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feedback wanted // feedback given

So I've started a few new stories on the site because my last log in wouldn't let me continue them.
Some feedback on them would be incredibly wonderful.
Even if there was someone around I could bounce ideas off.

I'm more than happy and willing to read, subscribe and give feedback to anyone else's stories as well. I figure the more writers support one another, the better over time and with practice we can all become.


rosepetal rosepetal

I'd love to share some ideas with you. Did your account get deleted?

@One Direction 1O1

it did! but i am back and for some strange reason it won't let me log into here - it just deleted me off mibba and 1dff.org :/

PaperHearts! PaperHearts!

@One Direction 1O1

nope. i'm back. got in touch with mibba :)
did you still wanna share ideas?

rosepetal rosepetal

Sure :) And I'm glad you're back.

@One Direction 1O1
would you believe i messaged you via 1dff about 20 minutes before i saw this notification :/ i feel like an idiot.

would you rather keep the messaging there or here? let me know by replyin to either one.

rosepetal rosepetal

We can message on the other website if that's fine with you. I get on the other website more than I get on here.