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Lilas' Laws

Fourteenth and a Few Beers.

"You're awful at this game L." The boy beside me said. He was a tall, built nineteen year old with a perfect smile, grey eyes and bright blonde hair. Currently he was four laps ahead of me as I struggled to press the right buttons on the X box controller. He gave a great laugh as I drove straight into a wall. I looked up at him with a hint of admiration before throwing the controller onto the sofa beside me.

Scoffing, I said, "You know I'm awful at this game Peter! It's why you chose it!"

"Now, now love. Don't be a sore loser." He winked.

Peter was my best friend. He had been since our last year in highschool, when he transferred in second semester. We'd met at a party when I'd victoriously out drunk him and we'd unintentionally ended up in bed together. The next Monday at school we'd just become friends, as if sleeping together was just an initiation into our friendship. From then on we'd tackled all of lifes little hurdles together. From moving out, to starting at the university, to becoming the strapping young party animals we to this day pride ourselves for being. He was an idiotic twit of a boy, but unconditionally my best friend.

After insisting I continue with the race, I just managed to get out of a corner I'd driven myself into when Peters cell phone began to ring. He paused the game, earning a 'Hey!' from myself due to the fact that I had been focusing so hard.

He gave me a smile before pressing the accept button and answering the phone, "Hello?" Peter asked into the phone. I busied myself by looking out the window into the darkening sky. It was six and I remembered there was a party tonight I was planning on going to. I had to remind myself to invite Peter. I hadn't seen him all week and I'd been so immersed with spending time with him I'd nearly forgotten all about it. My thoughts ended as I heard Peter say, "See you then." Into the phone before shutting it and looking toward me.

"Who was that then?" I asked him.

Peter stood from his place on the sofa and pulled up his trousers as they were falling a bit. "Mate of mine. Says theres a party tonight down at Fourteenth." He flashed me smile, "Shall we go?"

"I was just remembering to invite you to that!" I exclaimed.

"Well go off and get ready then, we'll have a stop at my flat so I can get a change of clothes, meet my mates for a bite to eat then head off to Fourteenth yeah?" He said, moving toward the X box to know doubt change it to a one player game so he could play while I readied myself.

In less than an hour I had taken a shower, done my hair and makeup, and gotten on a simple black dress, my ankle boots and a light cardigan for the walk. As I walked back out into the living room of my flat I found Peter in the exact spot I'd left him, eyes glued to the monitor in front of him.

"Well, how do I look then?" I asked, twirling as I got his attention.

"Beautiful as always," Peter smiled, "I see you've got your dancing shoes on." He said, referring to the boots I always seemed to wear when I was feeling particularly social. Not quite sure why, but they were awfully cute and accentuated my lean tanned legs.

"Up you get now Peter," I said to him, "Time to go!"

"As you wish love." He said before shutting off the game.

We walked out into the warm summer night and toward Peter's flat a few minutes away. We chatted animatedly about the last party at Fourteenth, a night we only remembered snippets of. Fourteenth was a sort of bar we found ourselves having the most fun at. It was a newer place hidden in the less upscale part of town which created the perfect atmosphere for getting smashed.

We'd arrived at Peter's flat and he spent no more than fifteen minutes before we'd left again, Peter now wearing a pair of clean trousers, a striped shirt and a thin coat. He locked his door and we began the walk to his mates house. In a few blocks we'd made it and I concluded that my house was the closest to Fourteenths.

Peter walked ahead of me up the stairs that let to his mates flat, walking to the door with the numbers 04 painted on it. He racked his knuckles against the door, and in a few moments it swung open. Peter's tall frame was obstructing my view, but from the way the voice who opened the door said Peters name, he sounded Irish.

"Niall." Peter grinned, then moved to the side to reveal the blonde haired boy to whom the voice belonged to. The boy Niall's eyes fell upon me as he gave me a smile, and it was then I instantly recognized the uncommon name, though from where I couldn't recall. "This is my friend Lilas," Peter introduced me, "L, this is Niall Horan."

"Hello," I said, squinting my eyes slightly. "Oh! Wait. You're in that band aren't you?" I remembered then, "With the other boys. From the tv! You sing!" I said with a smile as I finished, I had recognized his name, though before meeting him now I didn't know what he'd looked like, which went for the other members of the boy band as well.

The boy laughed, "Right you are. Pleasure to meet you."

"Are they here?" A deeper voice said, coming from behind Niall. The next second another boy appeared, this one with dark black hair and and piercing eyes. His eyes went to Peter, as he greeted him, then they fell on me. "Who's this?" He asked with a polite smile.

"My friend Lilas." Peter replied. I smiled.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Zayn." He said, his eyes sparkling as he gave me a smile.

Both Niall and Zayn were awfully cute. And the fact that they were famous made them that bit more attractive. I knew as much that they were in a boy band, though I'd never heard them. But knowing of them was a given when they were that popular with the sum of teenage girls in the UK. My little cousin was obsessed, I couldn't imagine her jealousy if she knew I was meeting them.

"Off we are then," Peter announced, "I'm starved."

And with that we walked toward Fourteenth, looking to have a bite to eat a few blocks away. We chatted a bit about how Peter had met the two, along with the other three boys in their band. I'd forgotten Peter worked at an arena, apparently their band had a performance there and Peter had been caught stealing liquor from the boys dressing room a few months ago.

"When we'd walked in he'd just looked up and smiled at us, said, 'Liquor? Anyone?'" Niall explained as we all laughed, "Knew he was a good chap straight away. We call him up anytime we're back home for a break, always knows the place to have a good time."

"Theres three more of you isn't there?" I asked as we got closer to the restaurant.

"Yes," Zayn said as Niall nodded, "Liam, Louis, and Harry. Liam and Louis are out with their girlfriends, Harry's meeting up with us later."

I nodded. We entered the restaurant and took a table in the back. We were in a part of town where no one would recognize the two celebrities with us since it was a much more laid back, good time oriented crowd around here but we took the precaution anyway. As we sat down we all ordered a drink to set off the night, knowing arriving at Fourteenth would be much more enjoyable if we were a little buzzed.

We chatted and drank as we waited for the food to come. Surprisingly the newcomers were ridiculously funny, and seemed nice enough. Niall was adorable, his Irish accent making everything he said that much more enjoyable. Peter seemed to thrive off their energy, being the mischievous gent we all knew too well. And Zayn added a type of calm to the crowd, his eyes always glinting. They were an easy lot to be around, as guys usually were in general. Much of my friends where guys I noticed, made life a whole lot stress free I can tell you.

Once we'd finished food and paid the bill, we were ready to head off to Fourteenth. We walked into the dark building, the sound of music pounding through the speakers loud enough that you had to talk a level higher than you normally would. Peter led us to a booth on the side of the large room and then left to get us some drinks. When he returned with a few beers and shots, the familiar joy coursed through my body as I thought of the fun of the night to come.

We each downed two shots and then chased them down with the beer. I smiled victoriously as I slammed my empty glass down on the table before any of the other boys. I felt the alcohol beginning to take effect, and smiled bigger.

"This one knows how to drink doesn't she?" Niall smiled at me.

I winked, "I'll give you a run for your money, Ireland."

He beamed, "Better bring on another round then!" He said before calling over the waiter.

We drank as we shared jokes and stories, laughter becoming impossible to fight as the drinks began to settle in even more. When I looked down at my watch we'd already been there for an hour, seeing as it was ten o' clock now. It was then my eyes flashed to the dance floor, and a smile spread across my face as I felt the sudden urge to dance.

"You!" I said, grabbing Niall's hand and putting my face close to his, "Dance with me." I smiled, dragging him away from the table before he could answer.

I pushed our way into the crowd dancing in the middle of the room, and pulled Niall in front of me. Dancing with him closely. Touching him was inevitable, there was enough people on the dance floor and I was already drunk enough. I liked Niall, he was funny and cute, enough so that I may just have to ask Peter if I could show him my bedroom. I laughed at the thought and Niall smiled bigger.

The adrenaline was rushing through me. I danced and danced and danced, Ireland there all along with me, twirling me around as our semi drunk figures clashed together. I couldn't stop laughing, I looked behind Niall and saw Peter and Zayn dancing with two girls and smiled. I was pushed up against Niall when I suddenly felt his phone vibrating in his pocket, he felt it too and pulled it out.

"Harry!" He yelled into the phone drunkenly. Then he froze, squinting his eyes, "Wha- What did you say? I can't hear you mate!" Niall yelled, plugging a finger in his other ear, "What was that?" Niall stood straighter and put his finger up in a 'one moment' gesture before he sent me a smile and walked away to try and hear the person on the phone.

I sighed, left alone on the dance floor. Deciding I needed another drink, I walked off in the opposite direction of Niall, my head down as I pushed my way through the crowd. After a bit of struggling I looked up and finally saw the bar, I took one step from the mob of dancing people before directly colliding into someones chest, making them drop their phone in the process.

Feeling bad I dropped down to pick their phone up for them, but they seemed to have the same idea and our heads bumps against each other, both of us letting out an 'ow' in pain. The stranger picked up his phone and we both straightened up.

"I'm terribly sorry!" I said, biting my lip as I lifted my head.

And there I met the prettiest pair of green eyes I've ever seen. I suddenly felt even drunker than I already was. The boy standing in front of me was tall, well dressed, and undoubtedly gorgeous. He flicked his curly brown hair out of his eyes before sending me a smile.

"Not a problem love." The boy said and I melted instantly.


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@dork_central I've got the next chapter in progress but things have just been so hectic lately :) I will try to get it out real soon! And I'm so glad you like the story :)
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are you going to update anytime soon because i really do love this story :)
@DianaGoesOneDirection I'm just gonna refer you to the bright red "R" rating that is displayed when searching for this story. Can't say I didn't warn you.
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