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One Direction at Camp

chapter 23

I was laying by the lake listening to music; it was a really hot day so I thought I’d strip down to my bikini to top up my tan. The guys were in the lake messing around as usual; I pulled my sunglasses on and closed my eyes as I relaxed listening to my music.

Suddenly I felt a warm wet body straddle my waist, “hey Harry” I said without even opening my eyes, “how did you know it was me?” he asked, I laughed, “seriously? How many guys would straddle me while I’m sunbathing? Plus your all wet” I said as I lifted my sunglasses off. He looked really sexy, his hair was slightly wet and his toned body dripped with water droplets. “This is true, you could be wet too if you wanted though” he said in a teasing voice, I laughed “well as tempting as that sounds….”I was cut off by Harry’s mouth on my neck making a soft sucking motion, “….Harry….not here….”I lightly moaned, “why its only us and the guys?” he asked as he continued to put love bites onto my neck, “exactly, the guys!” I said louder, Harry just laughed “seriously? They’re not stupid they know we’re together” he said as he lifted his head to look me in the eyes, “really?” I asked, I suppose we didn’t really hide the fact that we liked each other, especially since Harry asked me to be his girlfriend we have practically been joined at the hip. “Well they may know that we’re together but I’m still not going to let you practically dry hump me here!” I laughed as I pushed Harry off of me. He gave me a devilish look, “care to take this elsewhere?” he said as he ran a finger lazily over the length of my body. I shivered under his touch; he pulled me up and dragged me off to the cabin. I expected him to pretty much attack me as soon as the door was closed, but instead he kicked his shoes off and took one of his socks and hung it on the door knob outside, “that’s normal” I laughed, “what? The cabins don’t have locks, the guys could walk in otherwise” he said as he pulled me into a kiss. I suppose that made sense.

Harry’s kiss was passionate but desperate, his hands tangled in my hair as he deepened the kiss. Harry backed me towards the bed, I fell backwards onto the bed, I giggled as Harry landed on top of me. Harry kissed a line down my body, his hands caressed my skin following the path his mouth made, he came up and kissed me again as his hands wandered to my breasts, he lightly massaged me through my bikini top, his thumbs grazed my hardening nipples through the fabric, I tried to stifle a small moan. Harry smirked before he dipped his head to gently bite me through my top, he unclasped my bikini top and flung it to the floor. “Beautiful!” he said as he took in the view of my bare chest, he bent and took my nipple into his mouth, he watched my face as he started to suck and bite my nipple, I arched off the bed slightly, “Harry…..” I moaned. He let one hand sneak into my bikini bottoms, he pressed against my clit, “god…Harry!” I shifted on the bed underneath him. I could feel him smile against my skin; he slowly pulled down my panties whilst still playing particular attention to my nipples with his mouth. He trailed a finger up and down the length of my core, he paused to rub and apply pressure to my clit, “you’re so responsive Lilly” he said as I arched my back in pleasure. He slowly pushed a finger into me, “hmm told you that you could be wet as well” he joked, “you’re so stupid” I laughed, he laughed too as he plunged two fingers into me, he curved his fingers to hit my g-spot as he pumped his fingers in and out of me, “not so stupid now” he smirked as I moaned loudly, god I hope now one can hear us. What am I kidding I don’t give a damn.

Harry kissed me as he thrust his fingers at a fast pace, I was already quivering on the bed, I could feel my stomach tighten as my orgasm approached, “oh my god….I’m going to cum!” I half screamed half moaned, “let go babe” Harry said, just his vice along pushed me over the edge. My toes curled and my back arched as I orgasmed, Harry held me as I started to come back down to earth, Harry kissed my neck, “that was a little one, get ready for more” he said, I don’t think I have orgasmed like that before, and he reckons there will be more…well kill me now and send me to heaven. Harry stood and stripped off his still slightly damp swimming shorts, his erection was large and impressive; he was a true specimen of sex appeal. Harry pushed me further up onto the bed, he sat between my legs, he lent forward and kissed me with not only lust but something else….love? as he kissed me I felt him position himself at my entrance, he stopped kissing me and looked me in the eyes, “I want to make love to you…are you sure this is what you want?” he asked, he wanted to make love to me, not just fuck me, wow it was official I was in love with Harry Styles, “yes, oh my god yes!” I said, he pulled me into a kiss as he slowly pushed himself into me, he was large but he gave me time to adjust, it had been a while after all. Once he had filled me completely he started to roll his hips, normally guys just full out thrust, Harry was contempt on pleasing me, every roll of his hips caused his member to rub my g-spot, only when I was panting and trying to move my hips to try and get him to move did he start to thrust, he started slow and quickly built up to a rhythm and speed that had us both speechless, the only sounds that filled the cabin were the sounds of muffled moans and the occasional squeak of the bed.

“Harry….I can’t….” I managed to breath out, “I know babe I can feel it, I’m there as well, let go!” he said as he rolled his hips as he continued to thrust, my biggest orgasm ever washed over me, my back arched, my toes curled, I dug my fingers into Harry’s back and my eyes glazed over slightly. Harry shuddered as he emptied his load into me, we were caught up in the moment so didn’t think about a condom, I’m on the pill though so I didn’t care; it only made what me and Harry shared more intimate. Harry fell down next to me, he pulled the covers over us and pulled me closer to him, “I love you Lilly” he suddenly said, “I love you too Harry” I said as I pulled him into a kiss, “I don’t want to let you go Lilly” he said suddenly sounding sad, I smiled up at him, “then don’t” I didn’t really know what I meant by that but it made Harry smile. Harry held me tight as we lay in bed for about an hour before deciding that we really needed to get back to the guys, it was the middle of the day after all.

As Harry and I walked back to the lake I noticed his back, “fuck!” I said as I lightly touched his back, “what? What’s wrong?” he asked sounding worried, “I’m so sorry Harry, I didn’t realise, you have red scratch marks on your back, I hurt you!” he laughed and pulled me into a reassuring hug, “babe if you gave it to me then I don’t care! I love you so much I’d chop off my right arm for you” he joked, “I love you too, but I’d rather you not cut your arm off, your fans would kill me if I you did that…..actually your fans would kill me if they saw your back…..don’t take your shirt off for a while!” I laughed. We joined the guys, “holy fuck Harry! Lilly you must be rough!” Zayn burst out laughing, “ye ye, bring on the jokes” Harry said as he kissed me in front of everyone.



Check out my new story, I have put together lots of short stories that I have uploaded to different sites :) go check it out xxx

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I don't know I want to, I can try if people don't mind me not updating very often because as of next week I will be very busy. xxx

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Are you going to continue this story with what happens on the tour? Cause you really should

Please update

awww yayy! theyre so cute!

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