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"jeeessss... c'mere," Harry called from another room.

"why so you can take my virginaty too?" i asked,

"you're a virgin?" he asked after a walked in

"Fuck no. Niall stole that last year," i smiled,

"you have an hour alone with him, go," he said leaving the room.

i saw Niall sitting on the bed, i rush over to him, i kneel down infrount of him, i cup his cheek with one of my hands, and i lift his face, black eye,

"babe what did they do? oh god are you okay?!" i blabberd,

"i'm fine, they told me i had to stop seeing you.. i dont want to i love you." he said taking my hand off of his face and holding he started playing with the promise ring he gave me,

"keep it on, i don't want to lose you," he said a tear left his eye and rolled down his cheek i whiped it away,

"i was never going to take it off, Niall we. will. get. out. of. here." i said, he looked at me,

"i hope, not for my sake, but for your's and Sophie's, i don't want them to hurt you.. thats why i.. i joined the band again.." he sighed,

"did they threaten you? are they black mailing you?!" i asked, getting mad,

"what do you think? i willingly joined again?!?" i asked,

"Sorry that was a stupid question," i said looking down

he lifted my head

"i. love. you. and i won't EVER, do anything to hurt you i promise," he said and he kissed me,

"i. Love. you. more." i smiled,

"impossible," he said,

"everything is possible," i said smiling

"i love you princess" he kissed the top of my head i sat on the bed next to him, i guess we just sat there and talked for an hour cause Harry walked in

"Niall out." Harry said,

i kissed Niall and he left, as he left he made sure to bump into Harry, it made me smile,

"happy to see me?" Harry said cheekly,

"as if.." i said looking away,

"c'mon babe i know you want me!" he exclaimed,

"Never in this lifetime." i said still looking away that was untill he got close and turned my head to look at him,

"y'know how i know?" he asked,

"i don't but i'll give it a shot. how.?.." i asked,

he fingers followed the chain around my neck and when he found the paper airplane he smirked,

"this." he said simply,

"uhh. no. sorry to say but i only wear it to remind myself of the hell you put me threw, you're dick friend killed my sister, and i will never EVER forgive you for that!" i spat out,

"than why be with Niall?"

"because he never hurt me, he never did anything to make me not trust him, and once out of here i will be with him, no scrach that i am with him!" i shout the last part,

"no, you're not. you're with me" Harry said,

he looked down at my ring on it it said princess, i guess he caught on, he grabbed my hand and pulled the ring off he slid it into his pocket and left,

"GIVE IT BACK!" i shouted,


shitty chapter i know just don't kill me
so uh yeah tell me what you think!!


Please update it's so good X


Update when you can love. You are doing amazing with the story. Can't wait to know what happens in the story.

What the hell u just left it there go on

Esmiestyles Esmiestyles