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One Direction at Camp

chapter 20

All the teams finally were back, some of them looked worse than what we did. “Well done babe” Zack a 3rd year camper said as he hugged me lightly, “thanks Zack, love the pink leggings” I laughed, he clearly was made to change clothes with Claire, also a 3rd year camper, who was now sporting some very baggy jeans and a large jumper than drowned her petite frame. “Lilly, guys…well done! Shame I was looking forward to winning and icing you and the head councillors, still well done babe, I’ll just have to get you back for the hair dye thing another time!” Rachael, a councillor who I pranked a while back, said. “Well Rachael you may not get to do it but it is still part of the prize for the winners…” Lisa said as she put down two buckets of iced water, “……you guys can still ice Lilly and the other head councillors” Lisa to Niall, Liam, Harry, Zayn and Louis. “That’s not fair I won, I think I should be taken out of the group being iced!” I said quiet loudly; suddenly the whole camp broke into chants of “Ice Lilly, Ice Lilly, Ice Lilly!!” Lisa looked at me and laughed, “everyone has spoken” I sighed, “fine, but I’m not going easy on any of you when you’re next in a session with me!” I said addressing everyone. I sat down on the floor next to Lisa and two other head councillors; we braised ourselves for the ice water. Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall grabbed a bucketout of the pile and held them over our heads “3…2…..1” Harry counted down “now!!!” they all chucked the freezing ice water over us, I have never felt anything so cold in my life before. Suddenly the rest of the campers grabbed some of the remaining buckets and threw them over us, we all jumped up. I grabbed a bucket and threw in in the general direction of Niall and Harry, to my surprise I managed to hit Niall, Harry and Liam with the water, they all gasped in shock, “cold isn’t it!” I laughed, suddenly a full out water fight broke out between everyone, I ran away from Niall, Harry and Liam as they chased me, clearly wanting to get their revenge.

I ran and managed to get to the lake before I was grabbed by Liam and flung over his shoulder, Niall grabbed my legs while Liam pulled me off of his shoulder to hold my arms, I was dangling in-between Liam and Niall as they headed toward the lake, I could tell what they were going to do, “don’t do it! Harry stop them, don’t let them throw me in!” I said frantically, “after three…..1…..2” Liam counted back, “DON’T!!!!!” I said as they shouted “3!” and threw me into the lake, I hit the water with a massive splash, Harry then pushed Liam in, Niall pushed Harry in but Harry caught Niall’s arm and pulled him in too. We quickly started splashing each other and messing around, “ok, ok, I give in!” I shouted coughing on some of the water I had swallowed. The guys just laughed as Harry grabbed me by the waist and dunked my head under the water, “now we’re done!” he laughed. “I’m going to get my own back, watch out!” Liam and Niall laughed as they left the lake and headed back to the cabin to dry off, “I look forward to it babe” Harry said as he pulled me closer to him, “I had a great time tonight” he said as he stared closely at my lips, “me too, I haven’t had that much fun in ages, plus we all get whatever alcohol we want as well!” I giggled, “you’re a really amazing person, you know that?” Harry said as he removed a strand of wet tangled hair off of my face, “thanks, so are you” I said just before our lips met for the second time that night, he lifted me up as he kissed me, I instantly hooked my legs around his waist wanting to get closer to him. Our kiss was passionate but sweet, the setting of being chest deep in the river while the moonlight was directly overhead only added to the scene. Harry pulled away from me slightly “I think I’m falling for you Lilly” he said as he rested his forehead against mine, I smiled, “me too” I said as I kissed him again. “We need to get back though Harry, it’s really late” I said as I dropped my legs from around his waist, we walked back to our cabin hand in hand. We both stripped off and quickly got dry and put on clean warm dry clothes, the guys were all clean and dry now and were getting into bed, “that was a great night Lilly! I don’t think we have had that much fun in ages!” Louis said, “ye me either, it was great, night guys!” I said as I jumped into bed. As usual Harry joined me, he didn’t really need to since Jakes’ bed was free, I guess that means that he wants to sleep with me. He pulled me close to his warm body as usual and wrapped his arm around my waist, “night love” he said as he kissed me on my temple, “night babe” I said, shit that slipped out, I don’t call people babe unless they are my boyfriend, “I like it when you call me babe” Harry whispered as he cuddled me tighter and drifted off to sleep. Oh my god, I’m falling in love with Harry!


So Lilly is falling in Love with Harry and by the sounds of it Harry feels the same way about Lilly.

What will happen next between them though?

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Check out my new story, I have put together lots of short stories that I have uploaded to different sites :) go check it out xxx

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I don't know I want to, I can try if people don't mind me not updating very often because as of next week I will be very busy. xxx

babe262 babe262

Are you going to continue this story with what happens on the tour? Cause you really should

Please update

awww yayy! theyre so cute!

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