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i woke up and i saw that there was clothing at the end of my bed, "finaly, not a freaking dress," i muttered


cute, "beautiful." an irish accent said, i turned aroung and saw Niall, "HEY!!" i shouted and ran into a hug, he's the only nice one, well there louis, but he's erm.. no, nevermind, Nialls the only one i like, i pulled away from the hug, "is mo back too?" i asked, "yeah, she's still sleeping tho," he said, he looked tired, like REALLY tired.. "did you sleep last night?" i asked, "uh- well, maybe. i don't remember.." he trailed off, "Niall, c'ome on you need sleep," i said, "well i just couldn't, i was scared for Mo, i mean she was shot!" he said,

i lit up with an idea, he could help us escape! well if he wants too, i mean like YAY! "Niall-" i was cut off by a knock on the door, "jess, you up?" Harry's voice sounded threw out the silent room, Niall hid under the bed, "yes?" i asked after making sure Niall was hidden, Harry walked in, "what-cha doin'?" he asked, "i was getting dressed," i said, "i got you a friend," he said, then a red head was pushed into the room "YOU BASTARD!! I WANT TO GO HOME!!" she shouted "me too," i said loud enough for her to hear, she turned her head, then the guy with the buzcut walked into the room, they were dressed the same,


"there's not only me?" she asked, "no, i'v been here for almost 2 weeks now, and louis shot my sister," i said, "wait, why are you dressed like him" i pointed at buzzy, "that's Liam, and i don't know.. i woke up and there was clothing on my bed so i put them on," she said, "same.." i said, the guys left, Niall cam out from under the bed, "HOLY SHIT HOW? WHAT? WERE? WHEN? WHY?!?" she shouted after he stood up, i coverd her mouth, "help us escape," i whisperd. Niall's eyes widdend.

"i-you-wh n- ju- uhhh- wel- yeah, ill help you," he said, i smiled so did the red head we hugged him at the same time, "but im only doing it if mo is there with you," he said, "WHY THE HELLWOULD I LEAVEE HER? ARE YOU UNSANE?" i shouted, "okay okay calm down," he said, "im going to tell mo," he said and left, Louis walked in with bags, he set them on the bed and left without a word, "uhh?" the red head started i went to look in the bags, there were girl stuff, like makup,hair curler, straightener, and a crimper, there was hair spray stuff like that, "oh cool," i said, "im shopie, sophie savage," she said, smiling while looking in one of the other bags, Mo walked in wearing


"did you get bags too?" i asked, "yeah, Louis just walked in set the bags down and left.." Mo, said laughing, "this is sophie," i said pointing at sophie, "HI!, im Monica!" Mo siad hugging Sophie i smiled, "hi Monica," sophie said, we sat on the bed getting to know sophie, she was nice, she told us that she was walking home from a sleep-over-gone-wrong and she bubed into HarrY, he then put a cloth to her face, like Liam did to me, and she woke up in the house basment, WAIT! there's a basment? Good to know...


hey guys!!
next chapter might not be as boring :P


Please update it's so good X


Update when you can love. You are doing amazing with the story. Can't wait to know what happens in the story.

What the hell u just left it there go on

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