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My cupcake girl

chapter 15

Dj's p.o.v
Our gaze lasted for a while until the beeping of the microwave broke us apart. I walked away from him looking down blushing. I grabbed the mug of warm milk and set it on the counter. I then went to the cabinet and grabbed the cocoa powder and mixed it in with the milk. I could feel his eyes burn into my back watching my every move.
"What are you making?"
"Hot chocolate want some?"
"Yes, please"
I turned around and smiled at him before warming his milk in the microwave. I then walked into the fridge and took out whipped cream.
"So I know we introduced ourselves at the hospital more but, I'd like to get to know you better." his voice getting softer at the end. He sounded really nervous, not going to lie it made me smile knowing I had an effect on him.
"Sure. Wanna start now?"
"Yeah! So what's your favorite food?"
"Anything with pasta. What about you?"
"Tacos" he simply replied
I chuckled,"I used to eat tacos everyday after school" I smiled remembering all those memories.
~beep~ ~beep~ ~beep~ the microwave signaled that it was done. I grabbed the mug and poured the hot chocolate powder in. While I was mixing he walked over to the counter and propped himself up.
"Do you want whip cream?"
"Yeah." I added some onto his mug.
"Aren't you going to add some to yours too?"
"Yep" I said,"But first I always eat it like this." I grabbed the can shook it up and sprayed it in my mouth and drank out of my mug. He chuckled and set his mug down while he jumped off the counter and approached me.
"Got a little something on your face." he said while wiping his thumb over it.
"Thanks." I said while smiling at him.
"Cheers" We then gently clashed our mugs together.
"Hey, I have a favor to ask you."
"What is it love?"
"So usually I can't sleep unless I'm cuddled to something and your on my right side and I usually cuddle to my right. So I was maybe wondering if you could cuddle with me?" I said my voice getting really soft at the end.
"Yeah, no problem I like to cuddle too."
We then finished our hot chocolate and quietly went back into our spots in the living room. He laid down first and I followed. His arm around my body and my arm on top of his chest.

Harry's p.o.v
When she asked if she could cuddle with me I wanted to scream out yes but, I had to keep my cool. So now here we are laying in the living room, her small arm on my chest and my arm around her body. She fits perfectly into me. She gives me so many butterflies when she touches me it doesn't even feel real. I looked down and noticed she forgot to take her glasses off. I carefully took them off with out waking her and set them on the coffee table. I looked back down to see her peacefully sleeping on my chest. It just felt so right to hold her close and now I have to figure out how to make her mine.


Because it's raining and I'm bored another update! Yay! want 1 more? comment down if you do


Hi guys! So it won't let me back onto this account for some reason so I made a new account to post! The next part of the story is up too.


maby a big suprise from her cuddle buddy. orrr gaming then something bad happens and thenher cuddle buddy. atleast something with her cuddle buddy or louis your special pick. just dont do it if youd dont want to, its your story xx live it bytheway

The Daphster xp. The Daphster xp.
Aww Harry is totally jelly!
Please update!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :) :) :)