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Please go read my story summer love

check out my stories <3


Can u check out my stories,...

lovelyhated lovelyhated


harry baby harry baby

Please check out my fan fiction "Free Falling." I'm just getting started and could use your feedback and suggestions

freefallingfor1d freefallingfor1d
Hey I am making a fanfic and need charters if you want to be in it must follow me on Instagram @one_directionfamily then comment to be in it!! Sorry harry and zayn are taken. But you can have any other 1D boy or 5sos boy :) or just a random guy
hello:) can please somebody give me the link to the fanfic Little Steps ?
laladbest laladbest
hey guys can you check out my friends story and give her feedback? she's new to writing fan fiction. her story is called It takes Patience :)
myagriff myagriff
can somebody help me out? i want to write my own fanfiction about one direction, but i litterly have no idea how to do that.. help me out please? :(
Help i lost my old account. So I use to have the account freedreams but I had signed up for it through my old tumblr which I deleted not thinking about how to get back on my account here. I don't know what to do and I really want to start witting again please help me. And is there anyway to personally contact any of you?
xxfreedreamsxx xxfreedreamsxx
Hello:) please read my fanfic and give feedback
Daydreaming21 Daydreaming21
love1Dforever love1Dforever
Harry is the hot one no one else Harry seems so nice and calm
# we lovebyounharry <3
love1Dforever love1Dforever
Please read my fanfiction and give feedback!
brittany167 brittany167
HEY LOVES! Please do me a favor and read my story:http://www.harrystylesfanfiction.com/Story/7932/Taken-By-Fate/

<3 ill try to read yalls and if u want to leave me a message with your story link that's be great! :)
I'm also on quotev at http://www.quotev.com/TommoTwin if anyone has an account there with more stories :D

HAVE A 1Derful day!
plz check my story x
LiNa x LiNa x
Please check out my story its called "stay with me"
hazza_chick hazza_chick
Please check my fan fic!! its called Confused! Thanks guys!
mrs.horan2530 mrs.horan2530
Please check out my story Baby Direction on WattPad: http://www.wattpad.com/story/4420428-baby-direction

Here's the summary:

Arriane Drew is a goody two shoes. She never does wrong, and never would have been expected to be at a night club, but after being forced into it by her best friend she has the night of her life and a not so bad morning after. Waking up in the bed of a super star would be a shock to anyone, but what happens if you find out you're also pregnant with his child?
Every little decision she makes can effect the life of her unborn child, and she's afraid to make it as screwed up as her own. She wants her child to know his or her father, but what happens when the father needs to grow up and accept it all? Can Harry actually do that? Or will Baby Direction be Baby No More?

And I'd just love it if you'd leave me a comment as well! Also check out my vampire One Direction story Bring Me To Life (Book One)

Located: http://www.wattpad.com/story/4787788-bring-me-to-life-book-one-a-one-direction-love


Elizabeth is a vampire and one of ten original vampires. Her coven consists of Hanna and Jacklyn. None of them are close enough to be counted as family, but it isn't until five boys come into their lives that they completely change their outlook on life. They question everything, especially Elizabeth. Bad memories of the past come back to haunt her and she is willing to do anything to make them go away.

Harry Styles makes her feel human again. Heck, he makes her feel again. But what will happen when he finds out what she is? Will he still love her, or will he be afraid of her enough to tell her to go away?

PunkiePie PunkiePie
How do you make a sequel
Cheeky Cheeky