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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Thirty-One ღ

This was the most awkward thing ever. Literally, you have no idea. Harry was on the other side of my towel never ever giving me eye contact, well that’s good, though he could at least show the signs he still cares for me…

“You getting out there or not?” Matt asked.

“What?” I give him a questioning look.

“Surf, I’ll re-teach you” he says with a laugh.

“Hum. I don’t know, I will look like an idiot” I protest.

“C’mon” he said picking me up.

“But the sun is telling me to tan some more!” I laugh.

“Well you know you tan more in the water dummy” he said picking me up again.

“Fine” I laugh well this will be fun.

I get out to the wet sand where his board was and warm up. I really enjoyed surf when I remembered how too. I laugh at my fail to attempt though it was time to hit the sea. I take Matts surf board and head to the waves after a while I got the hang out of it. I could feel all eyes on me, well except for Harry’s as usual…

I walk out of the ocean and head to the guys, you know TV show style, waving my wet hair and running with the surf board.

“That was fun” I say as I throw myself to my towel making me groan at the impact.

“You’re pretty good” Louis said.

“I’m rusty I used to be way better”

“Cocky” he coughed.

I shoot him a sarcastic smile. “Though its true she used to be in competitions” Matt said.

“Not bragging” I said with a grin. We all laughed.

“Harry come join!” Louis said. And as expected…

“I think I’m going for a walk” he said.

“I’ll join” Louis said.

“You know I just wish you guys weren’t famous” I say with a sigh “nothing against that just..

“We get it..” Zayn said.

“Its really tough” Liam said, probably talking about Danielle.

“Yeah” I say looking down. Gosh when did this become such a mess.

There was a silence…

“Soccer?” Niall asked.

“YES!” Diamond agreed, of course.

“I’ll stay out” I say with a frown.

“No way!” Liam said.

“Pwety pweasy!” Zayn pleaded like a baby.

“If you don’t play it wont be fair!” Matt added.

“Fine” I sigh. “Let’s play”

“Ok, I’m with Niall and…Zayn!” Diamond said.

“Fine, its me Matt and Liam then” I smile, this could be fun.

“Goalie!” Matt shouted at me.

“NO WAY!” I shout goalie me? Funny.

“NO DISCUSSION!” Liam said.

“But daddy!” I joke.

“Just, be goalie” they both said.

“Fine” I sigh defeated.

It was fun, though I was getting worried… Louis and Harry were gone for a while. As if my thoughts were psychics Louis and Harry could be seen now. I totally forget about what was going on and look at Harry, his nose looked red and his eyes puffy, could he have been crying? Over me? Over us?

“OUCH!” I shout. Well not paying attention to the game had its cons. They shoot the ball straight at my tummy. “I’m fine” I say sitting up. I take my fingers and bury them inside the sand for support to get up. Bad idea. “Shit!” I shout something pinched my hand. “Fuck” I say after I take my hand out of the sand. “It stings!” I shout. Nobody really knew what was happening though Louis rushed to me and Matt went inside.

“What happened?!” they all bombed me though I didn’t answer. A few seconds later a crab crawls from under the sand.

“That’s what happened” I say in pain, I hope it wasn’t poisonous, I don’t think so though, not here.

I looked around looking for a pair of green eyes, though they were nowhere to be seen.

“Harry” I mutter under my breath. I sigh then let out a scream of pain as Diamond put pressure on the wound.

“Here, here” Matt said as he had his first aid kit with him.

“Thanks” I say as he cleans the wound.

“What color?” he asks me.

“What?” I give him a puzzled look.

“Crab” he says not even looking at me.

“Red, bright red” the boys say in union.

“Good, not poisonous” Matt said, as all of us let out a sigh of relief. “This will sting though” Matt said.

“WAIT!” I shout.

“Take me inside, please” I ask.

“Ok” he said. “someone get the first aid kit” he said. Then grabbing my thighs.

“What are you doing?” I ask as he picks me up bridal style.

“This” he said with a smile. I wrap my arms around his neck for support, nothing more. I look behind my back into the sea, where I could see someone watching me Harry of course, well I guess he doesn’t care I mean I was bleeding the hell out of myself and he just ignored the fact that I was stung by a crab. That looks so stupid looking back at it. I mentally laugh. But my thoughts are interrupted with Matt putting me on the couch.

“Ok, as I said before, this will hurt” he was holding a bottle, he poured it carefully onto a cotton piece and pressed it against the wound I couldn’t help but scream I could feel the bits of alcohol piercing into my skin slowly but painfully.

I couldn’t even talk. Niall hand my hand I think I might’ve broken his and Diamond was holding my legs so I wouldn’t run like an afraid three year old. I could feel someone’s eyes staring at me though it wasn’t from within the house, from the porch, those beautiful green eyes were worried, they still cared. At least I hope they still cared.

“Okay get some rest sleeping beauty” Matt said putting me in my bed. He gave me some pain killers but they made me so sleepy. Though it was worth it too much for a day.

I feel someone come in but I’m too lazy to open my eyes, must’ve been Niall or the boys Matt or Diamond checking on me. It was the middle of the night I could sense it. The bugs outside made a song the song said its night. I carefully wake up and open my eyes though they trick me and I see someone else.

“Harry?” I say with excitement.

“Hum?” the voice said just waking up.

“Harry is that you?” I say shaking him.

“What, no its Matt” he said with his American accent. The darkness played tricks on me.

“Though he was here a few hours ago, when you were in deep sleep” he said.

“What?” I ask, was I hearing right.

“Yeah, he was worried sick though couldn’t confront you” he said honestly.

“Oh, I’ll head back to sleep” I say overwhelmed with what Matt had told me.

“Yeah do that” Matt said, they had took a little couch from the living room and placed it beside my bed, like I was kid in need of babysitting. Though reality struck me. Harry was here.

He still cared.


here you gooo! BTW i have no idea if the crab is poison or not and my internet is shit so i cant really reasoerch it, it took me like 5 minutes to load the website -.- anywaaaaayssss hope you like ittt!! ღღ I LOVE THE SUMMER AH I WANT SUMMER. anddddd Harry and Hopee ღ i mean idk what this is going to lead well though i will give you a clue, you'll like it babess <3


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