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"NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO NOOOOOOOOO!!" i screached, Harry was now picking me up he roughly shoved me into the car, "NO!, I DON'T WANT TO GO OUT IN PUBLIC WITH YOU!!" i shouted, he smiled, "too bad, babe.." he said closing the door, i crawled to the car door, trying to open it, but it wouldn't i has to be opened by the outside, "damn you Harry.." i said under my breath, he got in and told me to buckle up, "no," i spat out, "yes, i don't want you to get hurt!" he exclaimed, "I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!!!"i shouted, "clam down, look if you don't put you're seat-belt on.." i cut him off, "you'll get louis to kill my sister? because i didnt want to put a seat-belt on? MURDERER!!!" i said

"no, i wont get louis to kill you're sister ill just punish you," he said, "With what?" i questioned, he smirked, "with my-" i cut him off again, "OKAY, OKAY, its on its on!!" i shouted putting my seat-belt on, his smirk faded "fine then.." he said dryly, he started driving, after about an hour of driving threw the woods, we got into london, we approached the london eye, "wh-why are we here?" i asked, "for our date," he said getting out of the car,

he opened my door, he undid my seat-belt, and he took my hand, "c'mon, we'll be late," he said, dragging me to the guy sitting in the booth, "Harry-" Harry started talking but i was lost in the stars, "jess?" Harry said pulling me out of my gaze, "hmm?" i said turning my head to look into green eyes, "lets go," he said pulling me into one of the Capsules, "why are we the only one's here?" i asked, he ignored me and pulled me fully into the capsule, there were blankets, and pillows even a bench. "i rented the hole eye," he said "oh," i said,

i layed down on the ground, looking up at the stars we were still at the bottom, until it started moving, i clutched the blankets under me, Harry layed down next to me, the moving stopped i got up and looked out the window we were at the top, the view was amazing, arms snaked around my waits, "you like the view?" he asked, "i do. london it beautiful.." i said, "not as beautiful as you," i blushed, then giggled, "what?" he asked, that just made me laugh harder, "th-thats a good one," i said, "i wasn't joking jess, you're beautiful, its unsane," he said, i blushed even more, "thank you, harry.." i said,

it's been 3 hours that me and Harry have been in here, mostly looking at the stars not a-lot of talking but we talked, "Harry how long is he going to keep us in here?" i asked, "well i told him that after we made love, that we would sleep in here," he said, i shoot up off the ground, "WAHT?" i shouted, "calm down im kidding, i just need to singnal him, he siad, "i wanna leave," i said, it was true i wanted to leave but i wanted to stay and just watch the stars fade into sunlight but i was tired, Harry pulled out a flashlight and singaled the dude, soon enough we were moving down, can we go see my sister?" i asked, after we had gotten into the car, "tomorrow," he said, "but i wanna go now, i wanna see if she's okay," i said, "fine, not long though you need sleep,"

we got to the hospital room my sister was in she was sitting there looking bored talking to that Niall dude, i ran up to her and hugged her, "GET OFF ME YOU PSYCHO BITCH!!" she shouted, "its jessy," i said in her ear, she hugged me instantly, "i missed you," she said, "i thought you were gone, for good," i said an unwanted tear slids down my cheek both of the boys left the room, we talked and talked and talked, we layed in the hospital bed, talking, untill we both fell asleep,


this is a longggg chapter so i hope you like it :]
love ya'll!!


Please update it's so good X


Update when you can love. You are doing amazing with the story. Can't wait to know what happens in the story.

What the hell u just left it there go on

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