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Our Adventure


Riley is just you noraml average teen with a dream. She win a holdiday with her fave member of One Direction. Their frist imprssions weren't very good. What will happen? Will love grow or hate between the two?


Jaimie Thrilwall

Jaimie Thrilwall

Ello Love, I'm Jade Thirlwall's little sister Jaimie. I'm bubbly and crazy when you get to know me. I love singing, dancing, playing sport and playing the piano. I live with my two best friends - Riley Jay and Jinxx Edwards. Little Mix come and stay with us when they are on break or in the country. Zayn Jawaad Malik is my fave 1D boy and I would love to meet him. On Twitter, people have bullied him about his religion and they said that he's ugly but it's not true. He's proud of his religion and he is hot. I love playing soccer, netball and basketball with my friends. Well I'm off loveliez, catch ya <3 xx

Jinxx Edwards

Jinxx Edwards

Hey there I'm Jinxx Edwards and yes, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards little sister. Anyways I live in Australia with my two best friends Riley Jay and Jade Thirlwall's little sister Jaimie Thirlwall. We've been best friends since the start of Primary School, my sister loves her boyfriend Zayn and she says that him and the boys are really funny and sweet. Niall James Horan is my fave 1D boy and I would love to meet him. I love my family, they are the best thing that I have and I wouldn't change them for the world. My hobbies are singing, dancing, socialising, eating and playing sport. Well I better go so I'll see ya laterz <3 Edit

Riley Jay

Riley Jay

What up people, Im Riley Jay. I live in Australia and I have swag. Hahaha jks :P. Anyways, I love to joke around, I love to sing, dance and play sport. My two best friends are Jinxx Edwards and Jaimie Thirlwall. Yes, I know what your thing – Are they Jade Thirlwall and Perrie Edwards’s sisters? Well to answer that, yes they are. Perrie and Jade are like the older sisters I never had and I'm grateful for that. Liam James Payne is my favorite 1D boy, he's so innocent and people have told him on twitter that he is boring. Im a fast runner, I was always champion girl in athletic carnivals at school and at Interschool. I love to play soccer, netball and basketball, I always play them with Jinxx, Jaimie and Little Mix when they're on break. Well laterz, chatz to ya laterz <3

Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams

Hi guys, I’m Riley Jay’s ex-boyfriend. When she broke up with me, she told me that I had cheated on her with the school slut. She thinks that I went an hooked up with Amber but, she tried kissing me. Anyway, Riley saw and assumed that I stated the “kiss” and dumped me. She was my first love and my everything. I’m determined to get her back, not matter what it takes.



@Mrs. Payne

sorry i've been busy ... i'll update as soon as i can :))
SneakyChick97 SneakyChick97
Update please it's really good!!
Mrs. Payne Mrs. Payne