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"Jess, wake up" i herd my sisters soft voice sound threw my head, i opened my eyes, "lets take a walk," she said, she was holding her cheek in the hand, "d-did he hit you?" i quetioned, "l-lets just got please?" she asked, i got up i got dressed and walked into the living room to wait for Monica, my dad was sitting on the couch holding a rum bottle, "h-hey baby, y-you wanna sit beside da-DAADDDDYYY?" my dad asked, i shook my head a no, he fround and got up off the couch, "l-look bitch, i give you clothes, money, f-food, a bed, and you don't want to sit n-next to me?" he asked, "no," i said simply, Monica walked out from the bathroom, "DAD!" she shouted angerly, "leave her alone," she added,

we walked past the star bucks, and the park and a strip mall, we were now in a nabourhood that seemed rich, the houses where HUGE!!, "sis, i think we're lost," i muttered out, "yeah, me two," she said, we turned down a street "its better then going home," i said under my breath, "yeah tell me about it," she said, i looked at her, "well then lets just not go home," i said, "e can't just not go home, babe you know that," she said, i stopped walking, "we can SO!, we can both get jobs, have money, buy a flat, come on, you know VERY well that if we go home dad will beat us," i said, she turned to me, "NO!, i will not let him hurt you," she said putting her hand on my cheek, he eye's dartted to something behind me, i went to turn to see what but she stopped me,

"i want you to run, run as fast as you can, try and get home, call someone on you're cell do ANYTHING, just go and DON'T look back" she said her eye's still looking at something behind me, "w-why?" i was confused, "GO!" she whisper yelled and she started pushing me away "what? no not without you!!" i said, "YES WITHOUT ME! GO!!" he shouted, i turned and hugged her, and ran off, i turned around after i got to a cornor, i saw a guy pushing my sister into an orange van "MONICA!!" i shouted, they were kidnapping my big sister the only person i care about in my life right now, she turned her head and saw me, the guy that was pushing mer into the car had blonde hair, "no," she mouthed to me "run" she mouthed after, "m-monica," i said quietly, the guy that pushed her into the car look over at me we made eye contact, "oh shit," i said i turned around and ran,

i felt a tear stream down my face i stopped running after a thought that i lost them, i just saw my sister getting kidnapped, she protected me, i'm not letting this happen, but i already did, there's nothing i can do about it, then a hand touched my shoulder, i turned around to find my nose touching a chin, i backed up, he had a buz cut, he looked like a guy from on T.V but i don't remember his name, "sorry love," he said and put a cloth to my mouth i tried and push his arm away and i did, "what are you doing?" i questioned, he looked at my he put his hand on the back of my head and held me in position he put the cloth to my face once more, the last thing i herd was my sisters voice yelling no,


hey guy's this is one of my first fan ficts, so PLEASE no hate? ;) k THANKS<33


Please update it's so good X


Update when you can love. You are doing amazing with the story. Can't wait to know what happens in the story.

What the hell u just left it there go on

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