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My legs wrapped around his torso, forcing him closer to me as heroughly forced his tongue into my mouth. We were on the bed, his body slowly rocking on top of my trembling one. Teeth clashed, lips were swollen, tongues nearly nipped; it was disasterously comforting.

“Can I…?” he asked huskily after breaking his lips from mine. His fingers were dancing along the hem of my jumper, eagerly tugging at it.

I nodded quickly, already raising my hands. He chuckled, the sound booming from that throat of him as he slid the piece of clothing off of my body. I immediately shivered at the sensation of his touch on my chest.

“Your body is beautiful, Harry,” he whispered, straddling me so he could get a good view. He let out a deep breath and just sat there, admiring me.

My cheeks were flaming as his eyes continued raking me. “Louis,” I started, clearing my throat.

He seemed distacted when he answered. “Hmmm?” he hummed, his thumb circling around my nipple.

“You’re sitting on my boner,” I deadpanned.

He blinked a few times before a wicked grin settled on his lips. He brought that talented mouth back to mine and began furiously grinding his groin against mine, causing my back to arch from the stirring in my stomach.

“Sorry.” He tugged at my bottom lip with his teeth. “You’re just.” He licked my tongue teasingly before wrapping his lips around it. “So pretty.” He began tugging down my sweats, along with my underwear. “Bloody hell, Harry.”

He caused me to blush again, but I didn’t want him to always be the dominating one. I took advantage of him gawking at my length to flip him over, so that I was now on top. He gasped but licked his lips.

“Your turn,” I whispered before placing my lips on his and taking about one second to get those damn pants off, an extra moment to tug his Calvin Klein’s down and toss them somewhere.

“Take a picture, it might last you longer,” he murmured against my neck when he caught me staring.

“Shut up,” I nearly pouted, but there was an edge to my voice that made him excited.

I pinned his arms above his head, earning a look of astonishment from Louis. He licked his lips, something he tended to do a lot, before looking… What? He looked really vulnerable.


“Yeah, babe?” I felt my heart hurt a little at the small tone of his voice. I couldn’t help but feel protective and gentle around this older man. I let go of his wrists and started tracing patterns on his chest, purposely tracing out my name.

He swallowed and pecked my lips. “Can we, um, just watch a film or cuddle? I don’t think I’m ready.”

I was shocked. I mean, wasn’t this entire little exchange his idea? I wasn’t disappointed about the possibility of not getting paid; I just didn’t know what I did wrong. Maybe he didn’t want to be with me like that, or be with me at all.

Then I remembered whose bed we were on.

I got off him and started gathering my clothes, slipping my underwear on. My back was to him, because I knew I’d crumble if I kept looking at him. Especially if I knew at that moment that his blue eyes were filling with tears.

“What are you doing?” he choked out.

“I better check in with Abbii so she knows I’m not dead on some park bench,” I mumbled, adjusting my sweatpants and getting my jumper on. “Look, I’m thankful for everything you and Eleanor did for you. You shouldn’t have, but I appreciate it.”

“B-But, Harry,” he stammered, his voice sounding off. “I couldn’t just let you die out there.”

I sighed and wrung my hands. “I’ll see you around, I suppose,” I said briskly. “Tell Eleanor I said thanks again.”

“I’ll still pay you,” he finally offered as I placed my hand on the doorknob.

That was when I finally faced him, my eyes landing with his. I couldn’t describe it, it was like were magnets. I searched his face and saw longing, desperation, vulnerability.

“We didn’t fuck, it doesn’t count,” I finally said, not caring that it sounded harsh. “Bye, Louis.”

I left the room, nearly stopping a few times in need for a good sob. My heart was clenched and all I wanted to do with break down and cry to let it all out. I didn’t know why or how I got so offended by what he did, but something just snapped.

I passed by his kitchen, then his living room and was about to open the door when I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. His familiar scent engulfed me and I was suddenly on a different planet.

“Harry,” he whispered. “I’ve never been with a man before. I want it to be special and not something rushed. I was just nervous, love. Please don’t go just yet…”

I turned around and just stared at him. He looked so pure, so innocent. But then I remembered that it was he who started this bargain.

“We need to keep this professional,” I found the strength to say, even though it killed me inside to say each word. “Louis, I’m get paid to satisfy sexual needs and desires.”

He rolled his eyes and snorted. “Fine, I’ll pay you when we do have sex then. Does that mean I get free cuddles and hugs?”

I wanted to scream at him. “You’re complicating things,” I finally said before opening the door and leaving that building as fast as my legs could carry me.


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This is a great story! Would you please update?

WhatSerName WhatSerName

omg, my friends and i love this story!! PLEASE UPDATE!

OMGGGGGG update I love ittt

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We are commenting and we are subscribing so fucking update omg....

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You don't ask girls from around the corner to cuddle. Just. No matter How cute you are.