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"wait so you're 16?" louis asked, "i am.." said, we all looked at the door when the boards my sister was trying to break broke, "oi, Haz, you shouldn't put boards on the door," a blond boy said, "wait... Niall?" mo asked the blonde smiled "mo?" i questioned, she looked at me, "yes i know him," she said, "Monica?" Niall asked,

how? how in the bloddy hell? who is he? oh my god, "the curls gets the girls..." i thought out loud, then i herd chuckling, "what?" i asked, "yes, the curls gets the girls," louis said, "di-did i say that out loud?" i asked, "yes," Mo said, "oh," i said looking down, "wait, Monica? why is Monica here? Lou, di- no, you didn't," Niall said, "what? i thought she was her." he pointed at me, "okay well you can let her go now," Niall said,

"no. i think i might keep her i little longer," louis said, "you don't own me!" mo shouted, "yeah lou, you don't own her," Niall said, Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room i wokeup in, "i should probaly tell you the rules," he said "rules?" i questioned, "yes, rules," he said i herd a gunshot, my head shot to the door, "mo?" i asked, "MO?" i shouted, i looked at Harry, he got up and ran to the door, i went to follow him outside but he locked me in the room, "HARRY!!, LET ME OUT PLEAASEE!! IS MY SISTER OKAY?!?" the door clicked, he looked like he was sorry, "i-is she okay?" i asked, he looked down, then he moved, my eyes followed his movment untill he was moved so i could see the open space in frount of me, i saw my sister on the floor,

i looked at Harry pleadingly, "no," i said i looked back at my sister, i ran to her, i kneed down next to her, "no. please, no," i said, "mo?" i aksed, Louis had the gun out he was frozen, "ARE YOU HAPPY NIALL?!?" louis finaly shouted, Niall was looking down at me, "i-i, no, louis, im not.. y-you just killed her, YOU JUST MURDURED SOMEONE!!" Niall shouted,

"please, guy's im not dead, you shot me in the shoulder," Mo said in a low and quiet voice, "please stay with me, don't leave me, i need you," i said, "im not planning to," she said her voice told a diffrent story then her eyes, i read her like a book, i'm sorry, is what i read, she was bleeding too much "HELP HER!!" i shouted, Niall was looking at me he took his shirt off and he put it on her shoulder to try and stop the bleeding, "please, dont leave me mo,"


okay if you guy's don't understand, Mo, is Monica, its a nickname
and yes Jess is also a nickname for Jessica, they call her jessy two,


Please update it's so good X


Update when you can love. You are doing amazing with the story. Can't wait to know what happens in the story.

What the hell u just left it there go on

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