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The Happiest Place On Earth

Chapter 14: Serenade

"Welcome to Club 33." They were met by five workers smiling at them. They were the only people working, besides the people in the kitchen, because Harry wanted the setting to be as romantic and secluded as possible. Also, it wasn't necessary to have a ton of people working considering he rented out the place for the next few hours as well as for a couple hours later that night. There were chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, dim lighting, and red roses scattered everywhere.

The pair was led to a table in the middle of the room and sat down as the waiter offered them their menus. "What can I get you to drink?" He was very friendly, and was smiling widely at Harry and Kaylani. He was in his mid to late 40s and was a sucker for romance so when he heard about Harry's plan for the day, he was ecstatic. A young couple in love was always one of his favorite things to see because it reminded him of his love with his wife.

"I'll take a Shirley Temple, please." Kaylani was smiling back at the waiter. He looked vaguely familiar, but she couldn't place her finger on it.

"I'll take a Pepsi. Thank you." Harry noticed the way Kaylani looked at the waiter and was curious as to what she was thinking. When he walked away to get their drinks he found himself asking, without even realizing it.

"You look like you're thinking very hard about something. What is it?" Harry smiled lightly at the look on her face when their waiter walked away. She had a cute little pout on her face that showed she was concentrating.

"He looks sort of familiar, but I can't think of why. Oh well." Kaylani waved her hand dismissively before looking back at the menu in front of her. She had no idea what to order.

They stared at their menus for a while longer before the waiter came back with their drinks and took their order. When he walked away Harry turned to a smiling Kaylani and couldn't help but smile in return.

"This is amazing, Harry. I can't even imagine how much this cost. You really didn't have to do all this for me." Kaylani loved every moment of this, but she knew it had to be expensive and she didn't want Harry to waste all of his money on her. She was the kind of girl that was fine with watching a movie and eating take out as long as she was with that special someone.

"I wanted to do this for you Kaylani. I figured that you've done almost everything here but you most likely haven't been here so I wanted to make today special. It's our first date so I wanted to make it memorable." Harry honestly had no idea what to do for their first date until Jake suggest he do something she's never done before.

The reason Harry and the other boys didn't talk to Kaylani yesterday was because they were with Jake trying to figure out things they could do for his date. They were also helping Liam figure out something to do with Alanis. When Harry was researching other things you could do at Disneyland he came across Club 33 and asked Jake about it. When Jake told him the details Harry knew that was exactly what he was going to do. He called right away and pulled some strings before finally booking the entire place for a total of 4 hours that day. 2 hours in the afternoon, and 2 hours later that night.

The duo made small talk about what One Direction was up to lately before their food was brought out. They both dug into their food and chatted a little here and there but mainly focused on eating. When they were finished with their food a waiter came by and took it away for them before coming back with dessert. Harry and Kaylani shared the dessert before Harry stopped eating and called a waiter over. When the waiter approached their table he whispered something in his ear before the waiter smiled largely and nodded his head. He came back a few minutes later with a box wrapped in a bow. Harry said a quick thank you before turning back to Kaylani.

"This is for you." Kaylani wasn't expecting anything so she was surprised when she opened the box and saw the most beautiful black and red dress lying before her. It fell mid-thigh and she could tell it would hug her curves perfectly. The dress was red with black lace in certain spots. After she opened that box she noticed there was now another box sitting on the table. She looked at Harry curiously who just smiled at her and motioned for her to open the second box. When she opened it she noticed a pair of black Louboutin heels. They had a five inch heel and she was automatically in love with them. "Harry. These are gorgeous. Thank you! But what are they for?"

"I have this place rented out again later tonight. You can leave the dress and heels here so that when we come back later you can change into them. As for now, we can go back to the park." Harry had stood up and was waiting for Kaylani to put her arm through the loop of his. They walked out of Club 33 hand in hand after thanking all of the staff for the amazing lunch.

When they walked out they noticed there was a small group of girls waiting at the bass of the stairs. Harry immediately knew why they were there but he was hoping he could say hello to them and then make his way out with Kaylani without anyone else finding out where he was.

"Harry! Can we get a picture?" One of the girls had noticed Harry and was now standing up and smiling at him largely. He happily agreed after shooting Kaylani an apologetic smile. The rest of the girls stood up and looked at the camera the one girl was holding before frowning. "Shoot! Our camera's dead!" They all looked really frustrated when they realized they might not be able to get a decent picture with him. They all had their phones, but they knew the camera would turn out better.

"I have my camera. I can take it for you girls and send it to one of you or something." As soon as Kaylani said those words the group instantly smiled larger than before and thanked her. She took out her Canon EOS and snapped many pictures. There was a group photo, then photos of each individual girl with Harry. When she was done taking the pictures she asked one of the girls for her email so she could send all of the pictures to her. She wrote down the girls email in her phone before promising to send the pictures to her.

"Wait, aren't you Kaylani Duran?" The girls had all let out a gasp once they realized exactly who the girl was. Kaylani didn't know how to react besides nod her head in response. She didn't know if these girls were going to attack her or simply walk away. "Can we get a picture with you too? You're so sweet!" Kaylani was slightly taken back but agreed anyway. She thought it was strange that the girls would want a picture with her, but she still took a picture with the group, then individuals just like they had done with Harry.

When they were all satisfied with their pictures they thanked both Harry and Kaylani for taking a picture with them. "We promise we won't tell anyone where you guys are. By the way, I think you're super adorable together and I totally ship Karry. You're perfect for each other. It's good to see Harry dating a Directioner!" The girls all nodded their heads in agreement while Harry and Kaylani simply looked at each other.

"Um, we're not in a relationship." Harry spoke up because he could see Kaylani didn't know how to respond. They technically weren't in a relationship... yet.

"Darn! We all wish you were! Well anyway, thank you again!" The girls individually hugged Kaylani before individually hugging Harry. When the last girl got up to hug Harry she whispered in his ear. "I really hope you guys are in a relationship." Harry smiled at her statement before whispering back.

"Well this is our first official date so I'm hoping by the end of tonight we will be." The girl squealed in response. She was really happy for the teenager. "Promise not to tell?" When Harry looked her in the eyes again she nodded her head rapidly before wrapping her pinky around his.

Kaylani watched the whole exchange and felt a pang of jealousy, but knew she shouldn't think anything of it so she quickly dismissed the feeling. When the girls walked away they were still ranting about how they just met the Harry Styles and Kaylani Duran.

"Well that was interesting." Kaylani chuckled at the encounter. "I don't know why they wanted a picture with me. I'm just... me." Harry chuckled lightly at her statement. He knew exactly why they wanted a picture with her.

"Babe, there's rumors going around that we're dating. And seeing as how this is our first official date I don't think they're going to die down anytime soon. So people are probably going to ask to take a picture with you because you know me and the boys." Kaylani rolled her eyes at Harry's last statement. Cocky much? She also felt butterflies in her stomach when Harry called her babe. She always loved being called babe. "Oh my gosh! Kaylani Duran! Can I get a picture with you?!" Harry was still holding her camera after taking her picture with the girls. He just imitated a screaming fan, but he wasn't joking when he said he wanted a picture. "No seriously. I want a picture." He winked at his date before asking a nearby worker to take their picture.

Harry held one of Kaylani's hands while she stood on his side and smiled largely. When the worker was counting down from three Harry turned his head so he was looking at Kaylani and she noticed so she looked up at him as well. When the worker said three, the pair was still looking in each other’s eyes and smiling while holding hands. It was the perfect picture. The worker smiled at how cute and loving the couple looked in the picture before handing them back the camera. When Kaylani and Harry looked at the photo they both decided it was their favorite picture they had taken so far.

The couple walked out of the area they were standing in and made their way to Space Mountain. They were walking hand in hand and Harry never wanted to let go of her hand. Her fingers fit so perfectly in the spaces between his fingers. It was like they were made for each other.

They were now standing in line and tried to ignore the curious stares from people around them. They could hear people whispering "that's Harry Styles from One Direction," but they both chose to ignore it. When they reached a spot in the line where they could lean against a railing, Harry leaned back and pulled Kaylani so she was standing in between his legs. He intertwined their other hand before kissing each of her knuckles. He was enjoying the feeling of holding her hands in his and he decided he didn't want to let go.

Kaylani was staring at Harry, trying to ignore the whispers of people around her when she heard someone start singing. She looked up to see Harry singing with a smile evident on his face. "Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me, but bear this in mind it was meant to be."

The line had started to move again so they switched positions so that Harry could hold onto Kaylani as they walked. He continued to sing to her as they walked, never missing a beat. He sang Little Things from start to finish. He didn't realize it was one of Kaylani's favorite songs from them so when she smiled largely at him when he finished, he felt himself smiling in return. Just as they were about to lean in and kiss each other, the people around them started clapping, snapping him out of his daze. He looked around and noticed that multiple people had their phones or cameras out and were recording him. He must have been singing rather loudly without realizing it confirming peoples suspicions that he was in fact Harry Styles from One Direction. He looked at Kaylani who was blushing rather hard now that everyone was staring at them. He didn't care about the people around him so he held onto her tighter and kissed her cheek. This earned a chorus of "awwwws!" from the crowd.

"People just recorded you singing to me while you stand with your arms wrapped around me. If people thought we were going out before wait until they see this." Kaylani laughed slightly. She did want a copy of the video though because she imagine it was really cute.

Harry thought about Kaylani's statement about people thinking they were dating because of yesterday and now the video of them right now that would probably go viral in a few hours. "So let them."



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