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Traces of Your Touch (An AU Fanfiction)

Chapter 3

"Aria! Are you okay, honey? "

Aria was awoken by her mother's voice as she knocked on her door. She did not blame her mother for being so worried. Aria had returned earlier from school by walking home. It was Friday so her mother was supposed to pick her up today. But after the humiliation in front of the entire school, Aria didn't possess the strength to stay back to face further embarrassment.

So she had walked home, crying the entire way, blasting Not Afraid by Eminem on her iPod. The iPod which her brother had saved up for, only to gift her on her last birthday. She missed him so much. She wished he was here. They'd be listening to Eminem together and just talking about how life sucked.

"Honey? Aria?"

"Yes, mom. I'm okay. Just dozed off. Give me a minute. I'm opening the door."

Aria got off her bed slowly, her head pounding from crying so much. She undid the bolt to her door and opened it to find her mother and her two best friends standing in the doorway.

"Honey! What happened?"

"Ari, you okay?"

"You look awful!"

They all spoke simultaneously as Aria stood there, too sleepy to care whether she looked presentable or not. She waved a dismissive hand to tell them everything was fine.

"But honey? Were you crying? Is it that Leroy boy again? Did he try to pull on your skirt again?"

Beatrice Morgan went on as her facial expression changed from concern to confusion and finally to anger.

"What the-What? Mom! No! That was a long time ago! Please! Stop! Just please! Could you make us some muffins? Now?" Aria flushed at her mother's slip of tongue about such an embarrassing situation in front of her best friends. Her mother took the hint and smiled guiltily before walking out of Aria's room.

"Ha-ha. I can't believe your mom still remembers that! I had completely forgotten." Carol started laughing hysterically, holding onto her stomach.

"Forgotten what? Who's Leroy? And what skirt?" Liana questioned, completely clueless as to what they were talking about. Liana had transferred here when they were in secondary school and didn't know a lot of things that Carol did, as the latter was here since the beginning.

"Nothing! It's nothing! Do you guys wanna hear what happened or not?"

To this both Liana and Carol's faces became serious, and Aria told them everything that had happened. However, she skipped the part where Harry was staring at her cleavage. Because she wasn't even sure whether he actually was. Maybe he was just staring at some dirt or grass that had stuck against her shirt when she fell. Yeah. That sounded right. But it didn’t feel very right. Aria let the disappointment sink in.

"That stupid bitch!" Carol cussed. "Just you wait, Ari! I'll make that piece of asswipe wish she was never born!"

"Calm down, Carol! There's no point in being aggressive." Liana, the responsible and wise one of the group spoke.

"So are you saying that we do nothing? After all the times she tried bullying Ari?" Carol asked, outraged by how calm Liana was.

"No! That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that we hit back at Amy subtly. We'll just end up making a fool out of ourselves if we do something in a hurry."

"So what do you suggest, Li?" Aria spoke up, wondering what was going through her friend's sharp mind.

"Well! We are going to the party today. So-"

"Wait! What party?" Aria interrupted, frowning in confusion.

"Oh right!" Carol spoke up. "I've been calling you forever but some guy keeps picking up! I was trying to let you know about Macy's pool party!"

"Hold up! You mean Macy Macy? Your filthy, rich cousin Macy?" Aria asked, surprised that Macy would even invite them considering she was a senior.

"Well yes!" Carol smiled triumphantly. "I've managed to convince Macy to let us go to the party! After all if the populars can go then why can't we?"

"Wow! But what does the party have anything to do with taking revenge on Am-"

But before Aria could finish, her mother walked into her room holding out her cell phone.

"Honey! It's for you! It's a boy. He says you dropped your phone while leaving in a hurry? He called to ask where he should return it."

Aria frowned and then remembered that she had probably dropped it when she tripped. She took the phone from her mom and spoke.

"Umm- Hello?"

"Ally?" A voice with a deep timbre spoke. Aria froze. She recognized that voice. She recognized that accent. Her entire body tensed.

"Umm- You there? Ally?"

"Uh- y-yeah! I'm h-here!"

"Right! So you dropped your phone today in the field. I figured you'd be worried so I called your mum from your phone. I hope that's alright?"

"Uh- Y-Yeah! That's f-fine!"

"Sooo. Where do you wanna pick it up from?"

"Uh- P-pick up my ph-phone? Uh-" Aria's mind went blank and she looked at Carol and Liana as though they'd know the answer.

"Wait. Who has your phone? Pick up from where?" Carol mouthed to Aria.

"Um- Could you h-hold on H-Harry?"

"Uh- Sure."

To this both Carol and Liana's eyes bulged out and they almost squealed in excitement.
"Wait. Tell him to meet you up at Macy's party." Liana whispered back. Aria put the phone back against her ear and spoke.

"Uh- Y-yeah. Harry? Are you g-going to M-Macy's pool party?"

"Yeah. Macy Gates. Right?"

"Uh-yeah! That's the one! Well, I'll b-be there. So I-I'll collect it from you th-then!"

"Alright then, love. See you then, Ally!" Harry spoke before hanging up.

Aria froze once more. Did he just call her love? Harry Edward Styles called her with an endearment? That too the word 'love'!? This was the best day of her life! Aria smiled goofily at the phone but then her smile slipped and she frowned.

Wait! Who's Ally?


Carol's Outfit

A/N: Oh my god! Absolutely loving the response! My friend is over the moon!:D And she can't stop writing a new chapter! Love you beautiful people! :D You guys are absolutely amazing! <3

S/N: I'm so sorry that this chapter was so boring! :( But I promise that the next one will make up for it!! :) So, ladies! Are you ready for booze, bikinis and.................*cue drum-roll*


On a lighter note, let us know how you think the meeting will go between Harry and Aria?:)

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Hey I have read your stories and subscribed to them and. Ang wait until they are updated. Hope everything is okay thanks


haha.. you took your time. It's not a crime :) I hope you are well :)

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