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we stopped talking as the sun went down, i felt sleepy, then Liam walked in, "sophie, i have a problem," he said with a smirk playing on his lips, "then fix it," she snapped he grabbed her wrists, "you'll help me with that," he said, i then realised what he ment, he was saying that he had a boner and that he wants to fuck soph, "i can fix the problem!" i blurted trying to protect my friend, Mo then caught on, "NO!, i'll do it, im still a virgin" she lied. Liam then grabbed her none hurting arm and pulled her out of the room, "NO MO!!" i shouted as Liam locked the door, "NOO!!," i shouted, "its okay, and why did you stick up for me?" she asked, "because after you told me that you've already been raped, i didn't want it to happen again,

"you didn't have to do that, now you're sister's in the other room getting raped and beeten! you should have let me go jess!!" she shouted, "NO. i didn't want you hurt!, you're only 14!" i shouted, "not i'm 15 its been two weeks that i'v been 15!" she said, "i don't care you're too young!" i said, "you're only a year older then me!" she said "YES OLDER!!," i said , Niall walked into the room, "why?why mo? WHY DID YOU LET HER GO WITH LIAM?!?" he shouted. "NIALL CALM DOWN.. we need to get out of here, tonight," i said,

Liam walked into the room, "you can go see her now," he said and walked out i ran into her room, she was on the bed nude and bloody, "OH MY GOD!! MO,!!" i ran up to her, "mo?" i said softly, i handed her some p.j's that i found on the ground, "put this on," i said, Niall walked in after she had put on her p.j's "tonight," i said, "okay, we can try," Niall said, "try what?" Harry's raspy voice sounded threwout the room, "try on her clothes," Niall said winking at me "oh, uh, okay well have fun with that.." he said walking away.

i went into my room and packed a hole bunch of clothes that i found in the closet, into a bag that i found, i was getting ready for our great escape, i hope we can manage, i mean there's going to be four of us..
dear lord help us threw this, pleaassee!!


sorry really short :/


Please update it's so good X


Update when you can love. You are doing amazing with the story. Can't wait to know what happens in the story.

What the hell u just left it there go on

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