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Hi! im a person who is surprised that you are reding this cuz this is boring....and your still reading.......ANYWAY im a (as in what) 'SECRET' Directioner who is random most of the time with people i know....but a VERY and i mean VERY shy person when it comes people in public. (your probably wondering why i tell u this...IM RANDOM) and the reason why im a 'SECRET' Directioner is because.....uh.....i honestly don't know why... Eh, oh well. :P

I'm surprised many people like my stories. You guy's would really be surprised by my age.... NOT GOING TO REVEAL THAT FOR PERSONAL REASON'S..... When I created an account on here, I never thought I'd be writing a story, but look at meh now! THREE STORIES! When I created my first story, I never thought it would be as good as the many other's on here, or get many view's. I thought I would stop at chapter 40, but I've gone up to at least chapter 60! People really love it so I'm trying my best to get the chapter's up 100!

Thank's for reading!


Past The Ending

Past The Ending

NC-17 Comedy Fantasy Teen

What happen's when the world is almost completely dead? What will they do when they meet One Direction? READ TO FIND OUT!


10.0 78 Votes
Back For You

Back For You

NC-17 Drama Tragedy Teen

Brooklyn is mute. She only spoke to her brother, Shawn, but when a boy force's his way into her life, what will happen to Brook? READ TO FIND OUT!


9.9 27 Votes