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I am trying to spread the word about my story 'Covers' for I currently have no cover requests in line. But at the same time, I'm writing this so that I can get feedback. If you believe I' getting no requests because my covers suck ass, please just tell me. I want to know if I should or shouldn't continue or if I need to work harder. But if you are wanting a cover, here is the form you gotta give me:

-Title of story/Chapter:
-Name of Author(s):
-Colors to avoid:
-If it's for Wattpad or another website:
-Who you want on the cover; including (The star(s), the main character(s), important figures, etc):
-The theme of the cover: (depression, mystery, fear, romance, etc)
-Kinds of overlays you're wanting:
(if you want some sort of flowers, hearts, cameras, photographs, etc let me know specifically and I will do my best. If in doubt, I will message to ask if what I found was what you're wanting)
-Main Colors: (Black and white, etc)
-Any extra text

For more specific covers, add as many as you want to your request well:

-Textures: (I can make the cover's background, excluding the overlays/stars, look like crumpled paper, paint, a wall, anything you wish.)
-If you're wanting separate cover pictures for each chapter
-Wanting your social media on covers for chapters/stories

Sorry to bother. Nighty night.

abygail.bauman abygail.bauman