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Lots of One Direction short stories

Sexting Harry Styles - part 2

Couple minutes later I got another text from Harry

Harry: Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn say “holy fuck!” :)

Me: oh great…. I didn’t think you would actually show them….. you’re such a good friend lol

Harry: I most definitely am!

Harry: but seriously how come you have so many toys?

Me: oh um, I actually have more than that lol, they are just a selection

Harry: not that I wouldn’t love to watch you use them, I’m sure your very sexy when you’re squirming around on your bed… but why don’t you have a boyfriend to do that for you?

Me: wow we are being very personal now

Harry: I think we passed the personal line when you sent me the first picture lol :)

Me: touché

Me: well I had a boyfriend a couple years ago but he was just too nice. He never did it for me I guess. So I had to find ways of doing it for myself, because I guess I was also too nice and didn’t want to hurt his feelings. When we broke up I had a lot of guys approach me but they seemed too nice and kept asking for my permission for everything, after a while I started to hold out for someone who was a bit more forward and told me what I wanted rather than ask politely, clearly that hasn’t worked out so well as since Rachael told you it has been 2 years.

Why was I telling Harry this?

Harry: well that guy was clearly an idiot if he didn’t know how to please you, he should have realised how you liked it from the start.

Me: thanks <3

Harry: so you like someone to take charge……….

Me: um I suppose so yeh, why?

Harry: touch yourself

Me: what???

Harry: do it, get yourself off!

Harry: while I listen

All of a sudden my phone started to ring, I looked at the caller ID, unknown. I answered.


Take off your underwear and start to rub your clit”


“Ye, who else would it be love?” Harry said in his husky voice that sent shivers down my spine

“Now do it, I want to hear”

I laughed nervously “I can’t, I don’t really know…..”

“I can give you what you want, don’t worry no one can hear us”

“Mmmm how do I know you’re not just saying that and you have me on speaker with all the guys listening in” I asked suspiciously

“Well I’m not one for sharing but… I can call them in if you want them to listen as well…”

“No, no I don’t” I quickly cut him off knowing full well he would have called the others into his room.

“As I said, take off your underwear and rub your clit” harry said in a steady voice

“Fine, but only because your kind of hot when your bossy” I sighed

“I’m hot all the time” he laughed

“Mmm maybe” I giggled

“I’m putting you on speaker, and I live on my own so no one will hear us either” I told harry

I stripped off my underwear like Harry had told me and lightly touched my clit, I was already wet. I started to rub small circles onto my clit; a small moan escaped my lips.

“Mmmm ye that’s it keep going, rub faster, I bet your already wet” harry breathed down the phone

“Yesss” is all I could reply as I built up a pace that had me slightly shaking

“Now use the flesh coloured dildo that you took a picture of and fuck yourself, imagine its me.”

I obliged, I took the dildo and lined it up to my entrance, I slipped it in easily as I was very wet and turned on. I started to pump the dildo in and out of me slowly to start with, I moaned as the dildo hit my g spot.

“Fuck, you sound so hot” Harry moaned

I built up speed and started to feel my walls contract; I tilted my head back and let out a long moan as my whole body shuddered with pleasure.

“Oh my god, that was so hot, I think I just come in my pants” harry groaned into the phone

After I came down from my most amazing orgasm ever I picked up the phone and turned it off speaker.

“I ….. can’t believe….. I just….. did that” I said slightly out of breath

“You were so sexy”

I laughed at Harry’s comment not really sure of what to say

“Hey Har.……whoa sorry mate didn’t realise you were busy, if it’s that girl from that picture tell her hi and I so totally would if I didn’t have a girlfriend….ow that hurt!”

It sounded like Harry had thrown something at the person who I could hear on the other end of the phone.

“Sorry that was Louis” Harry said sheepishly

“Oh and Harry, you better sort out your boner before you come out of your room!” I could hear Louis laugh as he was clearly leaving

“Sorry about that” Harry apologised

“It’s ok, I should probably go anyway, let you sort yourself out” I laughed

“Mmm well it will be hard to get you out of my head especially since I have a picture on my phone and your cute little sex moans saved into my brain”

“Ye well I’m sure you can try Styles” I giggled

We both hung up

Harry: by the way I gave your friend front row tickets and backstage passes for tomorrow night’s show, so I’ll see you there ;)

Me: how do you know that I will go?

Harry: I said she could only have them if she brought you :p

Me: well I suppose I’ll see you tomorrow then x

Harry: don’t think about me too much x

Me: I’ll try lol but I’m sure it will be you thinking about me when you look at the picture all night :) night Harry, see you tomorrow ;)

Harry: night babe, look forward to seeing you in person, I’m sure all the guys will be too since they saw that picture ;)

Shit I forgot about that…………..




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