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Aly Jones

Aly Jones

Aly Jones

My name is Aly. I am sixteen. I am a sophomore in high school. I write fantasy, humor, teen fiction, fiction, and romance. But not all at once. I read just about anything.

I'm that girl who'll sit at the back of the room, hoping that she won't be seen, yet is secretly dying on the inside for attention. I'm that weirdo who finds that people aren't relatable unless their talking to her online (SOMETIMES). I'm that geek who hangs around the guys because she finds that most girls are too prissy and fragile. (It doesn't matter that she is one.) I'm that freak that has a video camera but prefers to be behind it. I'm that dork that gets all her confidence from pretending she's someone she's not in a story. I'm that person you think is rude because she's not afraid to show you that she dislikes you to your face. I'm that teenager that always gets lost in the music she's blaring through her iPod.

I am a published author.


Affection For An English Guy.