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Write stories together!

You can now invite other users to write stories with you! This is how you do it:

  1. Go to My Stories and you'll see a button that says "Authors" for each story.
  2. Click on "Authors" and you'll see a list of authors for that story (that's usually just you)
  3. Click on "Add author", send you invite and wait for your friend to accept your request

Be careful when adding authors - they can edit or delete your story once they become co-authors.


In need of a co-author!!!! If anyone interested read chapter 10 in my stroy A Rose To Remember for details ;)

DarlingKK_123 DarlingKK_123


lover456 lover456

sure i will

lover456 lover456


i will !!!!

Cookie Cookie

Co-writer needed! Any one want to help?

wants someone to write a story with me ?

babeAlice babeAlice

Chapter 1
Will i survive?
I was walking home from dance class at 7:00 at night. The sun sets usually at 5:00 every evening so it was technically dark already. I passed all the light poles on the street that glowed in orange and flashed a reflection on my phone. I was typing quickly because I wanted to go over to a friends house for the night. Since it was my last day here in Miami Florida because my mom was a business woman which meant we moved all the time.
claire:hey chicky! Wyd?
me:walkin hom from danc class can I sleep over tonite?
claire:course! Im gonna miss u so much haley! :'(
me:ikr! Im here let me in!
I stopped texting her and stuffed my phone back in my dance bag and zipped it closed while walking up to Claire's door step. Before I could knock on her door she opened it up and greeted me with a smile. "C'mon in girlfriend!" I stepped inside and threw my bag on her sofa next to the door and sat next to it."were's your parents?" She locked the door and walked over to the tv and shut it off."still at dinner they take forevver!" she stuck her tongue out and said"forever" slowly. I watched her make her way over to her seat and grab her phone off of the arm rest."hey, were are you moving to again?" I found it a little weird that she already forgot were I was moving to when I just told her today at school."um London why?" she looked back at her phone and started to type really fast like she was in hurry."oh, um just telling a friend!" it was hard to believe that when she posted everything on Facebook!"well, which friend?" She made a sound like she was thinking."cede" she answered licking her lips because I could tell she was enjoying this! Honestly I didnt really care anyway because I will never see claire again.Besides friends are everywere right? I just rolled my eyes and pulled my phone out to check my text messages and I got one from my mom.
mom:haley you need ro come home and finish packing up your pictures and frames!
me:ok! Im coming calm down!
mom:dont get an attitude with me! Hurry!
I clicked my phone closed and shoved it back in my duffel bag. I got up and placed the strap over my shoulder and made my way to the door with my hand on the knob."wait! Where are you going?" Claire lifted her hands up at me."I cant spend the night ok? I have to go home and pack the rest of my things up." I just looked at her over my shoulder and walked out the doorand closed it behind me. When I got home it was completely empty except for the boxes and bubble wrap all around the floor."mom!" I saw the light on inside my room."in here hal's!" I specificly told her I can pack my own things and to stay out of my room when I wasnt home."what do you think your doing in here?" I raised my voice at her and she just looked at me like she wanted to punch me."what do you think im doing! you wont be able to do this all by yourself!" Her eyes widened just like mine did when I found her in my room."well I can do this by myswlf anyway!" She scrunched her face at me in anger."the other day I told you to pack all of this over here didnt I?" She hovered her hand over 3 boxes of frames, clothes, and stuffed animals. She nodded her head at me like I was supposed to agree with her."I was busy at dance!" I yelled back at her pointing at my bag that said"Miami academy dance studio" in pink letters." Thats why your not taking dance or cheer in London! "

Chelsea16 Chelsea16

Hey can one of you girls help me with my story

I do!!!!! I really want to
DJMalik DJMalik
I will would do you need help with?
sieaaanaloootu sieaaanaloootu