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Fall In Love One More Time


Misty hates Harry. Harry just wants another shot to prove his love for her.
Louis is best friends with both Harry and Misty and loves them both very much.
Brooke hates Harry more than anyone, because he hurt her best friend.
Niall loves Misty's high school best friend Brooke. Brooke also loves Niall but is too scared to say something.

Will they be able to get through the things life throw at them? Will Harry and Misty be able to fall again?
Author's Note:
This story is mostly about Harry and Misty's relationship, but is also about Niall and Brooke's.


Brooke Nicole Wesenberg (Brookie)

Brooke Nicole Wesenberg (Brookie)

Mistys' best friend. Loves Niall to the Moon and Back. Hates Harry for breaking her best friend.

Dani, El, and Perrie

Dani, El, and Perrie

I think we know who these girls are. (: haha



Rude girl. Hates Misty and Brooke. They used to be friends, once upon a time, then she got hooked on herion and stuff. Likes Harry, tries to use him. Yeah, you get it right? Haha. Not a good person.

Misty Dawn Bethke (Bubbles)

Misty Dawn Bethke (Bubbles)

Brookes' Best Friend. Harry's Ex. Hates Harry for what he did to her, but deep down still deeply loves him.

Monica Arvizo

Monica Arvizo

Comes in Chapter 18. Misty and Brooke's best friend from back in Texas. Nice girl, but don't make her mad. haha

One Direction

One Direction

The Crazy, Silly, Stupid, Weird, Sexy Boys we can't help but love.


  1. Memories Flooding Back

    P.O.V. will always be Misty's unless put in otherwise. Most of this chapter is a flashback to get you caught up on what happened in their past.

  2. Hard Mornings & Arguement Filled Parties

    Different Point of Views throughout this chapter.

  3. The Talk

    Different Point of Views in this chapter too(:

  4. Why Do Bad Things Happen to the Best People?

    There is a lot of Niall in this one.

  5. Second Chances

    This one has Louis's Point of View in it. I thought you should see things from his side too.

  6. One Big, Crazy, at times Stupid, Dysfunctional Family

    New Point of Views in this chapter. A/N: Oh and btw I updated from my phone so sorry of its difficult to read.

  7. Great Mornings & First Times


  8. Surprise Date

    Just Misty's Point of View.

  9. The Perfect 1st 'ILoveYou,TakeMeBack' Date

    This chapter is all about Misty and Harry.

  10. Maranda...


  11. I'm Gonna Miss That

    About Niall, Harry, Brooke, Misty.

  12. Airport Blues

    Brooke and Misty's Point of View.

  13. Crash

    In Brooke's, Misty's, Harry's and Niall's P.O.V

  14. It Just Can't End Like This

    Brooke, Misty, Harry, and Niall's Point of View.

  15. Maybe It Hasn't Ended...

    Just 2 Point of View's in this chapter.

  16. Welcome Home Misty!


  17. This I Promise You... <3

    Extra Cuteness.

  18. Moving in, Moving out, and Moving on.

    Longerrrr thannn usuallll Chapterrrr. :)

  19. It's Gonna be a Long Night


  20. When It Happened

    Oh No... lolol

  21. Things Will Never Be the Same

    This entire chapter will be in Misty's Point of View

  22. Heaven, Angels, Prayer, and The In Between.

  23. Sequel!!!!


I'm not, I'm writing the first chapter of the sequel now. Be excited (: and thank you so much! That means a lot!(:

Misty Styles Misty Styles

One of the best stories I've read (: don't delete it (:

OhSnapItsShay OhSnapItsShay

Oh. Well then I might keep it. :) I'll let everyone know when I decide.
Misty Styles Misty Styles
This is one of the best stories I have read!!!! It's sad to see that you want to delete it
erincaldwell22 erincaldwell22