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Lilas' Laws

Harry's Lie.

It was so quiet.

The rain had stopped, the bedroom door muted the television noise, and the only thing I could hear was Harry’s breathing.

We were both staring at the ceiling, immobilized now that the moment had passed. It was quiet now. Covered only by the thin sheet Harry pulled over us when he had finished, we lay beside each other in silence. We obviously had some things on our minds.

I couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed.

With myself of course, I was in fact, the one who jumped onto Harry. He was simply taking advantage of the moment and I didn’t blame him. However, my idiocy couldn't be as easily forgiven. Having to worry about the feelings of any more people in my life wasn’t something I wasn’t too keen on.

I let out a sigh.

Just then Harry’s hand moved into my line of view, and his fist opened to reveal my black thong. A bit unsuspecting I took it from his grasp. I paused momentarily before I noticed his boxers lying on the floor on my side of the bed, and then I reached to grab them and proceeded to toss them over to him.

He took them and began to put them on underneath the covers, so I did the same. Harry finished before me and lifted the sheet before stepping out of the bed. He bent over and picked something up, then flung it towards me. My bra. I got out of bed like he did and then put it on; I caught his eyes fixed on me.

When I finished I looked back at him. His curls were unruly due to the fact that I hadn’t been able keep my hands out of them. His lips were slightly swollen, which only made them deeper in color and fuller. He looked fabulous shirtless, and his eyes… piercing, taunting, mesmerizing. If he hadn’t thrown the shirt he’d given me to wear at me I might have continued to stare.

We finished getting dressed then, trading clothes as we found them in various places around the room. It wasn’t until I pulled on the sweats and Harry was putting on his last sock did I wonder about what would happen next.

I didn’t have enough time to give myself a headache thinking about it, because after his toes were comfortably kept back in his socks he was standing and walking toward the door. He disappeared through it and I could do nothing but slowly and hesitantly follow after him. By the time I made it to the end of the hall Harry was shutting the microwave door and pressing start.

He was warming up our food.

And it only took me a split second to decide I had to leave.

I had to leave now. I couldn’t let him think what just happened was okay. I couldn’t let myself think what just happened was okay. Getting involved with Harry was the last thing I needed right now. I honestly felt a little clouded, like I couldn’t actually believe I’d just had sex with Harry Styles, again.

The first time I can accept but this was something different.

I was friends with his friends. Mainly Niall but I genuinely considered Liam, Louis, and Zayn friends. Hell I even considered him a friend. They were an entirely different breed of good people, annoyingly lovable. I liked spending time with them, especially since Peter hasn’t been around lately. And at the rate things were going they looked as if they might be all I had soon.

It was naïve and childish of me to think they would stay around for that long, considering I’ve only known them for a little over two weeks… but they’ve been ever present the entire time. It was honestly flattering and I couldn’t help but appreciate it.

Which is why I felt so fucking stupid right now, and staying here would only add to that. I walked toward my boots that sat by the door. They were still wet but I slipped them on anyways, then I grabbed my satchel hanging from the coat rack, this gained Harry’s attention.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

My back was turned to him and I grimaced, I obviously didn’t think I’d escape without facing him, but I needed not to dance around the subject either. I turned around slowly and put on the satchel.

I coughed once, “I gotta go,” Harry raised his eyebrows, and I tried to read his expression. He just kind of looked at me; I squirmed on the inside, his stare felt like it could burn through me. He didn’t say anything, and I didn’t have time to wait for him to. I put my hand on the doorknob, fully prepared to leave with his clothes still on but he stopped me.

“Wait, you don’t want to do that.”

I clenched my jaw, this is exactly what I didn’t want. He needed to accept this was never happening, that this was a mistake, “Harry I can’t do this, this is-“

“No, you can’t walk out there in my clothes,” he clarified, his tone was duller, almost tired, unsettled, “The paps see you and we’ll never hear the end of this, your clothes are dry so change into them before you leave,” he said dryly, then he turned down the hall and I heard him open the dyer.

I couldn’t decide if I was shocked or hurt by his tone, but his words were exactly what I wanted to hear. He was right. He was thinking. However they didn’t make me feel any better, they just made me feel worse.

Harry returned and handed me my clothes, still warm from the heat of the dryer. I took them and went to the bathroom to change, feeling almost like a child in trouble, but more ashamed than anything else. I changed quickly, the desire to be in the confines of my own home, wrapped in my duvet overcoming my thoughts.

When I came out of the bathroom Harry was rummaging through the hall closet, he turned around when he heard the door open, an umbrella in his hand.

“Here,” he said, and gave it to me, taking the clothes he loaned me from my hands, “It stopped raining but just in case,” he said softly, tucking the clothes under his arm then using the other to run a hand through his hair.

His green eyes flickered to mine, a kind of sincerity and kindness in them.

“Thank you,” I said slowly.

A part of me wanted to kiss him on the cheek, to show him some kind of affection. But that was unfair. It would have been hollow affection, skinny love. He knew, I knew, everything that just happened meant nothing.

So then I had to look away from him, and then I walked past him and out the door.


I had been home for just about forty minutes, enough to swaddle myself in a blanket and nearly finish an episode of the Vampire Diaries. Nearly, being the key word because it was due to that fact that I couldn’t possibly miss the last few minutes and therefore it was impossible for me to get up and answer the knock at my door. So I didn’t.

I was convinced that whomever was out there had left after I heard silence and I was able to resume my watching, but a near two seconds later there was another knock followed by a muffled, “Lilas I know you’re in there!”

It was Niall.

I rolled my eyes at the realization and kept my attention on the TV, a wise decision because it took him all about fifteen seconds to find the spare key, another five to find his way to the living room and then just two to fix his fat arse in my direct view of the telly.

I raised an eyebrow at him, “You better sit down and let me finish my episode or I’ll report you for breaking and entering.”

He rolled his eyes but complied and took a seat on the recliner, putting an ankle on his knee and keeping his stare on me as I finished watching. The episode seemed to put me in even more of an exasperated mood, and when it ended all I could do was pull my blanket over my head because Niall wouldn’t stop looking at me.

“What’s going on L?” he asked me.

“Don’t presume to act like you haven’t talked to Harry,” I said, the sound was muffled but I knew he could hear me.

“I’m not acting like I haven’t; Harry called and said you stopped by his flat for an umbrella and that you were crying. He wasn’t sure what to do so he just wanted to make sure you were okay, so that’s why I’m here. I care if you’re upset Lilas,” Niall said earnestly.

Two things came to my mind: first, I was grateful Niall would come by to make sure I was okay; second, I was grateful that Harry lied. It was a secret affirmation almost, that he and I were on the same page. I was grateful he understood, and I was even more grateful he was willing to keep a secret for me. I was more than prepared to take responsibility for my actions but Harry was giving me a chance to detour.

A stupid little smile took over my lips as I realized I was now indebted to Harry Styles.

Thursdays undoubtedly sucked ass.


Is anyone else on winter break yet? I got out earlier last week. Whoop for no responsibilities!


Take your time if you're busy but yay :)
dork_central dork_central
@dork_central I've got the next chapter in progress but things have just been so hectic lately :) I will try to get it out real soon! And I'm so glad you like the story :)
kangaroux kangaroux
are you going to update anytime soon because i really do love this story :)
@DianaGoesOneDirection I'm just gonna refer you to the bright red "R" rating that is displayed when searching for this story. Can't say I didn't warn you.
kangaroux kangaroux