walked away angrily. I smiled triumphantly thinking I have one.
I looked back at my dad and I felt my smile drop slightly seeing he wasn't amused at all.

He instinctively reached for my hand. I allow him to grab my hand and lead me upstairs.

"You love to upset your mother right-”

I began opening my mouth to respond but my father gave me the ‘I’m speaking look’ I shut my mouth and let him continue.

“Olivia you need to learn how to be patient with your mother. Give her time to get what’s the word... accustomed to the way you dress. I see you’ve grown a little taller since I’ve last seen you.”

I nodded my head softly. I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t miss my father. He was always a big part of my life more than my mother sadly. My mother would spend her time in the country club leaving me with the nanny as a little girl. But I’ll never stop loving my mother even with her attitude.

“Come sei stato dolcezza?”
(How have you been sweetie)

“Sono stato grande papà.. e tu?”
(I’ve been great dad.. and you)

“Sono stato anche bravissimo tesoro..
Well since I’ve found you let’s go to my office to talk shall we?”
(I’ve been great as well sweetie)

I nodded, and looked ahead. There was a security at the door of his office. He nodded at my father and opened the door allowing us inside then proceeding to closing it.

There I saw a man standing looking straight at my father and I. He had chocolate curls, pink plump lips that had a lip ring. Tattoos peaking through his black button up shirt. His neck was covered in black ink with no trace of untouched skin. I felt myself grow uneasy upon seeing him.

“Olivia since what had happened to your older brother we’ve well... I have decided for you to have a personal bodyguard with you 24/7. He’ll protect you of any danger, because you and your mother are my prized possession..”

I felt my heart drop as I had been reminded on my brother...
Oh how I miss you Jeremy..

“I’m sorry but I do not need a babysitter. I’m 19 soon to be 20 years old. I’m in college I don’t even live here!” I exclaimed

“I’m well aware of that, that’s why he’ll be moving in with you at your dorm. I don’t want anything to happen to you Olivia. I’ve lost one child I don’t want to lose another...” he said with a strict look on his face

“No. I will not have a stranger live with me. I don’t even know his name let alone to live with him!”

“His name is Harry. See now you aren’t strangers! This isn’t up for discussion. It’s a done deal. Go to your room. You are to get ready we are having a small party with all my associates. You are to dress appropriately for the party that is all.” He then waved me off.

He began to lean forward to grab his cigar and lighting it. Taking a big puff and letting the smoke out.

I walked out of his office angrily not caring if I slammed his door. Walking to my room I felt a presence of someone behind me. I stop my tracks an turned around. There stood Larry or Harry I think that is his name. His hands behind his back and just looked at me with a plain expression.

“Dude get lost.” I said as I continued walking I heard steps once again.

“Are you literally going to keep following me?” I said

No response.

He just stared at me like I was some animal.

I angrily sighed in annoyance.

Getting to my bedroom door opened it and slammed it on what’s his name’s face. I locked my door and threw myself at my bed.

Welcome Home Olivia.


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