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Lots of One Direction short stories

Wrong Hotel Room- part 2

“I don’t really know what to say” Liam said looking to the others for support, “ok well you can tell your boyfriend that it wasn’t on purpose, we swear!” Louis offered quickly, boyfriend? What the fuck were they going on about? “I don’t have a boyfriend” I said simply. They all looked at each other in shock and slight relief, “seriously? How the hell have you not got a boyfriend?” Harry asked shocked, I shrugged, “just tell me what you were going to stay, I’m starting to think the worst”, I sighed. “Maybe you should think the worst” Zayn mumbled under his breath.

“Ok well don’t say anything until we have finished explaining” Liam said firmly but with a kind voice. “Ok, go ahead I won’t say a thing” I said as I made a zipping motion on my lips. “Earlier we were trying to find our hotel room, but we forgot what number it was, Liam thought he knew what number it was so we tried to open the door…the red light came on to say that the room card didn’t work but the door opened anyway, we didn’t really think that it might not have been our room,” Louis said, “ye so we went into the room and heard something…we were curious so went to see what was making the noise. The noise was coming from the bathroom, so like the idiots that we are we went to see what it was,” Zayn said. “It turned out that the noise was someone singing in the shower” Niall said, shit please tell me they are not going to say what I think they are about to say, “we quickly left but the room number was 341” Harry said trying to hide his smirk. “Wait that’s my room number” I said slightly dumbfounded, “are you trying to tell me that you saw me in the shower?” I asked already knowing the answer, “uh ye I guess we are” Liam said, “but we didn’t see anything we swear”, hmm like I believe that!

“Ah ok so if you didn’t see anything then how did you know it was me?” I asked sceptically, “you turned around as we were leaving” Louis said clearly trying not to look me in the eyes. I wasn’t mad that they had seen me having a shower, if anything it was slightly amusing, I decided to play with them and make them admit that they had actually had a good look, pervs! I thought trying to hide my laughter. “Oh ok, that’s ok then don’t worry about it” I said calmly, “really?” Niall asked surprised, “ye it’s not as if you all just stood there ogling me or anything is it?” I asked. They all just nodded and smiled. “But….if you acted like true gentlemen and left when you realised, then why did Niall know about my butterfly tattoo and the heart on my vagina?” I asked coolly, their mouths dropped open when they heard me say ‘vagina’. Harry punched Niall’s arm “nice one!” he said sarcastically.

Niall’s cheeks blushed, “it was only a quick glance, common I’m a guy, I’m not dead!” he said in defence, ye like that was a good defence story. It was kind of sweet how nervous they had all suddenly become, they were a mega famous boy band and they were nervous because of me. I approached Niall so I was standing mere inches away from his face, I wanted to make him nervous so he would let his guard down, I leant in and whispered into his ear “Niall, babe, tell me what bra size you think I am and I’ll do whatever you want”, Niall swallowed and breathed heavily for a split second before bursting out with “32D”, wow he was dead on, that is some skill! I slapped his arm “I knew it! You so totally just stood there staring!” I laughed, they relaxed when they realised that I wasn’t pissed off. “Well to make it up to me you can give me a lift back to the hotel, I lost my ride” I said smiling. “Ok cool, that we can do!” Louis said cheerfully.

On the ride back they kept checking that I wasn’t mad and going to contact the media. “No, I’m shocked I must admit, you could have just not said anything and I would have been none the wiser, but it’s not like you’re the first to see me naked” I laughed, they all laughed too, clearly feeling more comfortable in my company. “Seriously though how the hell haven’t you got a boyfriend? You’re fucking hot!” Harry smirked, “um thanks?” I think it’s more about personality rather than looks though! We arrived at the hotel and the guys walked me to my room, well and theirs too I suppose since it was next door. “I was thinking though that one thing was slightly unfair, all five of you have seen me naked and by the sounds of it stayed to have a good look, but I haven’t seen any of you naked. I wouldn’t want you to feel guilty about the whole thing, you know an eye for an eye and all” I said seriously. They all stared at each other and smiled, Harry grabbed my room key and opened my door, Louis pulled me in followed by Liam, Niall, Zayn and Harry. They pushed me onto the bed with a thump, suddenly they all started to strip, “don’t forget you asked for this” Harry smirked. Suddenly all five guys were standing butt naked in front of me, damn if I saw them in the shower I wouldn’t just stare I’d bloody well join them!

“Ok I think we are probably even now” I said nervously. “Oh I don’t know, I think we haven’t even got started yet!” Zayn smirked as he started to close the distance between us. “Ye I think we need a proper look at that cute little butterfly, and that pretty heart, while we are there we might as well continue our search…after all we may have missed something earlier” Liam said seductively, wow I though he was the sensible one of the group. The next thing I knew I was being pushed back onto the bed by a very naked Niall while Harry went to lock the hotel room door, “there is no hurry this time!” Louis giggled.
The next thing I knew I was being pushed back onto the bed by a very naked Niall while Harry went to lock the hotel room door, “there is no hurry this time!” Louis giggled.




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