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The Horan Twins


"what do we have here?" James asked "i was about to ask the same question" Harry's voice rang in the now quiet room. all heads turn to look at the curly haired boy standing in the doorway, Niall let go of me, while james was talking to harry, Niall turned to me.. "ill distract him i want you, both of you to leave.." Niall said lowly and quietly, Niall puts his hand on james' shoulder, "i heard something down staires," Niall said, James looked at the empty doorway, "stay here. ill go look" James said, than he left, Harry blewup, Niall hit the ground within two secounds, "Niall!" i screech.. "c'mon Joe, lets get out of here," Harry said grabbing my arm, "you just hit him!" I shout, "yeah.. now lets go!" Harry said, i pried his hand off my arm i run over to the now bleeding Niall, "oh god.. are you okay?" i asked, "fine, you need to get out of here." Niall said, he took my arm before i left, " Do you have kleenex?" He asked holding his bloody nose. "in the closet 2nd shelf" i smiled, i heard foot steps coming up the staires, "go." Niall said, Harry pulled me away from Niall, "don't make me punch you again.." Harry said, "god Harry, don't be a dick." i said climbing out of my window, "hey, i saved you, now go, James is coming" Harry said,

"were are you taking me?" i asked, "to my house. Look.. i told you. i knew this would happen.. Louis got you mixed up in his shit.." Harry said eyes glued to the road, "Harry, i honestly don't know why you're being so protective, you hardly know me.." i said, "i know you well enough to see that your brother is dangerouse, and is putting you in harms way" Harry said pulling up into a smallish house, "now, its not as big as yours but, you'll be safe here," Harry said, "so your parents wouldn't mind?" i asked, "no, my mum loves it when i bring girls home," Harry said, "i didn't mean it that way.." Harry said, i got out of his car,

"MUM!! IM HOME!" Harry shouts as he walks into his house, "you can just take off your shoes" Harry said, "who's this?" Harry's mum asked, "im Joanna" i said, "ohhh. joanna. is this the lovel-" Harry cut her off, "mum. please."Harry said, i giggled,

Niall's P.O.V

"were'd they go?" James said pissed off, i held my head up, "he punched me in the nose, james." i said, my voice sounded weird, "YOU LET HER GO!" James shouts, "she goes to our school.. god, its not like we'll never see her again" I said "you sound weird." James said, I rolled my eyes, "no fucking shit." i said, the front door opend, "he's home." James said, i followed him down staires, "wait james.. what are you doing?" i asked, "hes going to tell us were his sister is, Niall did you forget what he ows us?.. or what louis did to you?" James said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?" Louis shouts as we reached the bottom of the stairecase, "weres my sister?" Louis asked, he looked up the stairecase "i was going to ask you the same thing." James said, "you owe us." he added, "i don't owe you anything." Louis said, "oh did you forget what you lost to us?" James said, "you can't just take her. she's 16," Louis said, "thats two years younger than Niall and i" James said, "i don't owe you anything. it was a stupid bet." Louis said, James pushed Louis against the wall, "even if it was stupid or not, we still won, you owe us, yet you fail to pay up, so we take." James said, "but james. he has a point.. she's only 16.." i said, "shut up Niall." James said, "what happend to you,?" Louis asked me, "Harry punched me." i said,

someone walked into the house,

all heads turn to look.


cliffy c;


Fucking update already x

Omg this is amazing!

I am so serious update this fucking story already it's killing me please xxx

sorry, i started it. but my laptop go a virus.