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Hey Jude I & II

Love, Sex and Fairy Tales 3 <3

A/N: Chapter Playlist

"Move Together" - James Bay

"Transatlanticism" - Death Cab for Cutie

"Breathe In Breathe Out" - Mat Kearney

"You & I" -1D

The paparazzi have really left an impression on me, even if this was the mildest of cases. We've been back at the suite for a while now. We had our fill of eggs and toast, fruit and coffee. I even faked a smile as we cleaned the kitchen together, but my mind was elsewhere. My mind hadn't left that parking lot.

The way that man approached us so aggressively, threatening and intruding our simple trip to the market. The way he used his camera like a weapon, leaving us defenseless and me without a place to hide. I knew these people were out there, surviving off of this so called career, still I never thought I'd be their object of interest . . .until now.

Harry is busy with phone calls while I'm sitting on the couch working on my paper for Roger's class, or at least trying to. I've barely written a paragraph, unable to concentrate at all. I'm still bothered by those articles he showed me and the fact that he hasn't apologized, as well as Harry's assumption of Roger liking me.

I want more than anything to be a journalist, at least I believe I still do, and live a private life also. I can't have that with Harry. I see that he's trying and maybe I'm just talking crazy and thinking too much, still shaken up. Maybe if I talked with one of the other girls and got some advice on how they've done it for so long?

"Stop it!" Harry startles me.

"Wha-" I gasp and question why he's removing my laptop and placing it on the table in front.

Harry climbs up on my lap, straddling me like I've often done to him. He's heavy but I'm confident my legs can sustain the weight, hopefully not for too long. Two large hands grab hold of my face, as if he didn't have my attention already, and I'm forced to listen.

"You're freaked out, I get that! But don't be fake with me!" Harry's eyes try earnestly to read mine while caressing my cheeks with the pads of his thumbs.

"I'm not," I whisper.

"Jude, I can tell when you're not being sincere."

"I can't get that man's voice out of my head," I say into his hand.

"I'm sorry, love," his voice breaks into a whisper and his eyes grow softer.

"I'm not a weak person, Harry. This is something I just wasn't ready for."

"Are you having doubts . . . Jude, you can't just shut me out. I need you," Harry presses his forehead against mine.

He needs me?

"I'm not going anywhere."

"Do you NEED me though? I know you want me but. . .maybe that's the selfishness in me. . ."

Do I need him? I don't know how to process that question. I love him and of course I want him, but to need him like the way my parents need each other to function . . . I think its too soon to need someone like that. For him to need me means that some part of his happiness is my responsibility. That's huge, especially for someone who has the world and everything he could possibly desire at his fingertips. How am I filling that void? Until I'm reminded of the agony from those first days apart and all I needed was to hear his voice, see his picture and want him near.

"It happens. There's always someone more involved than the other. . ."

Harry begins to pull away but I hold on to his hands before they drop too. My mouth seeks his, desperate to communicate that he's not the only selfish one with needs. Our kiss is forgiving, moans making more sense than words. His lips are soft like tiny pillows, comforting mine and whispering I love you against my cheek.

My hands travel down to the hem of his worn shirt, scrunching up the material to lift over his head. Harry continues to cup my face and love on my lips. Meanwhile I get my share of him, gliding my fingers over every muscle, every skin ripple and tattoo. He shouldn't feel this smooth and smell this good. I shouldn't paint him this perfect, because that would mean that I was less than that. So for him to say that he needs me, frightens me that one day he'll realize that he was wrong.

I unbuckle, unbutton and unzip him. I'm not lusting for him, like I usually do, my body just wants to connect. To love physically, putting thoughts away and sentences to rest. Harry stands and pulls down his pants, lifting a finger and pressing his lips into a tight smile, he walks around the couch. I strain my ears to listen as I lay down and adjust my dress.

His lean body returns, our eyes reconnect and our smiles ignite. Kneeling at the end of the couch, he tries to crawl over me but the back rest is robbing him of graceful movement. Little creases are forming upon his forehead as he kneels up again and rests his hands on his lap, looking at me and then our bed.

I love hearing Harry's voice for the obvious reasons, but there's something so intriguing and entertaining about reading his gestures. He seems to express more sometimes that way then with his words, even though they get the message across. Putting all silent films to the test, I feel like I'm staring in my own one.

Back on his feet, Harry comes aside and carries me in his arms over to the bed. I guess the sofa was a bit too small compared to this vast cloud. My hands are clasped over my stomach, waiting for Harry to come closer so they can run through his messy curls. I have no idea what the rest of the day holds, or Harry's agenda, but I could easily stay in bed till the sun comes up tomorrow. As far as I'm concerned, time holds no control over me on this trip.

Harry pauses right beneath my earlobe. I feel his full lips massage my thin layered skin, nibbling and tasting me. I'm so relaxed letting him do what he wills, imagining the shape of his mouth as it travels down to my collarbone, licking over the protruding landscape that will lead him down this vanilla valley. His hand's already at work, unbuttoning my dress and pressing his finger tips on my newly exposed skin.

His kisses are like a sedative as he evenly caters to the places my dress will allow. The buttons have run out, stopping just above my navel. Harry playfully tugs at the slit, frowning that it won't go down any further, making me titter. Then he sinks his warm tongue into the dent of my stomach, creating an unexpected flutter of venomous butterflies.

Harry's velvety tongue trails up a straight line till it meets the bump of my bra seam. Latching the material between his teeth, he gently pulls and releases, grinning at the subtle smack. Shaking my head, I roll my eyes at his predictable move. His face then transforms as though I were challenging him to do something better.

He lowers and kisses the other side of my neck that had gone untouched. Before I know it, I feel his hand slide in and under the hindrance of my pale pink bra, cupping my breast with such affection. My eye brows rise and burrow repeatedly, learning his touch and enjoying the damp warmth of his palm. Its been a long time since he's touched me like this, it feels like new.

I coo while my chest lightens, wanting to release all my tension, I want to let go every chance I get. His hand is so big, covering half my chest, but its also gentle as he presses down firmly. His vulnerable breaths let out the faintest of moans and we haven't even begun.

"Turn on your stomach," Harry whispers.

This is different. I lay with my head sideways, seeing Harry straddle me again and sit on my bum. Unwrapping me, he peels the red dress off my shoulders, carefully allowing my arms to slide out. Desperate fingers instantly running to the pale pink latch, unsnapping me. Now my back is completely at the mercy of his thirsty hands. And what wonderful hands they are as they rub and massage my soft muscles and cushioned areas, like those pesky love handles.

My eyelids are heavy and my vocal chords too lazy to utter words, all I do is purr. Hearing a chuckle rumble deep in Harry's throat, I smile at the cute sound. Is this what complete bliss feels like? To be this desired and needed by someone. Recalling the conversation I had with Harry the first two days of meeting him. How he confessed how lonely he was and yearned for my company. He needed someone, why he chose me, its irrelevant now. I was at the right place at the right time with the right person, and that's all that matters.

His hands fall over mine, fingers intertwining and moving together up over my head. I can't control that first giggle once I feel his nose press upon my neck, vigorously breathing in and out like a curious puppy. I hear him smiling, I know he is.

"You can't laugh at me," he says laughing himself.

Nudging his nose against my cheek, he's so close but not close enough. He plants a kiss like a man stabs the earth with his flag, marking his conquered territory. And one after the other, stabs of his love proceed down my spine till they arrive at the dip of my lower back. Our hands part and I tuck mine beneath my chest while his roam down my legs.

Suddenly the mattress compresses beside me with the weight of his body, his hand remaining on my hip bone.

"May I have permission to touch you?"

His voice is deep and raspy, like sweetest thunder shaking my very core. My yes ends up sounding more like a squeak and I blush of embarrassment. I can see Harry lean over me from the corner of my eye, his eyes following his hand as it brushes from the tip of my shoulder and over to my lower abdomen. I turn a bit on to my side, anticipating the touch that will send me into another stratosphere.

Harry cups my thigh to spread my legs apart, brushing long strokes on the inside of my overly sensitive skin. My body quakes at the first graze and I close my eyes. A kiss cools my shoulder, reminding me to relax. Then his fingers sensually strum over my panties, stirring the sex starved butterflies once again. My breaths are increasingly shallow and mouth is dry, longing to be refreshed with his cool tongue but for a moment.

I reach for his face behind me, instantly feeling his strong jawbone as he leans into my hand. Reading my mind, he lowers his cool lips to mine and revives my parched taste buds with the dipping of his juicy tongue. Just then he takes advantage and dips two long fingers into my depths, making me moan louder into his mouth.

Like two matches, we ignite a greater and brighter flame. I lay flat on my back, not breaking the kiss I need so badly. Harry's passion increases and I feel it in the dominance of his hands and his excitement spreading along the length of my thigh. My body feels humid, more heat emanating from the inside out, driven by his greedy fingers and healing lips, it doesn't come as a surprise that my climax is nearing the corner.

My body rolls to the side in my defense, not ready for the overwhelming effects that are being conducted by Harry's fingers. I break the kiss to hide in the mattress, regaining the air I need to pull through. Harry's face lingers over mine, feeling the warmth of his gaping mouth, blanket my dewy neck. I'm about to come undone, panting the closer I get, feeling him accelerate his motions. And the damn cracks, unleashing the massive wave of both hot and cold electrifying currents.

His other hand slides beneath me, holding my chest against him as my body twitches and stiffens from ecstasy. Gasping his name, he hasn't released me from his clutches yet, furthering the pleasurable skin crawling sensations. My hand touches his as he stirs my lower lips, now swollen and pleading for his mercy. My heart is racing so fast, and somehow I feel his accompany mine like a double bass drum.

I'm spent and apparently very wet, but can't no more. I can barely crawl up to the pillow, my whole body is throbbing, echoing the silent cries of my groin.

"And that's what happened in my dream, but it could never compare . . ."

"Harry, you fool," I mumble still exhausted.

His face is but inches from mine. I'm swimming in those green lakes of his and smile at my helplessness.

"You liked it, yeah?" Harry wiggles his brows and spreads a childish grin.

I'm smiling like the fool I just claimed him to be, blushing as well.

"If only we could stay here forever. . ."

"Why can't we?" I pout.

"Because I have to go to work," Harry bites his bottom lip, "and you're coming with me."


I most certainly wish you lovely Harry girls (and non-Harry alike) enjoyed this chapter. My challenge here was to deliver a more romantic approach to an otherwise steamy scene and I really hope to have accomplished that.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, I'm incredibly thankful for you and your support. I honestly would have no motivation in continuing this story if it wasn't for your comments and such. I feel the love! Big hugs, cheek kisses and happy reading.


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