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Little Things


His lips are a calculator and her flaws are the numbers he tries to add up to make her feel whole. In the end, it's the little things he loves about her, that make her what she is to him, and he wouldn't have her any other way.



This is fantastic! Normally I'm not one for romantic one-shots and such but I thoroughly enjoyed this!
This is very well written!! I love it!!
@Scribbles Exactly! I definitely chose Liam for that reason. While Harry would be cheeky and Niall would be upfront from the very start and what not, I think Liam would be softer about insecurities and thus fit the story the best. Thanks for the comment!

@Diggy_Styles Liam feels are the worst but I love them! Honored to have given you some. Thanks for the comment, love!

@BambiWithLove Aw, thank you, darling!

@NiallsMofo Thank you!

@lou tommo. You're too sweet! Thanks a bunch.
Liam Payne Liam Payne
Beautifully written! I'm not sure if the real Liam would be quite so eloquent, but his words here work well because it's Liam, because he seems so sweet and earnest.

This captures the meaning of the song perfectly, imo. You have a wonderful way w/ words. Great job! (:
Scribbles Scribbles
wow, that was just amazing. you have officially made my Liam feels go everywhere. i LOVED this. aww. :D <33 I'm so happy i clicked on this, I really am. :]
Diggy_Styles Diggy_Styles